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Monday, May 27, 2013


By Evelio Perez
As a Cuban-American and a Hispanic I write this article with shame and disgust over the illegal immigration culture war presently dividing and infesting this great nation. Have we Hispanics lost our mind? 

 How can we justify imposing our will and culture on our gracious hosts? Aren't we supposed to learn English and assimilate ourselves with the American way of life?

 This current fiasco has nothing to do with bigotry and has everything to do with overrunning this country with failed people from failed countries and changing the political dynamics forever, some of these troublemakers are even trying to retake lost territory for Mexico, how do I know? 
They are telling us !

 The United States government and it's people have bent backwards to be reasonable and humane with the illegal immigrants only to be called fascists and racists in their own country......... ( This takes huge COJONES ) Our way of life is being threatened and it is now time to take our country back......ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

 The United States government's duty to all of it's citizens is to keep them safe from harm within the sovereign borders of this great nation and the moment that defending ourselves becomes politically incorrect is the moment that we have lost the battle for preserving any reasonable chance to keep our families safe from all illegal invaders, including the people that want to do us harm, we must completely close the borders and enforce the laws of the land, our survival depends on it.

 I am embarrassed and ashamed of fellow Hispanics that choose anarchy over the rule of law and this is not the first time, their willful disregard of American laws and lives is displayed daily in most major cities with killer street gangs running amok selling drugs and terrorizing American neighborhoods, the anti-gringo fervor is in an all time high and if we don't put a stop to all of this madness right now, we will be responsible for for the carnage that will follow.

 As Cuban refugees we have also felt the wrath of our Hispanic compadres, we were the minority within the Hispanic minority and we were looked down on for because we disliked Fidel Castro!
 Do you know why they like Castro and "El Che" Guevara so much folks? Because they stood up to the evil gringos, that's why, they could not understand why we would hate such a great hero of the common people, because of that we became the ignorant nuisance and embarrassment of the Hispanic community, we were ridiculed for choosing hard work over welfare and blasted for siding with the conservative values of the Republican Party for all these years.

 The day that I became a citizen of this country, I swore an oath  that I would support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. This pledge of allegiance was made with my full consent and total understanding of what all of this meant including my total commitment for the rule of law.

 I do see pockets of decent Hispanics breaking out of the nanny state of mind that has kept many of them from reaching the American dream, it is my hope that they take up the mantle and lead the fight of standing up for America when America needs us the most, because God knows that America stood up for us.................

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Saturday, May 25, 2013


By Evelio Perez
Have Honor and Integrity become a thing of the past? Have we become so morally corrupted by lowering our standards in the new world of politically correct and misguided modernism? 
  1.  The other day, I was having dinner with my wife and kids and overheard some young people in the next booth seriously disrespecting this elderly person next to our table. Out loud, they would mock the older couple by saying mean things like................... "all this old fart ever talks about is Honor an Integrity." They continued to make fun and insult this seemingly good man and his wife  simply because they did not understand what these magnificent words meant.I thought about it long and hard and was amazed at how people today perceive those two very important traits of a man's character and how the new perspective of these values and the new generation's idea of modernism are cheapening the meaning of these very important words.

Many people that live by those words today are ridiculed and ostracized simply for having the courage to defend these precious conservative values. We as a center-right country need to re-focus and start teaching our children the importance of why these words are so crucial in how you lead your life. 

 You read about the great men and women throughout our history that knew what those words meant, they said what they meant and meant what they said.

 Many stood for what was right, even if it meant certain death, these are the heroes that have given their blood, sweat and tears and even their lives to give us what we have today, the greatest country in the history of civilization and that.... is what makes these people special.

  A man with Honor has the ability to be counted on to do the right thing every time, regardless of the situation, this is crucial in how you are measured and trusted by your family and friends.

 Integrity has to do with always doing the right thing, even if the outcome is not in your interest.

There are some things that great people strive to achieve as their goal in life, be true to your God, friends and family, honor your commitments and defend what is right regardless of the consequences, if you give your all in the pursuit of defending what is morally right, you will forever be known as an honorable person who made a difference in many people's lives and that is something that no one can ever take away from you...................