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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayers for a President Romney 2012

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Texas Primary Results: Sorry Ron Paul, Mitt Romney is the 2012 GOP Nominee

By Jesse Merkel

On Tuesday the Texas primary came and went, delivering a massive win for the Mitt Romney campaign. More than just another notch in his primary belt, this win in Texas was particularly important. This was the victory he needed to surpass the 1,144 total delegates to lock up the GOP nomination.
Despite claims that Ron Paul still has a chance to walk away with the nomination in Tampa, despite only having a fraction of the delegates that Romney has, it’s time to admit that the semi-finals are over.

Now it’s time for the main event. Romney’s detractors have been doing their best to paint the former Bain Capital executive and Massachusetts Governor as Obama Jr. While their clever YouTube videos are cute, they don’t reflect the truth. Romney and Obama are two totally different candidates.

Is Romney the most conservative person to ever run for president? No. Is he a conservative? Yes. Will he lead the country on a better path? Hell Yes.
President Obama would love to let the majority of the Bush tax cuts expire, effectively dropping a bomb on the fragile U.S. economy. Romney would implement a 20% across the board tax cut, as well as eliminate the Death Tax and repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Obama proposed a budget that would effectively eliminate the D.C. school voucher system. Romney would be a champion for increased school choice, a reduced Department of Education, and holding the teachers' unions accountable. During his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney vetoed a bill that would put a moratorium on new charter schools.

President Obama has tried his best to put the Keystone Pipeline on the backburner, and has wasted millions upon millions of dollars into green energy follies like Solyndra. Romney would green light the Keystone Pipeline, amend the Clear Air Act to exclude carbon dioxide from its purview, and open more American energy reserves for development.

During the failed Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, Obama effectively stayed silent while the Iranian regime crushed the public opposition that was crying out for Obama’s support. Romney would call for a fifth round of tougher sanctions and commit to completing a fully capable missile defense system on time.

Romney has said he would label China a currency manipulator. Obama effectively told him to be ‘nice.’

President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, after seeing it passed through the House of Representatives at midnight on a Sunday without a single Republican vote. Since the passage of the bill, the Obama administration has granted close to 1,200 waivers from the 'popular' law to friendly businesses and unions.

Romney has promised to issue an executive order granting a waiver to all 50 states on his first day in office. After that, he has promised to work with Congress for a complete repeal. Romney has also promised to limit the federal standards on both private insurance and Medicaid coverage, as well as work to cap non-economic damages in malpractice lawsuits.
Romney has publicly supported the Ryan Plan and Cut, Cap, and Balance. Obama’s latest budget did not receive a single vote in either the House or the Senate.

The differences only continue. Romney is a fan of free-markets who made his living in venture capitalism. President Obama and his campaign have labeled Romney a ‘Vampire Capitalist,’ all the while ignoring the fact that Jonathan Lavine, one of the senior professionals at Bain Capital, is one of Obama’s biggest bundlers.

Perhaps for some, Romney is not the perfect candidate. He has been a Governor, a successful businessman, and he turned around the 2002 Olympics. Some have said that he is one of the most qualified people to ever seek the presidency. However, his vision offers a stark contrast with the one we have seen implemented by President Obama. After the damage Obama has done to America over the past few years, it will take more than one term from one man to undo it all.

American could do a lot worse than Mitt Romney. It can also do much better than President Obama.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why I'm Not Excited About Rand Paul's Endorsement Of Mitt Romney

By Jared Allebest 

Conservative Samizdat

Many people are excited about Rand Paul's announcement that he's endorsing Mitt Romney in this election. Lets look at Rand Paul talking about Mitt Romney on Fox Business Channel:

Not everyone is excited about this endorsement. A lot of people who support Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul are not thrilled about it. Personally, I'm not thrilled with this announcement either. I am strongly opposed to Ron Paul because of his questionable and controversial background, his racist news letters which he initiallydenied writing but ultimately admitted to writing it, his endorsementsfrom known racists Don Black and Lew Rockwell, and his foreign policy positions such as refusing to kill Osama Bin Laden or confronting Iran. Ron Paul is someone that conservatives andindependents cannot support. 
I'm not a fan of Ron Paul's son either Rand Paul since the appledoesn't fall too far from the tree. For example, Ron Paul is well knownfor his opposition to Israel despite his attempts to deceive people into believing he supports Israel. Rand Paul uses the same strategies as his father does by attempting to deceive people that he isn't against Israel.
Given how Ron Paul feels about Israel, its not surprising that Rand Paul advocates cutting foreign aid to Israel as a way of reducing our national debt. The problem with this argument is that from an economic stand point, our problem isn’t how much we spend on foreign aid or on military campaigns. That is not why we are massively in debt. Cutting off foreign aid or bringing all the troops home from wherever they are stationed around the world won't make a dent in reducing the national debt. 
The truth is that we can sustain as many military campaigns as America needs if we weren’t for entitlement spending. Entitlement spending is the single largest driver of our current debt right now. In fact, our government is more efficient in the money it spends on defense related matters than it does with entitlement spending. It is true that our government spends more money than it takes in, but the way Ron Paul wants to reduce the deficit by reducing the amount we spend on national security is neither logical, practical or prudent. 
Its not just Rand Paul's views on Israel that bothers me. If you look at Rand Paul's views on foreign policy, he's just like his father. He's an isolationist. He opposed Senator Rubio's attempt to have the country of Georgia be admitted into NATO.  He wants us to get out of Afghanistanopposed implementing sanctions on Iran
However, the old saying that politics makes strange bedfellows is true. There were rumors that Mitt Romney and Ron Paul formed analliance with each other during the 2012 primary elections. There may be such an alliance with Rand Paul as well given his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Lets not forget that Rand Paul  never attacked Romney during the 2012 primary but attacked other candidates likeRick Santorum.
Whether the alliance existed then or that Ron and Rand Paul can see the writing on the wall that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee, its an alliance its an alliance that should not be forged by Mitt Romney and his campaign because Ron Paul has admitted that he isn't in the race to become President but that he's in the race for the sole purpose of amassing enough delegates so that he can use hisdelegates as a way of getting the Republican party to adopt his libertarian views on foreign policy, economics and other issues.Furthermore, he admitted on Fox News that he doesn't want the power of being the President but simply wants to influence the Republican Party on matters he considers important.
Mitt Romney should not negotiate with Ron Paul or his son Rand Paul under any circumstances since it would be detrimental to the Republican party and for conservatism. Libertarians already have a political party in which it supports libertarian policies and Romney should not allow Ron and Rand Paul to hijack the Republican party just so it can adopt their domestic and foreign policy views.
Furthermore, given that Ron Paul has semi-suspended his campaign and is retiring from politics after the 2012 election is over, he haslong term political aspirations for his son and is setting the stage for Rand Paul's eventual run for President. As a result, any negotiation that takes place with Mitt Romney and either or both Ron and Rand Paul in this 2012 election is only helping the Pauls remake the Republican party into the Libertarian party. Besides, if Rand Paul is thinking about running in the Republican party in 2016, he's gonna have to do it on his own without trying to remake the Republican party into a different political party.
Like many Ron Paul supporters, I'm not happy with Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney. But Mitt Romney and Ron Paul supporters can agree on one thing: Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to “Self Deportation”

By Rafael Elias-Linero

Why am I even talking about this?
In the last week and a half I have explained to five (let me repeat: five) liberal media reporters the meaning of “self deportation”. Not surprisingly, none of them (let me repeat: none of them!) reported on my explanation.
It is not that they did not understand the concept once it was explained to them and it is not because they found the explanation irrelevant. The reason why they chose not to report it is simple: it does not fit their agenda, it is not consistent with the biased message they try so hard to convey. It takes away ammunition from them.
These people just abandon all ethics and journalistic professionalism and only follow the marching orders of Media Matters, David Axelrod and the White House; grab a concept or a statement, take it out of context, distort it, and blow it out of proportion as a way to attack Governor Romney and/or the Republican Party. Then, bring it up as often as you can and try to make it stick on the people’s minds.
These people are not interested in the truth or the facts nor do they care to present the public with the tools to allow them to form their own opinions. The objective of these people is to manipulate public opinion and to score points with the administration by making even the most innocuous comment the “flavor of the moment”.
So now that you understand the context, I will explain to you what “self deportation” means and you will see why this is a perfectly valuable and desirable position to take and how the media will distort anything just to maintain the audience distracted from President Obama’s dismal record and from the real problems that the country faces.

Immigration Reform: Obama vs. Romney.
By now it is clear to everybody that is really paying attention that President Obama governs in a bumper-sticker manner and in talking points. His style is one of many speeches and unfounded attacks but little substance. He thrives on discrediting the opponents in an effort to take the attention away from his failures.
Immigration Reform is a good example. It is a well-known fact that the President promised the Latino community to pass an immigration reform within the first year of his administration. When it did not happen, he did what he does best: blamed others for his inaction despite the fact that he had a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate during the first two years of his administration.
But putting that aside, the president considers immigration to be a one-issue proposition: what to do with the 10 million or so undocumented aliens living in the United States.
He forgets (or ignores) the fact that immigration is a much more complex issue that includes several other factors such as making sure that we retain the best and the brightest, finding a solution to match labor supply and demand, and realizing that even a “path to citizenship” has many moving parts that go well beyond a DREAM Act.
- o -
Governor Romney understands the complexity of the immigration issue and is a big advocate for LEGAL immigration. And here is where the term “self deportation” comes into play.

A truly comprehensive immigration reform:
Governor Romney has talked about all the factors mentioned above and is proposing a comprehensive approach and solution to the problem.
He has talked about “stapling a green card” to the diplomas of those foreigners graduating from different sciences, engineering and other areas where their talents can be best used in our country. He has talked about making sure that these “best and brightest” don’t take the knowledge gained in US universities and apply take it back and apply it in their home countries when we can have a system in place that will make it attractive for them to stay and apply that knowledge here.
Governor Romney has also addressed the problem of the undocumented people living here. He has been paying particular attention to Senator Marco Rubio’s in-the-works version of the DREAM Act; one that will be fairer and better than the democrat plan and that will in all likelihood include some sort of guest worker program that will facilitate the regularization of those that are already here without the proper documents.
Governor Romney has talked about having a reliable and functional E-verify system that would be managed by private providers specialized in data management. This would promote certainty to employers and would make it easier to match their demand for specialized labor with the available supply.
Governor Romney has stated his intentions to make the visa process more efficient and more effective. This would not only facilitate legalimmigration but would also boost important economic sectors like tourism in the United States.
Governor Romney’s immigration proposal is comprehensive because it goes beyond President Obama’s single-issue approach and takes into account the voices of all those parties that are affected by the current system. Governor Romney’s plan facilitates legal immigration, strengthens the enforcement of the laws, secures our borders, and provides a legal framework that will be accessible to anybody that wants to come here the proper way.

Self Deportation:
So, think what would happen when you have such an Immigration Reform in place: people that want to come here to work will find a legalavenue to do so. Students that want to come here and expand their skills set will be able not only to realize their dreams but will also find a receptive nation that wants to keep their talents here and reward them for that. Those who are here without documents will be given the tools to regularize their situation and follow a process that can eventually lead to permanent residency.
What all of this means is that people will have a system by which they can be here legally:  working, studying, and living. They will find an immigration framework that will make that possible, that is sound, that was reached with the input and the consensus of all those affected, and that will not need to be redesigned and redrafted every election cycle.
Now, if despite having this structure in place some foreigner decides that he or she does not want to immerse in the process, that finds legalizing his or her status inconvenient, or that just refuses to meet the minimum conditions necessary to regularize his or her situation, that person will find it extremely difficult to find work or to operate in a country that has an accessible legal framework that, precisely because of its accessibility, is strongly enforced.
And then, in those circumstances, when a foreign person cannot or will not live under the law, there will be a need to leave because there will be no place in our nation for anybody that thinks he or she is above our rules.
That is “self deportation”.
I believe that any reasonable person would agree that if and when we have a functional immigration system in place, clear laws and effective enforcement, coupled with a structure that actually facilitates legal immigration but still somebody refuses to take advantage of this, that person has no place in our society, in our country of laws.
This should not be difficult to understand even for a complete idiot.
But of course, don’t hold your breath waiting for the liberal media to explain this or to stop distorting the facts and demonizing comments and statements that are really fundamentally rational and sound.
Instead, look at the facts. Refuse to fall in the trap of their bias. And pay attention to what the candidates actually say and not to what the media tell you that they are saying. 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Romney slams Obama on Castro visit


5/22/12 5:37 PM EDT Mitt Romney chastised President Obama's administration for allowing the daughter of Cuban head of state Raul Castro into the United States.

"I am greatly disturbed by the Obama administration’s decision to allow Mariel Castro, daughter of Raul Castro, to travel to the United States. We shouldn’t be extending an open hand to a regime engaged in the systematic and flagrant denial of basic human rights," Romney said in a statement.

"While the Cuban regime engages in a fierce crackdown on dissent and continues to unjustly imprison one of our own citizens, Alan Gross, the Obama Administration should not be welcoming the daughter of a dictator. The United States should be standing up for those on the island who are risking their very lives fighting for freedom,” Romney said.

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I hate Obama Conspiracy Theories

By Cris Pace

Maybe it’s a reaction against my teen years where I was utterly infatuated with the X-files and all ideas that surrounded it, or maybe it’s because those plot lines made more sense than some of the crap I’m hearing now, but I find Obama conspiracy theories pointless and stupid.
Let’s run through some of them…
“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”…and some men are just blithering idiots…Obama is in this latter category.
He was born in Kenya…he could have been born on Mars; it is still not a worse point than the fact that this man has not done a single thing to help improve the economy.  Yes economies go up and down on their own and Congresses and Presidents don’t have absolute control over them, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are certain things that could have been done to reduce the severity of this recession,Obama did none of them.  And even if he wasn’t eligible to run for the presidency, this absolute failure of leadership is a far greater damning point than a mere technicality.
That Barrack Obama Sr. isn’t really is his father…he could be the son of Hitler and it would still not negate the fact that every action by this president has hurt the economy.  Every thing he has done with the economy has been to hurt it in the short run and hurt it in the long run.  Now he could have done even worse things, but I don’t think he is doing it because he wants to ruin the economy, he and his people are just that dumb.  And

If only Obama wanted to earn a million dollars.
incompetence of that level should never have been let in the White House, let alone re-elected, to hell with who is parents are.
That he’s really a Muslim…he could be a Satanist, it doesn’t change the fact that in reality the only thing he really does believe in is himself.  The man has an ego that makes Caligula, Napoleon and Mao put together look humble.  He puts portraits of himself all over the White House, he puts himself in every president’s biography, he acts like he is unbeatable and he never deigns to actually talk to people in Congress.  He has written 2 biographies and he is not yet 60 or accomplished anything of value.  I don’t care what religion he professes, the only god he believes in is himself.  And while I don’t trust people with low self-esteem, megalomaniacal narcissists are even more worrisome and definitely should not be allowed into positions of power.

Every person in this picture is an idiot. Only one of them isn’t bright enough to actually leave a mark on history for good or ill. Guess which one.
That and Rev. Jeremiah Wright planned a massive socialist take over…or maybe it was a take over by blacks…or maybe by zombies for all I care…or whoever was in his past that you want to critique…none of that compares to the insanity of his current associations.  A corrupt hack as Attorney General, a jackbooted fascist as Homeland Security Secretary, an incompetent twit in HHS, a tax evading moron in Treasury, and two of the worst Supreme Court Justices ever…need I go on?  This man has an inability to surround himself with qualified people.  No president has ever possessed the experience and intelligence to know everything about every part of the government, but some presidents do possess the ability to find qualified people who, in turn, have the qualifications to run their section of the government.  Obama has failed on every point (I mean the most qualified person he has is Hillary, how sad is that?)…and this is far more important than which church he went to for years.

As dumb as he is, and as much as I loathe him, I still don’t think he rises to this level of evil.
That Obama is seeking to make the US subservient to the UN  and is going to sign treaties that will eliminate the Constitution…uh-huh…the UN and what army?  I think Obama’s idiocy on foreign policy, his stupidity in declaring the war on terror over, his supporting every Islamic government he can (not because he’s a Muslim, but because he’s an idiot who wants to not appear as being anti-Muslim…please tell me how that’s working in America’s favor), his destroying the military readiness are all more important than whoever make believe conspiracies you can think of.
That he’s really the Manchurian Candidate, planted by George Soros years ago…ummm….if he was going to make a play for absolute control, wouldn’t he have done so by now?  I mean by the time the opposition has a leader to rally around any fascist type takeover becomes near impossible.  This is kind of why most dictators quickly kill all their opposition…right now the right could unite around Romney, Ryan, Christie or a few others.  If there was a plan to take over it’s the worst plan of all time…and more importantly I think Obama’s actual disregard and ignorance of the Constitution, as shown by his fiat rule by executive order, and his gross misunderstanding of state’s rights and limited government, are far more dangerous than any supposed communist plan.
That Obama has a gay lover…oh, like I care…there have been what four maybe five presidents in the last hundred  who haven’t had a mistress or two, and it has no bearing on whether they were a good president or not.  I’d worry more about his failure to uphold his Oath of Office more than whether or not he’s upholding his wedding vows.
He’s not bright enough to plot Armageddon.
That’s he planning a takeover of the government, ruin the economy, declare permanent marshal law, suspend elections, disband Congress, a coup d’état, yaddah yaddah yaddah…this one has to be my favorite.  So I am supposed to believe that a man of unspeakable arrogance and astounding stupidity is simultaneously a villainous mastermind of such caliber that he makes Lex Luthor and Ernst Stavro Blofeld look like amateurs, that he has planned a coup and kept all the major details secret within a government so bloated and useless it can’t keep any of its departments in line.  Yeah, no contradiction there.  Or that a military that is not doing much to hide it’s abject dislike for Obama is going to sit by and let him take over…and that there is a gun for almost every man, woman and child in this country which pretty much prevents government takeover.  You know, I’ll worry more about his absolute inability to balance a budget or even recognize that the growing debt is a problem.  Obama is not a villainous mastermind bent on world conquest, he’s a buffoon well in over his head and wouldn’t know where to begin if he wanted to take over (as evidenced by his laughable campaign).
The fact of this matter is that this man’s character, intelligence and actions as president are all you need to convict him of being unfit to serve one term, let alone two.
So why is a certain part of the right so obsessed with Obama conspiracy theories and scandals when we could crucify this jackass a dozen times over on real issues.  Well I think the answer is Palin Derangement Syndrome.  Palin Derangement Syndrome?  The habit of the media to obsess about Palin to the point where they will make crap up about her when just ignoring her would be better? Yes that.  PDS is caused in fact by two things. The first one is that Palin supporters are following a dimwitted unprincipled narcissist who is good at creating a cult of personality among morons who don’t care for facts but love meaningless platitudes from a cult leader.  The second is that Obama supporters are following a dimwitted unprincipled narcissist who is good at creating a cult of personality among morons who don’t care for facts but love meaningless platitudes from a cult leader.  Both sides aren’t quite competent enough to trade in facts (for instance, liberals could have ripped Palin apart with conservatives for her saying in the VP debate that the solution to education problems was to throw more money at it, but as facts elude them they’d rather trade in questionable personal attacks)…the same applies to those who trade in conspiracy theories against Obama, they’re not the brightest bulbs in the box.  Both parties have them.  (Although you’ll notice that while they were strong enough to catapult Obama over the more qualified Clinton, they were not powerful enough to elevate their beloved Santorum.)  If you put Obama and Palin in a room and they didn’t have their cults or personality backing them, the appropriate soundtrack to this moment would be “Dueling Banjoes”…but since they do have their respective cults mindlessly following them “O Fortuna” might be a more appropriate set piece.
So they attack our Cult leader with obsessive drivel, and our idiots attack their Cult leader with obsessive drivel.
Meanwhile if we don’t want to look like a bunch of buffoons, want to win the independents, and really want Obama out of office.  Let’s be honest here, Obama has only ever won two elections.  A Senate race against Alan Keyes and a Presidential race against John McCain.  Quite frankly you could have run sock puppets against Keyes and McCain and they would have won.  We’ve got a great candidate this time, let’s not ruin it by sounding like a bunch of dimwitted Democrats more concerned with rumor and conspiracies than with reality and facts.
Focus on the issues.  Focus on the failures of the last 4 years.  Focus on Romney’s superb record of intelligence and leadership.
Focus on those three things and we win.  Focus on birth certificates and ancient friendships and outdated statements and we lose.  I’d like to win this time as we can’t afford another 4 years of this dimwitted jackass.

See more of Cris Pace here ................ http://conservativenewager.wordpress.com/

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Campaign Ads Of The 2012 GOP Primary

By Jared Allebest / Conservative Samizdat

Now that Mitt Romney has recently released the first campaign ad for the general 2012 election, lets look back at the best campaign ads of the primary 2012 election.

Mitt Romney made waves with Republicans with these two ads and really helped define his campaign both in the primary and general election:  

Although Tim Pawlenty's campaign was short lived, he made a really great ad both in terms of style and substance by making a point about Obama's empty podium: 

Herman Cain had a very interesting ads that was unusual which attempted to help him stand out of the crowd of Republican contenders vying for the Republican nomination: 

Another unusual ad from Herman Cain was odd and amusing to everyone which spawned a lot of YouTube spoof videos. A lot of people speculated that Cain was going for the X-File voters.

Ron Paul also had a great ad attacking Newt Gingrich and for unexplained reason, Newt Gingrich got angry at Mitt Romney's attack ad. I think Ron Paul did a better job taking down Newt than Mitt did. 

Mitt Romney produced some other great ads during the 2012 primary race. Here are my top three favorites below: