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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Obama Gotta Go" ~ by Glen Shulfer

I been trying not to say anything,
but I been waiting for the end of his fling.
And I can't wait to hear the Fat Lady sing.

I'm so tired of all the money he spent.
And I wonder where the heck it all went.
But now we got to get a new president.

Doing all his calculation on where to go on his next vacation.
All the while the nation hurts so much, I can't hold back. 
No I can't hold back any more.

Obama gotta go. 
Ship him back to Chicago.
I'll even help him move his cargo.
I had enough of B.O., so Bama gotta go...go back home!

I been working at my job every day,
just to see him take it all away,
so he can build another Chevrolet.

I don't know how he could make such a mess.
But I sure can take a pretty good guess.
ObamaCare and the Stimulus. 

Doing all his redistribution is only stepping on the Constitution.
All the destitution hurts so much, I can't hold back.
No I can't hold back any more.

Obama gotta go. 
Ship him back to Chicago.
I'll even help him move his cargo.
I had enough of B.O., so Bama gotta go!

I have to say with no exception,
I won't be paying for his contraception.
All of his deception hurts so much, I can't hold back.
No I can't hold back any more.

Obama gotta go. 
Ship him back to Chicago.
I'll even help him move his cargo.
I had enough of B.O., so Bama gotta go...go back home!

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It's Time To Vote

Published on Oct 31, 2012 by 
http://www.GOP.com -- Americans have a clear choice between which path they would like for the next four years: a brighter future under a Romney presidency or a repeat of the last four years under President Obama. Governor Romney's focus will be fostering job creation and he has a plan for Day One to jumpstart our economy.

The Hope & The Change (2012)

The Hope and The Change interviews 40 Democrats and Independents who were onetime supporters and voted for Barack Obama in 2008, but due to runaway spending, unemployment, debt, and deficits, can no longer continue their support of President Obama in 2012.

Presidential Polls 2012: Latest CBS NYT Quinnipiac Poll Shamelessly Skews for Obama

By Jesse Merkel
With less than a week to go until the election, the time has come for most major polling firms and organizations to release their final polling results and predictions. A great deal of the polling samples have become more reflective of the electorate as it exists today, significantly tightening the race. However, it is somewhat refreshing to see that the latest CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac Poll is doubling down and providing us with a poll that has as much basis in reality as unicorns, flying pigs, and a Michael Bay movie where women are dressed normally.
The latest CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac Poll is a last hurrah for those that either still believe that Democratic turnout in 2012 will resemble turnout in 2008, or are desparately trying to convince others that it will happen. Rather than accurately reflecting reality, it is much more likely that these polls a symbolic attempt to by these organizations to collectively thumb their nose at a country that seems to be increasingly less enamored with President Obama every day. 
Most pollsters make sure that the last polls they put out before an election are fine-tuned, so that they can try and reflect the final results as accurately as possible. Well, thank god that CBS, theNew York Times and Quinnipiac didn't buckle under the pressure!
presidential, polls, 2012, latest, cbs, nyt, quinnipiac, poll, shamelessly, skews, for, obama,
Presidential Polls 2012 Latest CBS NYT Quinnipiac
 Poll Shamelessly Skews for Obama
This poll shows Obama leading in the key swing states of Ohio, Florida and Virginia. In Ohio, Obama leads Romney, 50% to 45%. In Florida, he is ahead 48% to 47%, and in Virginia, he leads Romney 49% to 47%. How did this poll manage to pull this off? Easy. The samples are so skewed that the pollsters behind it should be ashamed of themselves.
Before liberals start celebrating, a closer look at the samples and projected turnout is necessary. The samples used here do not just count on the Democrats' turnout being as high as it was in 2008; they also make the assumption that the Republican turnout will be even lower than it was four years ago! That is simply not going to happen. Not only has Mitt Romney actually led in early voting, but Gallup has also projected that this year we will see the highest GOP turnout for any election, ever.
This poll completely ignores the exit polls from 2010, instead choosing to focus on those from 2008, when Democrats had a good year. Here is a breakdown of the D/R/I exit polling for 2008 and 2010 for these three states, as well as the sample that was used for the 2012 predictions. (Virginia's middle numbers were taken from 2009.) 
FL: 2008 - 37/34/29, 2010 - 36/36/29, 2012 - 37/30/29
VA: 2008 - 39/33/27, 2009 - 33/37/30, 2012 - 35/27/30
OH: 2008 - 39/31/30, 2010 - 36/37/28, 2012 - 37/29/30
So, with this data, we can assume that the D+7 and two D+8 samples are what they believe the turnout will be. Now, here is a chart that shows the voter enthusiasm for these same three states:
Are we supposed to expect that all of these new GOP voters, who are more enthusiastic and have appeared in greater numbers more recently, will just sit at home? Did they all suddenly die off last week? There is no bloody way that Democrats will be out voting Republicans by 7 or 8 percentage points on Election Day. Even if one were to compromise and assume it will be closer to even, even according to this poll Romney still enjoys a massive lead over Obama with independent voters.
In 2008, President Obama led with independents in all three states. Four years ago, he was ahead +7 in FL, +8 in OH, and +1 in VA. Now, Romney is the one that enjoys the clear advantage, leading with independents +5 in FL, +6 in OH and +21 in VA. 
After learning that Romney has led Obama in early voting by 7 points, the only hope Democrats have is to assume that they will vote in larger numbers on Election Day. While the infamous 538 blog still predicts that Romney will be crushed, and the Real Clear Politics average shows a statistical dead heat, neither of these two account for the oversampling of one group or the undersampling of another. Averaging a bunch of polls that predict more Democrats than Republicans turning out will of course indicate an Obama victory. 
Some people will trumpet the fact that Obama and Romney are tied in the last Gallup Poll at 48% each. However, that is poll of registered voters. When it comes to likely voters, Romney leads Obama 51% to 46%. In the latest Rasmussen poll, Romney leads Obama, 49% to 47%. 
As for some of those swing states listed above? Some polling firms have packed up and left, stating that there is no point in staying because Romney is going to clean house. Independent polls inFlorida and Virginia also show Romney in the lead, while others in Ohio show a razor-thin race. 
But wait! There's more!
Hot on the wires now is a new PPP Poll that shows Obama leading in Ohio, 50% to 45%. This kind of statistic can be taken to the bank, provided that one believes that 45% of the voters in Ohio are Democrats. The D/R/I on this one? 45/36/19. 
Yeah, that makes sense. The Democrats will add 6 points to their 2008 turnout, while most of the independent voters will phone it in. Okay. Sure. Anything to try and tilt the RCP average and give Chris Matthews a thrill up his leg. I didn't think it could get more ridiculous than the above mentioned CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac poll, but thankfully, Public Policy Polling did not disappoint! 

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Thought To Consider: Here Is A “Catch 22” For The Obama Administration

By Kenny Youngblood

 Here Is A “Catch 22” For The Obama Administration. When The Benghazi, Libya Consulate Was Attacked Earlier This Year Prior To The September 11, 2012 Attack, Were You Notified Immediately And Summoned To The Situation Room, To Learn The Details On Each And Every Occasion Or On Any Occasion?

IF You Answer NO, To Protect Your Outrageous Claim That You Were NEVER Told About The Deteriorating Conditions And The Need For Increased, Not Decreased Security At The Consulate, Then You Are Saying That An Attack Beginning With A Powerful Explosion Is Less Significant, Than An Attack Beginning With Small Arms Fire Before It Escalated To Mortar Strikes…

IF You Answer Yes, Then You Obviously Acknowledge That You Lied About NEVER Being Told Of The Deteriorating Conditions And The Need For Increased, Not Decreased Security At The Benghazi Consulate.

Furthermore, When The Benghazi, Libya Consulate Was Attacked On September 11, 2012 Were You Notified Immediately And Summoned To The Situation Room, To Learn The Details Of This Attack?

IF You Answer NO, To Protect Your Claim That You Did NOT Know That This Attack Was A Coordinated Terrorist Assault And That Is Why You Where Justified In Telling Not Only The American People But Also The Whole World, That It Was A Spontaneous Riot Over A Video, That Had Gotten Out Of Hand, Then You Are Negating Your Subsequent Statements, Where You Said You Were Immediately Notified And Brought Up To Speed And Even Gave Orders To Provide Immediate Support Or As You Put It, “Do Anything And Everything” To Assist Those Being Attacked.

IF You Answer Yes, Then You Obviously Acknowledge That You Lied About NOT Being Made Aware Of A Coordinated Terrorist Assault And Even Being Present To Witness The Long Drawn Out Assault Being Broadcast Visually, Via The Drone And Audibly, Via The Emergency Equipment Activated At The Consulate At The Beginning Of The Assault And You Knew There Was No Rioting Crowd And You Knew There Was NO Assistance Or Rescue Being Sent And You Possibly Even Watched Americans Die, Right Before You Went To Bed To Get Your “Eye Candy” Sleep, Before You Had To Fly Out To Your Las Vegas Fund Raiser The Next Morning.

So IF This Election Is NOT About Four People Getting Killed That You Sent Into Dangerous Areas As You Said, Wouldn’t You Agree, That It Is Absolutely The Americans’ Right To Know, If The Person That We Elect Into An Office, Into Whose Hands We Will Entrust Our Loved One’s Lives, Is Someone Who Is Either Ignorant Or Incompetent Or Someone Who Will Have Our Loved One‘s Best Interests At Heart, Before We Cast Our Vote?

Because I Am Positive That Many Will Say, Even If You May Believe This Election Is NOT About What You Did, IT Absolutely Is About Us Knowing The Truth About What You Did, So We Can Decide If We Feel Comfortable In Trusting You, With What You Are Going To Do…

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Presidential Polls 2012: Gallup Puts Romney Ahead Nationally, in Swing States, and With Early Voters

By Jesse Merkel
It’s one week until Election Day, and President Obama is nowhere near where he needs to be to walk away with a second term on November 6. The latest presidential polls show former Governor Romney tied or ahead now in several key states. An average of the national presidential polls according to Real Clear Politics show Romney ahead of Obama nationally, 48% to 41%.
Last week, supporters of President Obama were trumpeting his latest approval ratings, which Gallup had up at 53%. Despite the fact that Romney was beating Obama in several big polls, people believed that Obama would still win because they believe that an incumbent’s re-election is a lock with an approval rating above 50%.

Over the weekend, that all changed, as that same Gallup Poll showed Obama’s job approval rating dropped 7 points in 3 days. Gallup has Obama’s job approval fluctuating wildly. He would no doubt be much more comfortable with some consistency, because the 50% rule for an incumbent is not ironclad, and Romney is making too many gains too quickly for Obama to start celebrating. This close to an election, the approval index is often negated by other polls, such as the polls measuring likely voters in a head-to-head match-up. On Monday, Gallup released a poll showing Romney ahead of Obama, 51% to 46%. Rasmussen has Romney ahead of Obama, 49% to 47%.

Gallup released a shock poll on Monday that shattered Obama’s supposed lead amongst early voters. Romney is now up among early voters, 52% to 45%. This revelation comes after Gallup released a survey showing that the electorate this year will be more Republican than in 2008, and even more than in 2004, the last year the GOP won the White House.

That's right folks, 2012 will be the most Republican electorate in history. Because of this, President Obama could easily lose, even if his general Gallup approval rating remains at 50%. Party loyalty also becomes something to think about. Romney has the support of 90% of Republicans, while Obama has the support of 86% of Democrats. Seventy-five percent of registered Democrats express “high interest” in voting, compared to 85% of Republicans. In 2008, nearly 90% of Democrats expressed a high interested in voting.

One must also be sure not to forget Romney's staggering lead with independents, which ABC/WashPo Poll had last week at a record 20%. That same poll, which has been favorable to President Obama for most of the year, now has Romney pulling into the lead by 1 point.

A new NPR/Democracy Corps Poll also has Romney ahead by 1, even though their battleground poll shows Obama up by 4. Why? Well, while their national poll has a D+4 advantage. Their battleground poll has a D+9. In a year where GOP turnout is expected to be at an all time high, this kind of skewing cannot be taken seriously at this point in the game.

Several big predictors are forecasting a Romney victory. The bipartisan Battleground Poll has recently released its “vote election model” is predicting that Romney will defeat Obama, 52% to 45%.

The Yale University Economic Model also is now giving the election to Romney. This model, put together by economist Ray Fair has accurately predicted every election except two since 1916. Those two were JFK’s victory in 1960 and Bill Clinton’s victory in 1992. And there's still the University of Colorado election predictor model, which has called every race accurately since 1980. This model still shows a victory of 330 electoral votes for Governor Romney, as well as a popular vote victory.

Despite the pendulum-like Gallup approval index, and despite New York Times pollster Nate Silver's now widely-panned and ridiculed optimism, Obama's not in safe territory. With one week to go, it's now blatantly apparent that Mitt Romney could very well be elected the 45th president on November 6. Like everything else, it's all in the math. As former Clinton operative Dick Morris breaks it down, electorally, it's very likely that Romney makes it to 270.

McCain won 173 electoral votes in 2008. Romney's got all of those states in the bag. Because of the population redistribution, those states now cast 179 electoral votes. There are also two easy pickups that Obama won in 2008 that Romney will win this time around, Indiana and North Carolina. That's 25 more electoral votes for Romney, making it 204. Then there are three states that Romney looks projected to win, that are swing states where he has either been in the lead for weeks or making last minute gains in, which are Florida, Virginia and Colorado. Those three states carry a total of 51 electoral votes, bringing Romney's total up to 255.

Form this point on, Romney needs to win 15 more electoral votes to secure 270. Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada and even Pennsylvania and Minnesota are now in play. That's nine states with almost 100 electoral votes up for grabs. We're supposed to believe Obama is going to win all of them?

Romney will certainly win at least the 15 he needs to win.

Throughout the last month, it has become painfully apparent that Obama not only made the same mistake as Jimmy Carter by underestimating his opponent, but could be set to experience a similar outcome. For the record, the race was too close to call back then as well. Obama never expected to have to seriously work this hard for re-election. He wanted Romney, because he believed he'd be an easy target. However, his strategy of negative campaigning all came crashing down with the first debate, and now Romney looks poised to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thought To Consider: I Am Not Writing To Try To Persuade You To Vote One Way Or The Other.

By Kenny Youngblood
Quite Frankly, If Your Mind Isn’t Made Up By Now, You Are Either Uncaring Or Unconcerned With Whom Is Elected To Lead Our Country And If You Are Either, The Country Would Probably Be Better Served, If You Didn’t Vote Anyway. 

Instead, I Am Writing This To Ask You To Consider The Reality Of This Implication… 

IF The Public Media Of Which This Nation Has Depended On, To Truthfully And Fairly Inform Them For Many, Many Decades, Has Now Decided That They Know Better Than You, What You Want To See And Hear And They Decide That They Know Better Than You, Which Political Representative That You Want And/Or Need And Based On THEIR Opinions, They Agree To Report Only Positives On Their Selective Candidate, While They Simultaneously Bury And/Or Discredit Many True Reports That May Be Negative Towards Their Selected Candidate That They Have Chosen For You, THEN You Must Ask Yourself, Are You Uninformed Or Ill-Informed When Voting For Either Candidate?

I Know That Many Of You Are Convinced That This Is NOT Happening And You Are Convinced That You Know The Truth About Your Selected Candidate And You Think, Others Are Only Claiming Such “Media Bias” Nonsense, Because They Oppose Your Selected Candidate, Because You Know That Your Selection Is The Right Candidate For You. Let Me Ask These Same, These Questions. Are You Sure? Does It Matter? IF It Is True, Do You Care? 

Would It Matter Or Would You Care If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot And You Saw Your Candidate Being Shut Out By The Public Media And Something Approaching A Layer Of Protection, Covering Over Your Selected Candidate’s Political Opponent? 

Do You Care That The Public Media Has This Much Power? Do You Even Realize That This Is The Exact Same Scenario That We Americans Have Abhorred About Other Countries Around The World, Which Allow A Selected Political Party To Use The Media In Controlling The Information Delivered To The Public To Sway Them Towards A Particular, And/Or Away From Another Direction?

Unlike The Popular Belief, One Does Not Have To Be Hooked Up To Electrodes In A Cranial Cap To Be Brain Washed. The Same Can Be Achieved Through The Manipulation Of The Information Being Delivered To Those Same Brains.

So I’m Saying Consider This, No Matter Which Side Of The “Media Bias” Argument You Might Stand. Do You Believe This Election Is The Only Thing That The Public Media Has Covered In This Manner? It Does Not Matter What You Just Answered, But I’ll Ask Again, Are You Sure?

IF This Is Completely True And You Are Still Unconcerned Or Just Flat Out Disagree… You Should Know, That You Could Very Well Be On The Other Side Of The Public Media’s Opinion, As Well As This Same Argument The Next Time And I Bet The Chances Are, You WILL Be Concerned And Care Then…

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Mitt Romney Express reaches 3,000 Likes!

Mitt Romney Express is proud to have gotten our 3,000th like on Facebook.
We want to thank you all, not just for following our page, but for caring enough about America to support the only man that can lead us out of the great mess that our fragile republic faces...............Mitt Romney / 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Delivers “Closing Argument” Speech on Economy

Friday, October 26, 2012
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney delivered a speech on the economy in Ames, Iowa.  His campaign called his remarks a “closing argument” on his economic plan in the final days of the presidential campaign.
He also addressed how his experience in the private sector, with the Olympics and as Governor of Massachusetts offer the "best path to success."
In response to the speech, the Obama for America campaign held a conference call with Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and the campaign's communications director Brent Colburn. 

Latest Presidential Polls Show Election 2012 Slipping Away From Obama

By John Giokaris
It’s time we clear up some misperceptions and confusion as to what the polls out there are actually saying. One common criticism I’ve been hearing from many liberals is, “Oh, so when the polls were showing Obama ahead before the debates, conservatives were calling it a conspiracy! But now that Romney is ahead in all the polls, now they’re legitimate!” Add in a plug for their new favorite polling blog, theNew York Times’ 538, and this has become their standard defense.
As usual, they weren’t listening to what the critics were saying. Critics weren’t arguing the results, they were arguing the sampling sizes.
The 2008 election was a historic year for presidential election history in many respects, from having the first African American candidate win the election to record turnout at the voting booths. What also made 2008 stand out from the rest was the lop-sided turnout of both parties. According to Gallup, 39% of the electorate in 2008 was Democrat, 29% was Republican and 31% was independent. When you cut up independents between lean-Democrat and lean-Republican, the result was a 54%-42% Democratic victory.
latest, presidential, polls, show, election, 2012, slipping, away, from, obama,
Latest Presidential Polls Show Election 2012
 Slipping Away From Obama
In polling terms, when 10% more Democrats turned out than Republicans, it’s called D+10.
In 2004, the electorate was D-37, R-39 and I-24. So in other words, R+2. But when cutting up independents between leaners, it was evenly split 48%-48% (with Bush winning by a 51%-48% majority since the turnout was R+2). That’s typically how most elections turn out.
It’s obvious to understand why Democrats are doing everything they can to make 2012 look like 2008 again. But the truth is far from it.
According to Gallup, the turnout in 2012 will be D-35, R-36 and I-29. So in other words, R+1, more like 2004. But unlike 2004, when cutting independents up between leans Dem and leans GOP, Republicans actually hold the edge this time 49%-46%.
That holds pretty consistent with what most other polls are showing among likely voters. Gallup has Romney up 51%-46% and Rasmussen at 50%-47%. In fact, both Gallup and Rasmussen are predicting a stronger Republican voter turnout in 2012 than in 2004 and 2008.
Now the criticism many people have of some other polls is their sampling size. As Gallup shows, the turnout will be pretty even this year, like most other election years. In other words, D+0 (in fact, Gallup is predicting R+1 if anything). Yet many left-leaning polling agencies out there still base their sample sizes on 2008 numbers or sometimes even higher, going as high as D+13. This is what’s so absurd. Even the most hardcore Obama fan I know concedes 2008 was his good year and that he will not duplicate the turnout in 2012 that he had in 2008 (let alone do better). And even with a D+10 turnout, he only won by a 53% to 46% majority.
It’s also been well documented that Republicans have held the voter enthusiasm edge over Democrats all throughout 2012. Gallup shows that 64% of Republicans say they are more enthusiastic than usual about voting, while 48% of Democrats say the same. Rasmussen states, “Perhaps most significantly, Republicans are once again more engaged in the election than Democrats. Forty-nine percent (49%) of GOP voters are following the race on a daily basis. Among Democrats, just 42% are that interested. Throughout 2012, Republicans have consistently held the enthusiasm advantage.” And the Pew Research Center is documenting an all-time high of GOP voter enthusiasm, confirming that 73% of Republicans are growing more positive about the presidential campaign, up 23 points since early September. By contrast, only 66% of Democrats feel the same, unchanged from early September.
Swing States
The swing state tracking polls are showing the same thing, with Romney up 50%-46% in 11-12 swing states according to both Gallup and Rasmussen. They show Romney leading among male likely voters in swing states while now breaking even with female likely voters, and the most recent AP-Gfk poll confirms this.
Perhaps most interesting of all is the independent voter sentiment. Both Gallup and Rasmussen are already predicting a stronger and more enthusiastic turnout among Republicans than both 2008 and 2004. On top of that, every poll out there shows Romney with a strong lead among independents as well.
Rasmussen shows Romney leading among independents by 9 points. Monmouth/SurveyUSA claims he leads Obama by 19 points among independents and ABC News/Washington Postshowing Romney with a 20 point lead among independents – the biggest since Ronald Reagan in 1984.
So with Gallup predicting an R+1 turnout (D-35, R-36, I-29) or basically even, coupled with Romney’s lead in the swing states among male likely voters and breaking even with female likely voters, and Romney leading among independents by 9 points according to conservative estimates, I just can’t add up the math to an Obama win.
Picture Credit: themeshreport

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The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: “We Felt Very Strongly That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk“…

By Kenny Youngblood
While I Have The Utmost Respect For Our Military And I Respect The Military Chain Of Command, I Too Was In The Service And I KNOW That WE Are A Team And That WE Would NEVER Sit By And Watch Our Brothers In Arms Die.

The Fact That A Former Military Officer Who Is Also A Former Director Of The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) And Currently Serving As The Secretary Of Defense, Mr. Leon Panetta Can Stand Before The American Public And State, “The Basic Principle Here, The Basic Principle Is, That You Don’t Deploy Forces Into Harms Way, Without Knowing What’s Going On, Without Having Some REAL TIME INFORMATION About What’s Taking Place And AS A Result Of NOT Having THAT KIND OF INFORMATION, The Commander Who Was On The Ground, Are (sic)… In That Area, General Hemp, General Dempsey And I, Felt Very Strongly That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk.”

First, The Obvious For Those Of You Who Have Been Asleep. During The Recent Congressional Hearing On The Diplomatic Security In Libya, The Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State For The International Programs - Diplomatic Security Bureau, Mrs. Charlene Lamb Stated That The Benghazi Personnel At The Consulate, When The 9/11 Attack Began, Followed The Protocol Of The United States Embassy’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) And The Live Audio Feed Was Activated And They Were And Could Continue To Be Heard, Throughout The Assault. Therefore, She And Others Could Hear What Was Happening, When It Was Happening. That Is Called Real Time Audible Information…

Second, The Official Reports Have Been Issued Stating That Not Only Was A Covert Drone Circling Overhead Of The Benghazi Consulate During The 9/11 Attack, It Was Sending Real Time Video And Even Recorded The Events Which Were Being Broadcast Live. That Is Called Real Time Visual Information…

NOW: For The Most Blatantly Obvious Reason That This Is Now A Complete And Total Cover Up, From The Top Down, Is Because No One Except The President Holds Such Power Over High Government Officials In Multiple Departments, Such As The Secretary Of State, The Secretary Of Defense And By Proxy The Department Of Defense.

I Know You Are Going To Say, It Is Not By Proxy Because The President Is The Commander In Chief, But The Truth Is, A True Solider Receiving A Political Order, Would Gladly Give Up His Career, Before He Would Give Up His Buddies’ Lives.

Just Look At The Contradicting Statements Given From, Immediately Following The Attack To The Present, From Each Of These Officials. It Was, It Wasn’t, No Proof But Now Proof, We Didn’t Know To Well We Personally Didn’t Know And Now The Most Damning Lie Of All Is Coming From Mr. Panetta.

We All Know That They Clearly Had Real Time Audio And Video But The Assertion That Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place”, Three Great Military Minds Concluded, Very Strongly I Might Add, “That We Could NOT Put Forces At Risk“, Is Just Completely False And Absurd And Goes Against The Entire History Of Our Military‘s Reputation And Is Actually An Insult To Our Military And Should Be An Insult, And Scary As Hell To The Average American.

Have These Wise Military Minds Forgotten That Since The Inception Of Our Various Military Branches We Have Put Forces At Risk Or Gone Into Harms Way, Probably Well Above (90%)Ninety Percent Of The Time, Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place“?

Have We All Of The Sudden Transitioned Into A Military That Is Paralyzed Without Having “That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place“?

When You Consider The Absolute Absurdity Of Secretary Panetta’s Comment, Then Consider This…

If We Have Our Loved Ones In The Military Along With All Other Fellow Americans, Who We Do Not Know Personally, If They Are In A Situation And Even If They Have A Drone Overhead And An Open Audio Transmission Back To Command And Those In Charge (According To Panetta) Now Need More Than That Kind Of Real Time Information About What’s Taking Place, Before They Can Send In Support Or Extraction Teams, Then Perhaps We Should Ask Them To Bring Our Loved Ones Back Home So They Don’t Have To Listen To And Watch Them Die…

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Of Horses and Bayonets

By Rafael Elias
October 25, 2012

When Obama brought up his pre-packaged “zinger” mentioning horses and bayonets, most likely he did not know that there is an economic concept for that: Creative Destruction.

Creative Destruction takes place when new technologies or economic advances replace an industry, a sector, or a specific economic activity (the destruction part) with another that is more modern, more efficient and more effective (the creative part). For example: word processors replaced typewriters and personal computers replaced word processors; laptops are replacing desktops, and tablets are replacing laptops… you get the idea.

The problem with Obama’s argument (one of many problems) is that his smart-aleck comment focused only on the “Destruction” part of the equation and did not even bother to consider the “Creative” part of the process. 

I know, I know…. that should not surprise anyone, but please bear with me.

For starters, Obama tried to make it look as if his analogy illustrated an instance of one technology replacing another. Yet there was never any mention of any kind of replacement. 

To be sure, Obama was not implying that he is cutting the Navy’s budget (or the part of it allocated for building ships) in order to allocate those funds into building aircraft carriers and submarines. That would have been an instance of creative destruction … but no. 

He is focused only in destruction. That is, cutting the Navy’s budget.


Secondly, Creative Destruction would not apply in his example of aircraft carriers and submarines simply because these military assets do not and were never meant to replace ships. Rather, aircraft carriers and submarines are a complement to our defense assets simply because there are certain (key) functions that are and can only be performed by ships as there are also certain and specific functions that can be performed by carriers and subs. 

In other words, just because we have airplanes does no mean we no longer need buses, trucks, or rail. Can you imagine millions of tons of coal being transported throughout the country by plane? 

Well, similarly, can you imagine deploying an aircraft carrier to guard the seas against Somali pirates? How about a submarine to sweep mines in hostile waters in the Middle East? 

Obama’s argument is plain and simple another example of his chronic demagoguery, and bird-brained too. Bluntly put, Creative Destruction just doesn’t apply here and Obama looked outright ignorant as he pretended to appear “cutting” and “sharp”. 

Creative Destruction would mean more investment in naval technologies and ship building, something that does take place but not thanks to Obama. Instead, his proposed cuts in the military budget do precisely the opposite: they curb innovation and limit our capabilities to remain at the helm of the globe’s military technology. 

So when the facts are against you and all you want to do is cut and you justify your cuts with a misleading and outright incorrect argument, there is no childish sarcasm that can hide the truth.

The President should know better. 

But he doesn’t.

See more of Rafael Elias at Political Analysis & Economic Studies (PAnEcS) here ............... http://www.political-analysis.com/

Joe Citizen Endorses Mitt Romney

By Joe Citizen

In less than two weeks, citizens across this nation will go to the polls to elect our next president. Early voting has already started in many states. Will they choose to give Barack Obama four more years or elect Mitt Romney? Many are saying this may be the most important election in our lifetime. As a recent retired person, I am very concerned about the direction of our country. Many Americans were fooled in 2008 by Obama's rhetoric of Hope and Change. I was a lifelong Democrat, but could not support a candidate that I knew so little about and what I did know ... I did not like. America has serious problems and we need a serious person in the White House to help solve them. We cannot afford to be fooled again!
We need a president that has a history of working in a bipartisan way to create jobs, balance the budget, and reduce our huge deficit. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for President because of his strong business experience in the private sector and his executive experience as the former governor of Massachusetts where he worked across the aisle with a Democratic legislature. His experience at Bain Capital taught him how to make companies grow and how to respond to problems. His leadership helped save the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City from a financial disaster. He is probably the most experienced executive running for president since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952. This is a very big deal in my opinion.
One of the first things Mitt Romney will do as president is to replace Obamacare with a healthcare plan that combines the best elements of the Democratic plan - coverage of pre-existing conditions, mandatory participation by all, coverage of children up to age 26 - with strengths in the Republican plan that were not included, such as freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines.
I encourage America to vote for Mitt Romney not because he is a Republican, but because he is the best man for the office. Many that voted for him in 2008 have changed their minds in 2012. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Gas prices have more than doubled. The average family is spending $4000 more a year for groceries. We can do better!
I am not only asking you to vote for Mitt Romney, but to vote against Barack Obama. In 2008 we were told about Obama's associations with Jeremiah Wright - a radical pastor that preached disturbing sermons about America. Finally, Obama threw him under the bus to save his campaign. Obama was also associated with Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorists from the 1970's. Ayers was quoted on 9/11/2001 as saying - "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." The mainstream media barely covered this important story. How would they have covered this if it had been George Bush or John McCain?
President Obama has also appointed several people to his administration that trouble me. Kevin Jennings is the Safe Schools Czar. Mr. Jennings, a homosexual wrote the forward to a 1998 book titled, "Queering Elementary Education." The book he endorsed was a collection of essays who supported teaching young kids about homosexuality.
There are others with communist leanings. Van Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist organization Standing Together to Organize a Revoltionary Movement, or Storm.
Sam Graham-Felsen ran the Obama's campaign blog. He spent time in France taking part in labor riots, has written for a socialist magazine, hung a communist flag in his home, and was a fan of Marx while at Harvard.
These are just a few examples of the people that Obama has appointed to positions in his administration. Is this the type of leadership you want in the White House? I don't think so.
In his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama made the following statement wth pride ... "we are no longer a Christian nation." Our forefathers fought and died for the right for our nation to be a Christian nation. President Reagan said - "If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." I truly believe this is why the United States of America is in the shape it's in today. Most people have forgotten that we are ONE NATION UNDER GOD! I urge you to vote for the party that still keeps God in their platform, not the party that had to vote to put him back in!
Finally, Mitt Romney impresses me as a focused, task-oriented problem solver, both by inclination and by experience - a real "fix-it" guy. A lot needs fixing in America, from a broken economy to a broken-down political system. Mitt Romney offers the leadership we need from the White House.

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Latest Presidential Polls: Real Clear Politics Ohio Polls Show Possible Path to Romney Win Without Ohio

By John Giokaris 
Less than two weeks until Election Day, all eyes are on Ohio. While no Republican president has ever won the election without winning Ohio, it’s not impossible for 2012 nominee Mitt Romney to win without it.
According to the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average of polls, Obama currently holds a slim 2 point lead in Ohio at 48%-46%. According to Rasmussen, it’s a dead heat at 48%-48%. No doubt that an Ohio win would make an Electoral College victory for Romney so much simpler.
But what if he doesn't win Ohio? Is it over? Not at all.
There are a few non-Ohio scenarios that are entirely possible. A win in Pennsylvania would more than make up for Ohio (20 electoral votes vs. 18). But while RCP has officially moved Pennsylvania into the toss up category (having cut Barack Obama’s lead there to within 5 points), I wouldn’t bank on a win there.
Romney could also more than make up for Ohio’s 18 electoral votes if he manages to win New Hampshire, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada. New HampshireIowa and Colorado are all within 1 point (excluding one goofy NBC poll that has Obama ahead by a mile in Iowa) but Romney is not quite there yet in Nevada.
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Latest Presidential Polls Real Clear Politics
 Ohio Polls Show Possible Path to Romney
 Win Without Ohio
There’s also a third possibility, and it runs through Wisconsin. The RCP average there has Obama ahead by a razor thin 2 point lead (again, if you exclude the goofy NBC poll that shows Obama ahead by a mile in any given state), just like Ohio. The senate race in Wisconsin between former Governor Tommy Thompson (R) and Representative Tammy Baldwin (D) is also now tied.
Perhaps no other state has made more nationwide political news over the last two years than Wisconsin. Tea Party Republican Ron Johnson defeated incumbent ultra liberal Democrat Russ Feingold for his Senate seat 52%-47% in 2010. Scott Walker was also elected governor by a 52%-47% margin in 2010, and then once again in the infamous recall election in 2012 by a 53%-46% margin. The gains made by the GOP there catapulted state party chairman Reince Priebus to the Chairmanship of the Republican National Committee in 2011.
There is no doubt the Republican votes are definitely there in Wisconsin for Romney. It’s also worth mentioning that his running mate, Representative Paul Ryan, lives in and currently holds office there.
While Obama easily carried Wisconsin in 2008 by 14 points, RCP shows that lead has completely evaporated. Also, in 2004, Sen. John Kerry carried Wisconsin by only 0.4%. Romney knows this state is definitely up for grabs which is why he and Ryan are now making campaign stops to the Badger State in the final days.
RCP shows that if the election were held today, Romney would win FloridaNorth Carolina andVirginia, but not PennsylvaniaMichigan or Nevada. All the other toss ups are statistically within 2 points. If Ohio doesn't come through, Wisconsin may be his only chance to win the White House.

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