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Saturday, June 30, 2012


By Pamela Geller
Atlas Shrugs

Just went to barackobama.com and donated $3 using the name Adolph Hitler, 123 Nuremburg Way, Berlin, Germany and for good measure put in Dictator of Nazi Party as employer. Got an email back saying Dear Adolph, Thank you for your generous donation….

The point? To prevent credit card fraud, merchants require that the address match what the credit card issuer has on file. Called the Address Verification System (AVS), an additional layer of protection requires the three digit security code. The Obama team has disabled the AVS so anyone anywhere in the world can anonymously donate to his campaign, thereby exceeding campaign donation limits and violating federal finance laws. They pulled the same stunt in 2008, but the media wouldn’t report it.

The Obama campaign switched the AVS off in 2008, and the MSM never called them on it. Murray followed up by trying the same trick with two of the Republican candidates’ web sites:

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