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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Parable of Monumental Importance - Life and Death of a Nation. Which group are YOU in?

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This week, when President Obama was asked about the recent disruption and chaos and violence in the Middle East, he said that these were merely, “bumps in the road.”  That casual assessment of shocking events reveals that the President really doesn’t understand the gravity of the challenges that we face in the broader Middle East.  
Back in 2008, President Obama didn’t make the case for his candidacy on his accomplishments because he couldn’t.  He didn’t have any.  So instead, he just touted his judgment.  He insisted that he knew the issues and knew the consequences of our actions.  And he argued that if we were more humble abroad and took our place as merely one among many nations rather than as an exceptional nation, we could rebuild at home and command more respect abroad.  Our economy would be stronger, he argued.  Our moral standing would be higher.  And, of course, our country would be safer.
Four years later, every one of these arguments has been proven wrong.  We’re struggling through the worst recovery since the Great Depression.  Our moral standing has declined. The world has become more dangerous.  His theory that receding American leadership would calm anger against us and win us favor has not only failed, but it’s produced more chaos.
The Middle East is a case in point.  In Syria, a dictator has slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent people.  Our embassies across the Islamic world were violently stormed.  In Libya, terrorists attacked a U.S. consulate, killing our ambassador and three other Americans.  In Iran, the ayatollahs race full tilt to develop nuclear weapons capability. 
Through it all, President Obama continues to show that he does not grasp the dimensions of what’s occurring and has no strategy to protect and advance our interests.  We’ve seen a confused, slow, and inconsistent response to the terrorist attack in Libya, a refusal to be frank with the American people about what happened, and a complete failure to explain the growing terrorist threat we face in the region. Instead of standing with Israel—our closest ally in the region—he downgrades Israel to merely, quote, “one of our closest allies” in the Middle East.  And he refuses to meet with Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at a moment when a show of solidarity before the world is needed.
President Obama’s foreign policy is one of passivity and denial. And that places America and our friends and allies at the mercy of events and those who mean to do us harm. I believe we should shape events to protect our interests and our ideals. In a time of testing, an American president must show strong leadership.
In a dangerous world, we can’t allow indifference to undermine security.  Only strength and clarity can keep the peace.  When I’m president, I’ll reverse President Obama’s defense cuts.  I’ll call terrorism what it is.  I will never abdicate American leadership – and I will never apologize for America.

Friday, September 28, 2012

“Economic Patriotism”: Obama’s Biggest Red Flag Yet

By Rafael Elias

“Economic Patriotism”, the latest of Obama’s not-so-veiled attack on America’s fundamentals.

Make no mistake about it, “Economic Patriotism” is code word for “I will tax whomever I want, as much as I want, whenever I want …. All for the sake of a false sense of patriotism.”

Make no mistake about it, Obama truly believes that he alone is the one who can (and will) define what is “fair share”, who has to pay it, and how that share is to be distributed.


Experience shows Obama’s complete disregard to our Constitution and the limited powers it gives to the federal government and each of its branches. Obama truly believes that he is above the law and he can dictate who will pay what and how the wealth is to be used. He truly believes that he is the best arbiter to pick winners and losers, and experience has also shown that the only winners in Obama land are his cronies and supporters.

This new “economic patriotism” is the biggest red flag yet coming from the Obama camp. With this, he is clearly telling the American People that under his own personal definition of patriotism he is entitled to dictate how the economy will work depending on the priorities that he alone defines. Through “economic patriotism” he aims to gain an arbitrary “moral upper hand” giving himself the right to label (and punish) those who might disagree with whatever it is that he defines now or in the future as being a patriot.

In other words, whoever disagrees with whatever parameters Obama imposes, will be punished under the guise of being “unpatriotic”.

This has only been used in tyrannical and authoritarian regimes, and Obama is so cynical, that he is stating openly that this is exactly the kind of government he intends to lead if granted another four years!

Think about that!

One person who has shown time and again his disdain for our American institutions, the person who has governed by fiat whenever the laws or the Constitution have stood on his way, the man who takes no responsibility whatsoever for the failures of his policies and instead continues to blame predecessors, “noise”, “bumps in the road”, tsunamis, ATMs and virtually anything that could taint his own view of himself, now pretends to dictate how our country will operate. Singlehandedly, unilaterally, unquestioned.

This man, for whom accountability is an alien concept; who refuses to take into account even the recommendations given by teams that he himself put together; this president that truly believes that his decisions overrule any law or process, is now announcing openly that he will wage an open war against any person who dares oppose him.

He trusts and relies on his great power of manipulation. He knows and understands that if he frames an argument in a “sellable” way, he will have the unconditional support of the same masses that to this day refuse to see the calamity that has been his administration. He knows the power that he wages with a compliant media completely on his side willing to look the other way and advance furiously his mandates, arguments, and message.

He knows that he has an army of followers that believe in him blindly and feel that he is their defender, despite all the evidence that shows how these same people have been hit the hardest by his failed policies and his ideological way of governing.

This mass of followers will gladly comply with whatever the depot dictates, …. until it affects them too. And it will!

But by then it will be too late.

It is our duty, our true patriotic duty, to warn these people of what Obama means when he uses code words that will guarantee him the popular support for whatever action he desires to unilaterally take. 

It is our duty, our true patriotic duty to expose his perversity and to fight against the imposition of a tyrannical rule.

This is not an exaggeration. The future of the United States as we know it is in peril not only because of the dire situation in which Obama has put the nation, but even worse (and we thought it could not get worse) because he now is telling us that he intends to amass even more power, be even less accountable, literally thug his way into the deepest roots of our institutions.

Obama’s overreach is now reaching truly dangerous levels and he does not even bother to hide his intentions anymore! He is openly showing the tools he will use to manipulate public opinion into forcing his ways and govern with dictatorial authority.

If we don’t wise up; if we don’t stop this; if we allow this individual to be reelected, we can count on one thing: America will never again be the same. The bastion of Democracy (yes, with a capital “D”, not with a small “d” as he was caught saying) that is America will be lost in the concentration of power in one man whose intentions are to “fundamentally transform” the values that made the United States the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

We need to get our sense of emergency going, to get fired up and to actively disseminate this message so as to make as many Americans as possible aware of what this man is trying to do.

He is so cynical that he is letting us know in advance that his intentions for a second term are to grab more power than anybody before him and to impose his views on constituents that in his view are lesser than him and can’t know better than him. 

He is so cynical that he is announcing openly that he wants to control our actions, take away our liberties, and become the sole source from where every government action will emanate, opposing sides be damned.

“Economic Patriotism” sounds like material from some futuristic novel defining the erosion of freedom and the centralized control of tyrants that decide for the people.

And do not underestimate Obama because this is exactly what he wants to achieve.

See more of Rafael Elias at Political Analysis & Economic Studies (PAnEcS) here ............ http://www.political-analysis.com/welcome.html

Obama vs Romney Polls: The Media is Oversampling Democrats, and it Skews the Data in Favor of Obama

By Jesse Merkel
Over the past few weeks, a growing number of conservatives and Republicans have been wondering why President Barack Obama, despite his horrible track record, seems to have an ever-increasing lead over GOP Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.
On Thursday the Q2 GDP was downgraded from 1.7% to 1.3%, which is a hairs-width above what most would consider a recession.
To make matters worse, the Census Bureau announced that orders for durable goods dropped down to $198.2 billion, a drop of $30.1 billion or 13.2% in August. It is the worst decrease in nearly four years. On top of that, the unemployment rate is still miserable, and has only come down at all because the government has stopped counting people who are no longer looking for work. The number of people on food stamps and receiving disability is at a record high, and the economy has shown only anemic growth only the past four years. The average American's income has fallen $3,040 during the Obama recover.
obama, vs, romney, polls, the, media, is, oversampling, democrats,, and, it, skews, the, data, in, favor, of, obama,
Obama vs Romney Polls The Media is
Oversampling Democrats and it Skews
 the Data in Favor of Obama
The one area of success where Obama has enjoyed some relatively stable approval, foreign policy, has fallen apart over the past few days. According to reports, it has now become apparent that President Obama and his administration did know that the attack on the Libyan consulate that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens was a terrorist attack, even though they continued blame an anti-Islamic video clip for days.
Above all of that, Obama still is polling close to 50%. Why?
The answer was recently discovered by a few individuals that decided to do the job that the mainstream media refuses to do. Websites like UnskewedPolls.com and others have done their own digging into many of the same polls that appear on the news.
There are several things that a polling firm could do to make sure that its sample is as accurate as possible. First, it helps to base their sample off of likely voters over registered voters. The reason for this is self-explanatory. Likely voters are more likely to actually get off the couch and vote on Election Day. Registered voters may not have voted in years. Second, it helps to make sure that pollsters are basing their sample over the most likely turnout model, which would be 2010.
Most pollsters have been basing their samples on 2008, when Democratic enthusiasm was up, and Republican enthusiasm was sinking. In 2010, the Republicans rebounded. Ever since then, the GOP has maintained high voter enthusiasm. While Democrats have recently jumped back up there, Rasmussen and others have shown higher levels of people identifying as Republicans, than as Democrats.
Because of this, one would not expect polls to be oversampling Democrats while under-sampling both Independents and Republicans, but that is exactly what has been happening. Some samples over the past few weeks have shown between a D +7 and a D +11 advantage! There are only two reasons that pollsters would be sampling so many more Democrats. Either they believe that Democrats will have the same high kind of turnout that they did in 2008, which no one should, or they are trying to discourage Republicans to keep them from showing up.
Finally, people have started to notice. A host of conservative radio hosts, writers and other media personalities have all banded together, writing an open letter to conservatives in which they implore them to ignore the polls. In this letter, they cite the media's constant smearing of Romney, while at the same time its near refusal to cover negative stories about President Obama, such as Solyndra, Operation Fast And Furious, and the sacking of the Libyan consulate.
Of course, many people will automatically roll their eyes. Yet more conservatives crying foul with the media. However, what if it’s true? What if instead of some gigantic conspiracy, it were simply true that many media organizations that were liberal in their ideology were relying on a time honored technique that was designed to protect a president that they liked, and harm a candidate that they didn't? It certainly wouldn't be the first time.
In 1980, President Jimmy Carter was running well above Ronald Reagan up until just over a week before the election, much of which was due to the media constantly tearing Reagan a new one every chance they got. At one point, Carter, despite his terrible economic record, was beating Reagan by a comfortable eight point margin
In 1988, Governor Michael Dukakis was also comfortably ahead of George H.W. Bush by double digits at more than one time. (For the record, ICYMI, Reagan and Bush easily trounced Carter and Dukakis). 
The economy is in shambles, and by all accounts it now appears to be slowing even further. People have to realize that it's not because Obama is so likeable, and not because Romney is such a bad candidate. The media is oversampling Democrats in an attempt to depress Republicans and conservative-leaning Independents so that they will not show up to vote on November 6th. Period.
Thankfully, they can't keep it up forever. In order to maintain some credibility and not go out of business after the election, these polling firms will have to show some levels of accuracy the closer we get to Election Day. Some in fact, already have. A new poll shows Romney taking the lead on terrorism, no doubt a repudiation on the presidents handling of the Libyan consulate attack. Anunskewing of the polls in swing states shows a considerably tighter race than any almost any major media outlet would have you believe. Don't just trust the words in front of your face, or a website. Crunch the number for yourself. When one takes into account the extremely high levels of party loyalty, Mitt Romney's enormous lead with independent voters, and a more reasonable estimation of voter turnout, it becomes clear just how tight this race is. (Turning coal into diamonds comes to mind.)
With the debates coming up, it is very likely that we could see a more generous swing in Romney's direction, like the one that voters saw in the 1980 election. Obama cannot run on his record. Any attempt to defend it, and Romney will just point to the recent downshifts. While the President can say he gave the order to take out Osama bin Laden, Romney can counter with Libya. 
Look at the samples. Do the math for yourself. Trust, but verify. 

See more of Jesse Merkel at Policymic here...........  http://jessemerkel.policymic.com/

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obamavoter --Assassinated Libya Ambassador "had it coming"

Obamavoter in Cleveland Ohio explains that Assassinated Libya Ambassador "had it coming", argues that Romney will raise taxes on middle class


    By Kenny Youngblood
    In One Of The Campaign Ads For Mr. Obama In His Continued Effort To Ride The Swell Of The Positive Bounce He Received In Response To The Announcement Of HIS Killing Bin Laden, They Use The Following Quotes To Demonstrate That Mr. Obama Is More Of A Leader And/or Patriot, Than His Republican Rival, Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney…

    QUOTE: “Mitt Romney Criticized Barack Obama For Vowing To Strike AL-Qaeda Targets Inside Pakistan If Necessary.” -- Reuters, August 4th, 2007

    QUOTE: “it’s Not Worth Moving Heaven And Earth Spending Billions Of Dollars Just Trying To Catch One Person.“ -- Mitt Romney (R) Presidential Candidate, Associated Press April 26, 2008

    My Question Unto You Is… After Reading These Quotes, With Whom Do You Agree? 

    I Absolutely Agree With Mr. Romney And The Fact That Mr. Obama Does Not, Shows His Complete Misunderstanding Of Economics. 

    First, The Word “Billions” Implies AT LEAST (2B)Two Billion Dollars. Now, Does It Take A Genius To Understand That If That Much Money Was Applied To Help AT LEAST The Direct And Indirect Victims Of The 9/11 Attacks, That Would Be Much More Beneficial And A Better Use Of That Money? 

    Second, The Truth Is, There Was No Doubt That Osama, Later Changed To Usama Because It Sounded Too Close To Obama, Bin Laden Would Have Eventually Been Captured Or Killed And The Truth Is, The Only Reason He Was Killed, Was Because If He Was Captured To Be Brought To Trial, The National Security And More Importantly To Some, Their Political Security, Could Very Well Have Been Jeopardized.

    However, If You Are One Who Disagrees With Mitt Romney’s Statement, Thus, By Default Agreeing With Mr. Obama’s Assertion That It Was Absolutely Worth “AT LEAST” (2B)Two Billion Dollars And His Almost Completed Removal Of Our Heaven, From The Earth… 

    Then Shut Up About Your Taxes And Pay YOUR “Fair Share” And Enjoy The Hell That Mr. Obama Is Fundamentally Changing America Into….

    See more of Kenny Youngblood here............. http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY 

    Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama because he gives a free Phone

    Protester outside of Romney rally explains how Obama gives all minorities free phones and that is why they should vote for him. Cleveland Ohio, September 26, 2012

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012


    By Rafael Elias

    The “Bandwagon Effect” is the result of a political strategy that has been used successfully in numerous campaigns. In fact, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I used it during the campaign and then candidate and future pr
    ent of Mexico Vicente Fox.

    The effect is created by developing the perception among voters that one side is winning and that the victory is or seems irreversible and inevitable.

    This perception is typically manipulated through the combination of one or more elements among which the most effective and powerful are: the dissemination of skewed and/or misleading polls; the coordination with media outlets in terms of message, frequency, timing, and repetition; and the incorporation of the message into the candidate’s communications.

    Its objectives are:

    1.- To take full control of the political discourse and dominate the agenda;

    2.- To entice voters to jump on the trend because they either:

    Have lost hope that their side can or will win, or Want to be part of the “winning team”

    See more of Rafael Elias at ................ Political Analysis & Economic Studies (PAnEcS) here ...................................

    Too Many Americans

    Too many Americans are struggling to find work or are living paycheck to paycheck. Mitt Romney will create 12 million new jobs over the next four years and help lift families out of poverty, while strengthening the middle class. We can't afford another four years like the last.

    Stand Up to China

    Fewer Americans are working than when President Obama took office -- it doesn't have to be this way. President Obama has failed to stand up to China even as they steal American ideas and technology. President Obama had years to stand up to China -- Mitt Romney will do it on Day One.

    CNN Reporter asks Mitt Romney racist question

    By Christopher Cook

    First, just watch the video (below, or (at this link). Then see below.

    If you don’t want to take a shower after hearing that reporter ask that question, then listen again.
    First, the reporter reduces an entire population to its skin color. Patronizing and infantilizing.
    Second, the reporter gives oxygen to the idea that people can only be represented by people of the same skin color. Racist. Racialist. An idea that was rejected a long, long time ago . . . or so we thought.
    Third, the reporter defiles the entire notion of how America is supposed to operate: The president is supposed to represent everyone. Every elected official is. Yes, Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson were inveterate racists. But Lincoln wasn’t. Reagan wasn't.
    Fourth, this is a vile attack on Mitt Romney, and an attempt to raise black Democrat voter enthusiasm, all rolled into one disgusting question. So, you’re a rich white dude—how can you represent anyone who isn’t a rich white dude? Look, black Democrat voters, LOOK! He’s WHITE!!! 
    This is insulting to blacks. It’s insulting to whites. It’s insulting to Romney, and it’s insulting to America. It’s a disgusting attack—an intentional dog-whistle media ploy—that should get the reporter fired. But since he probably pre-planned the question ahead of time with higher-ups at CNN, firing seems unlikely.
    Romney handled it fine. He took the safe route, and his response was decent and calm.
    Me, I would not have taken the safe route. I would have stopped, looked right at the reporter, and said,
    “Did you really just ask me that? No, wait, before you answer, let me ask you a different question. You’re white, right? So, how do you assure your black viewers that you represent them when you report the news? 

    See more of Christopher Cook at Western Free Press here............  http://www.westernfreepress.com/author/ChristopherCook/

    Simple Solutions to America's Problems

    By Joe Citizen

    America is in serious trouble. There are many problems today that must be solved and done quickly. These are not Democratic or Republican problems. These are not liberal or conservative problems. These are American problems. We have a serious spending problem producing a debt that gets bigger and bigger each day. There are over 13 million of Americans out of work. We have a failed energy policy in this country that threatens our national security. What is our government doing about these problems? To many Americans, it seem nothing. A "common sense" approach is needed to solve these problems. This is something that is lacking in Washington. Some think that government is not the answer to these problems, but government is the reason for these problems.

    The government needs money to operate. Most Americans don't mind paying taxes. They just want to pay their fair share. For years there have been many discussions about reforming our current tax system. Some groups have proposed a simple flat tax. Another plan is the Fair Tax which would replace the federal income and payroll tax with a national sales tax. This sales tax would also replace the gift, estate, capital gains, self-employment, and corporate taxes. It also includes a rebate to ensure that no American pays any federal taxes up to the poverty level. This plan calls for the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. It allows Americans to keep 100 percent of their paychecks (minus any state income taxes), ends corporate taxes and compliance costs hidden in the retail cost of goods and services, and fully funds the federal government while fulfilling the promise of Social Security and Medicare. Supporters of the Fair Tax claim that it would lower the tax burden on both the low and middle income families. They also claim it would also raise as much, if not more, revenue as the income tax.
    America has had an energy crisis since the late 1970's when we had gasoline rationing, high prices and long lines at the pump. For 40 years, our government has done little to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. The Democrats do not believe we can drill our way out of this energy crisis. Drilling is the only way out of this crisis. While the supply of oil is just a part of the solution to the energy crisis, it is the most important part.
    The government does not want to allow the free market to expand the supply of oil from known reserves or build new refineries. They believe this will hurt the environment. Most Americans think we can drill for oil and protect the environment.
    President Obama recently told Brazil that we will help them develop its offshore resources so we can one day import its oil. Are you kidding me? We have a 7-year ban on offshore drilling on both coasts, on Alaska's continental shelf and in much of the Gulf of Mexico. Obama wants to develop Brazilian offshore oil to help their economy create jobs, while our workers are left unemployed in the face of rising energy prices by an administration that hates fossil fuels as a threat to the environment. This only increases our dependency on foreign oil.
    Winston Churchill once said that Americans always do the right thing after they have tried everything else first. By allowing our government to stand in the way of the American oil industry for nearly 40 years with high taxation, more rules and regulations, we have complete the "everything else." It is now time for us to do the right thing. Drill here, Drill now!
    Unemployment is the most important problem facing our nation, according to a recent Gallup poll. The unemployment rate is at 9 percent with about 14 million Americans looking for work.There are also more than 8 million people working part-time but would rather be working full-time. Another 1 million people have quit looking for a job because they don't think there is a job out there for them. While many economists believe the economy will slowly add jobs this year, the unemployment rate could remain higher than average for several years.
    What should the government be doing to help create jobs? First of all, government should encourage job growth by putting into place conditions that allow businesses to thrive. This means less regulations, lower taxes and business friendly policies. For example, lower taxes on small and large businesses will generate economic expansion that will create jobs and make America more competitive.
    Free trade agreements will increase the number of exports, which will increase the amount of production. More production will require more workers. This will create hundreds of thousands of jobs.
    If the government would remove some of the obstacles to our energy industry, we could expand our production for oil and other energy sources. Increasing exploration and production will create jobs and encourage economic growth. It will also help us break our reliance on foreign oil and enhance our national security.
    Another problem facing our nation today is illegal immigration. This is not a complicated issue. Why can't our government solve it? The Democrats and Republicans are doing nothing more than trying to get votes, not help the country. Most Republicans want to kick everyone out. Democrats want to make them all citizens. Neither is possible, fair or responsible.
    We need to secure the borders - the southern borders - where most of the illegal immigrants come from. Punish the businesses who employ the illegals. Create a guest worker program that requires all illegal immigrants to register. Give them a pathway to citizenship. Let them work and pay taxes and contribute to our country. Immigrants are what helped to make this a great nation. They are usually the people who work the hardest to achieve the American dream.
    Most illegal immigrants who come here illegally looking for a better life end up being used by employers. They don't get the right to demand a decent wage, get protection of safety regulations, work long hours and get few, if any, benefits. They are forced to live the life of a political slave to wealthy businessmen who just want cheap labor. We should reduce government regulations and make it easier for good people to come to this country legally and we all benefit - except the greedy businesses who want to keep this supply of cheap labor.
    Finally, our founding fathers believed in a higher power when they formed this great nation. It was no accident that the Declaration of Independence stated that all men are created equal and that they are "endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights." In the early years of this nation our government added "In God We Trust" to all of our currency. In the 1950's we added the words "under God" to our pledge of allegiance. In recent years, many have tried to push God out of our nation little by little. It is not "political correct" to mention God or Jesus ... it might offend someone. President Obama has omitted the phrase "endowed by our creator" several times when reciting the Declaration of Independence. In the U.S. Open golf tournament earlier this month, NBC opened their coverage with the Pledge of Allegiance that omitted "under God" and had to later issue an apology. Were these done by accident or were they intentional? I don't know ... you decide.
    We are facing many problems at home and abroad. Have we forgotten the lessons taught by our founding fathers? We cannot continue to prosper as a free nation without the blessings from God.
    We must never forget what Francis Scott Key wrote in the Star Spangled Banner. We are all familiar with the first verse, but in the last verse Key wrote the following:
    "And this be our motto: In God is our Trust."
    "In God is our trust," was shortened to "In God We Trust" and became our National Motto in 1956. This message is vital to the future of our nation. But there are many who are trying to remove it, and if they are successful, our nation will fall!

    See more of Joe Citizen at Hub Pages here .................................... http://joecitizen.hubpages.com/hub/5-Simple-Solutions-to-Americas-Problems
    And on Facebook here.......................  http://www.facebook.com/joe.citizen.1253


    By Kenny Youngblood
    CONSIDER THIS: Surely You Have Head This Deceptive Statement, On More Than One Occasion, “Millionaires And Billionaires Should Pay Their Fair Share, Because Right Now, Millionaires And Billionaires Pay Lower Tax Rates Than Their Secretaries Do.“ So, Do You Believe Or Really Know, If Millionaires And Billionaires Really Pay Lower Tax Rates Than Their Secretaries? The Truth Is, This Is A Partial Truth That Leads You Into Believing A Whole Lie. Please Let Me Explain… 

    If You Are Working At A Job In America, It Does Not Matter If You Earn A Hundred, A Thousand, A Million Or Even A Billion Dollars A Year, Federally You Are Taxed On A Sliding Tax Bracket Rate, Which Simply Increases Or Decreases In Conjunction With Your Annual Earned Income Level And Believe It Or Not, No One In American, Not Even Bill Gates Or Warren Buffett, Earn From Solely Working At Their Job, An Annual Income Of A Billion Dollars Or More.

    The Applicable Tax Brackets For This Type Of “Ordinary Income” Currently Ranges From 10% Up To 35%, So When Someone Like Mr. Obama Says, That Mr. Buffett Pays A Lower Tax Rate Than Does His Secretary, He Conveniently Fails To Mention, Only On Money That He Has Previously Earned And Subsequently Paid, No Doubt The Maximum 35% Rate Of Tax On, As Ordinary Income Earnings And Then Invested Those Same “Taxed Earnings” Into Something That Now Generates Interest, Dividend Or Investment Income Which Is Also Called Capital Gains.

    Look At It In This Fashion, You Earn An Income From Your Job And Taxes Are Already Withheld As Indicated On Your Paycheck Stub. That Is Your Ordinary Income, That Has Been Taxed At Your Ordinary Income Tax Rate. 

    If You Then Take Your Already Taxed Paycheck And Cash It And Buy An Interest Bearing Or Dividend Yielding Instrument (Stocks, Bonds, Etc.) Then Any Income That Your Invested Cashed Paycheck Earns, Is According To The Tax Law Considered Investment Income Or Capital Gains And You Will Have To Pay Taxes On Those Earnings, At The “Investment Income” Or “Capital Gains” Tax Rate (Currently 13% - 15%) And It Is This Percentage Number Alone, That Mr. Obama And Others Use When Trying To Confuse You Into Thinking The Wealthy Are Paying Less Taxes Than The Middle Class.

    Now Consider: It Is This Capital Gains Income That Is So Vital To Our Economy, Because This Is What Entices The Wealthy Investors To Invest In Our Businesses And Municipalities, Etc. And It Is This Lower Capital Gains Tax Rate That Applies To Their Capital Gain Income Alone, That Allows Those Same Investors To Make A Profit. Because The Higher You Raise The Capital Gains Tax Rate, The Less Profitable An Investment Will Become And Would Thus, Lead To Fewer Investors For Our Economy.

    You Should Realize That These Investors Assume Risks By Investing Their Previously Earned And Taxed Money Into Our Economy, Because If The Business (Investment) Fails, They May Lose All Of Their Money, So The Risk - Reward Ratio Has To Be Balanced, Therefore, Increasing Capital Gains Taxes On Investors Does Not Change Their Level Of Risk, It Only Changes Their Level Of Reward… 

    Therefore, Only When Mr. Obama Uses Mr. Buffett’s Capital Gains Tax Rate (Currently 13% - 15%) On Earnings Generated From His Income, (Which He Has Previously Been Taxed No Doubt, 35% Ordinary Income Tax On) And Then Compares Or Contrasts That Same, To Mr. Buffett’s Secretary‘s “Ordinary Income” Earnings Tax Rate Of (16% To 35%), Can He Somewhat Only Partially Honestly Say, That The Secretary Pays A Higher Tax Rate Than Mr. Buffett.

    Moreover, The Real “Common Sense” Issue Is, Even If You Did Not Consider The 35% Ordinary Income Tax Already Paid On That Money That Mr. Buffett Invested, And Only Took Into Consideration The 15% Capital Gains Tax On Those Investments, How Much Is 15% Of (1B)One Billion Dollars, Answer $150,000,000 One Hundred And Fifty Million Dollars. 

    Now, If Mr. Buffett Paid $150,000,000 One Hundred And Fifty Million Dollars In Taxes And His Secretary Paid 35% Tax On Her Ordinary Income Of, Let’s Be Generous And Say $1,000,000 One Million Dollars, Then How Much Is Her Tax, Answer $350,000 Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars.

    Therefore, I Ask You, Do You Think Mr. Obama Thinks You Are So Stupid That You Will Believe Mr. Buffett’s Secretary’s 35% Is Greater Than Mr. Buffett’s 15% In Taxes Paid?

    Perhaps He Just Wants You, To Not Know The Whole Truth And Help Him Force Congress To Increase The “Billionaire’s” Capital Gains Tax To An Equal Percentage Of 35%, So He Can Collect That Additional $200,000,000 Two Hundred Million Dollars, You Know… Their “Fair Share”… 

    One Final Thought To Ponder, If You Still Ignorantly Believe Mr. Obama And Agree That Both Tax Rates Should Be Equal, Consider This: 35% Of (1B)One Billion Dollars Is $350,000,000 Three Hundred And Fifty Million Dollars And 35% Of (1M) $1,000,000 One Million Dollars Is $350,000 Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars. Therefore, That Secretary Would Have To Live, Earn And Pay That Much In Taxes, For One Thousand Years, Just To Equal What That Billionaire Paid In One… Yeah, That Sounds Fair….

    UPDATE: Since The Release Of Mitt Romney’s 2011 Taxes The Same Argument Is Being Made That He Is Paying Less Than You So Lets Take A Quick Look At The Facts To See If You Are Being Told The Truth…

    Mitt Romney’s 2011 Income: 13.6 Million And His Taxes Paid: 1.9 Million Thus, His Effective Tax Rate Is 14.1% Now Consider….

    For A Middle Class American With An Income Of (100K)One Hundred Thousand Dollars And Taxed At 35% = $35,000Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars, So For This Middle Class American To Pay An Equal Amount As Mitt Romney Paid In Taxes It Would Take 1.9 Million / 35,000k = 54.285 Years. 

    Consider It In This Manner, If On January 01, 2012 That Person Turned (20)Twenty Years Old And Was Hired On That Same Day At A Job Making That (100K)One Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Year, He Would Equal The Taxes Paid By Mitt Romney On Or About March 14, 2067 Or A Long Career Later. 

    Now Consider If Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate Was Increased To The So Called “Fair Share” Tax Rate Equal To That Same Middle Class American With An Income Of (100K)One Hundred Thousand Dollars, Taxed At 35% = $35,000Thirty-Five Thousand Dollars. Therefore, For This Middle Class American To Pay An Equal Amount As Mitt Romney Would Have Paid (13.6 Million x 35% = 4,760,000Four Million, Seven Hundred And Sixty Thousand Dollars) In Taxes, It Would Take 4,760,000 Million / 35,000k = (136)One Hundred And Thirty-Six Years.

    Perhaps The Obama Health Care Has Taking This Into Consideration But We Better Hope Mr. Romney Doesn’t Pay Anymore Taxes, Because I Don’t Think We Could Take Another Year Of This “Fair Share” Stuff…

    See more of Kenny Youngblood here.............. http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Obama's Gay Side?

    By Joe Citizen
    Last year, we saw the liberal media go crazy over the accusations against Herman Cain. The media called these women "courageous" for coming forward with these alleged charges. There were so many more stories about Cain than they were about Anthony Wiener, John Edwards or even Bill Clinton in 1992. I heard on some talk show that CNN was being called the "Cain News Network." The standards of journalism sunk to a new low by reporting these rumors and alleged accusations as fact as they derailed the "Cain Train" and stopped his threat to Obama's re-election bid.
    Where was the media when the Larry Sinclair rumors surfaced in 2008? Who is Larry Sinclair? Most people have never heard of him because the liberal media failed to report this story. Larry Sinclair is a homosexual who claims that he snorted cocaine and had sex with Obama in 1999. When his story was ignored by the liberal media, Sinclair made a You Tube video which was viewed over a million times. He later filed a suit in Minnesota District Court, alleging threats and intimidation by Obama's campaign staff.
    Here is Sinclair's video:
    Sinclair later wrote a book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair - Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder, in which tells his story about Obama. He tells about Donald Young, a gay choir director of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church - the church where Obama attended for 20 years. Sinclair alleges that accordng to Young, Obama and Young had been involved in a sexual relationship.Young was found murdered execution style in his Chicago apartment in 2007. I wonder what would have happened if someone in John McCain's church had been murdered in this fashion. Would the press and media be silent about it? This would never happen. The media would have had a field day. We never heard about it, because the person close to the victim wasn't McCain - it was Barack Obama.
    Did Obama have a gay sexual relationship with the murdered Donald Young? I don't know, but I do know that the media did not report it. Is Larry Sinclair telling the truth about Obama? The answer is the same. However, that was not the case with Herman Cain. They thought it was okay to report on rumors, innuendo and possibly ... no probably ... outright lies about Cain. Where was the media in 2008?
    Watch the following video from the Rush Limbaugh Show:
    Here is a video of an interview of Larry Sinclair by Dr. James David Manning:
    Finally, I am not accusing President Obama of anything. He should be held to the same standard that I held Herman Cain to. They are both innocent until proven guilty. I am not going to rush to judgement just because allegations have been made. My main concern is with the media. What they report or fail to report can determine the outcome of any election. It is very obvious that there is a media bias. While we expect our candidates to be honest, we should demand that the same applies to the media.

    Monday, September 24, 2012


    The ProjectTHE PROJECT
    In 2001, an inconspicuous manifesto now known as "The Project" was recovered during a raid in Switzerland: A manifesto that turned out to be a Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West. Today, files containing evidence from the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history, which include details about "The Project", are being withheld by the Department of Justice.
    In an explosive two-part mini-series, TheBlaze documentary unit investigates how the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the American government and exposes how our nation’s safety is in jeopardy as a result of this dangerous government cover up.

    SEE MORE ON THE BLAZE ............... http://www.theblaze.com/theproject/


    By Kenny Youngblood
    CONSIDER THIS: Obama Says It’s Okay For He And His Campaign To Not Be Truthful To The American People, Because There’s A Lot At Stake In This Election…

    When Addressing The Issue About The Truthfulness Or Deceptiveness Of His Own Political Advertisements Being Aired About His Strengths And His Opponent’s Weaknesses, Mr. Obama Replied, 

    “Do We See Sometimes Us Going Overboard In Our Campaign, Mi
    stakes That Are Made Or You Know, Areas Where No Doubt, That Somebody Could Dispute How We Are Presenting Things, Abs… (sic) You Know, That Happens In Politics. I Think“…

    Interviewer, Steve Kroft Interrupts, “Aren’t The American People Entitled To The Truth Or A Better Version?”

    Mr. Obama Continues, “The Truth Of The Matter Is, Most Of The Time We’re Having A Vigorous Debate About A Vision For The Country And Uh, You Know, There’s A Lot At Stake In This Election.” -- Barack Obama, (CBS News Program “60 Minutes“ - Aired On “60 Minutes Overtime“ Internet Only On September 23, 2012)

    See more of Kenny Youngblood here.............