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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Who Has A Better Economic Record: Obama Or Romney?

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By Jared Allebest

With the general election underway in which Mitt Romney will challenge Barack Obama for the Presidency, both candidates will try to make the case that they are the one who can turn this economy around.

Unfortunately, Obama cannot make that case because he's never been serious about improving the U.S. economy. And it shows. Now that Obama has been in office for almost four years, his economic record is something that Americans are not proud of.

Obama's reelection strategy is to blame the previous administration for the current problems. If that's the strategy he wants to use in this election, its not a very good one because he hasn't done anything to fix the problems he has inherited from the Bush Administration. Take a good look at the chart below and you'll see why:

When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, the previous administration had left him with a terrible financial mess for him to deal with. When Mitt entered into office in 2003, he was a left with a massive deficit of approximately $3 billion. Mitt Romney did not complain about the previous administration nor did he attempt to place the blame on anyone else. He simply went to work to balance the budget. By 2005, Mitt Romney had a budget surplus of $1 billion and by the time he left office in 2007, he left the state had a $ 2 billion surplus. Moreover, when the state was threatened with a loss in credit rating, Mitt Romney took swift action to take care of the problem.

Mitt Romney's economic record stands in stark contrast with Barak Obama's. Our economy is in grave danger and we need a candidate who knows how businesses work, knows how to create jobs, and how to whip a government back into financial shape.

The choice for who should be the President is clear. We need Mitt Romney in the White House. You can make that happen by voting for Mitt in November.
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