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Friday, December 7, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
 “Today Mr. Obama In His Nearly Daily Meeting With Some Kind Of Media Forum, Rather That With The Congress, Was Speaking His Same Old Tired Claims About The Looming “Fiscal Cliff“ When He Stated, “Nobody Wants To Get This Deal Done More Than Me”.

Now I Am Positive That I’ve Heard Something Similar Somewhere Else… Oh Yeah, When He Stated Repeatedly That, “Nobody Wants To Get To The Truth More Than Me”, About The Fast And Furious Government Gunrunning Program Which Furnished American Weapons Into The Hands Of Known Mexico Criminals, Even One Which Was Used The American Government Supplied Gun To Shoot And Kill A Federal Border Agent, As Well As Many Other Weapons Directly Into The Hands Of Many Other Known Criminals Who Murder Mexico Leaders And Citizens, Nearly Every Single Day. 

You Know What I Am Talking About, That Old, Old Case That The Mainstream Media Ignores And The Obama Administration Never Addresses, Perhaps In Their Hopes That It Will Just Fade Away And Disappear… So Where’s The Truth, He Wants So Bad?

Oh Wait, Maybe I Was Thinking About When He Stated Repeatedly That, “Nobody Wants To Get To The Truth More Than Me”, About The 9/11 Benghazi, Libya Consulate Attack, Where An American Ambassador And Three Heroic Attempted Rescuers Were All Murdered While Some In The Administration Sat There And Watched Them Die. 

You Remember, That Other Old Case That The Mainstream Media Ignores And The One The Obama Administration Continuously Misled The Public About, Prior To The Election, Even The Same One That Now, They Don’t Even Bother To Address Unless A Republican Inquires, Perhaps In The Hopes That It Too, Will Just Fade Away And Disappear… 

You Know, Kind Of Like Those Military Leaders Who Were Actually In Charge, At The Time Of The Attack, As Well As Like The Secretary Of State, When It Comes To Her Assistance In Participating In The Congressional Inquiry And Investigation…

Yeah, We Know What He Really Means, He Just Keeps Confusing The Term “Nobody” For “Everybody“…

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gay Marriage Should be Addressed by SCOTUS, and Championed by Republicans

By Jesse Merkel
On Monday, the Supreme Court could decide whether or not it will take up the issue of gay marriage. Like other recent landmark decisions, there will be a massive amount of loud supporters championing both sides of the cause. Today, it should be made clear that conservatives more than anyone else, should come out in favor of gay marriage.

The idea of Republicans for gay marriage might seem rather ridiculous, but the truth is that supporting gay marriage could put the GOP back into their rightful place as the champions of civil rights. It was the Republican Party that pushed the end to slavery, fought to enforce equal rights in the South before Jim Crow, championed women’s suffrage and wrote the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

A large number of Republicans and conservatives are split. As a party largely attached to the religious right, many in the GOP have been reluctant to recognize same sex unions, because of the obvious religious implications. However, as the champions of the individual, conservatives of all stripes should remember that as much as they want people to stay out of their lives, there are many people who feel the same way about marriage.

In fact, a majority of the country now supports it. According to CBS, 51% of the country now supports gay marriage. Gay marriage was a winning argument this past election day. With victories in Maine and Maryland, it marked the first time at the ballot box, voters approved of gay marriage.

Gay marriage is not abortion. No life is being taken, and no one is being harmed. While it could be argued that abortion has contributed to the devaluing of human life and harmful to society, it could also be argued that gay marriage could be beneficial in more ways that one.

While it seems as though the institution of marriage is always under attack, Republicans and conservatives should be happy these days that anyone wants to get hitched! Studies have shown that married people live longer and lead happier lines on average.

There are also many gay couples out there that would love to be able to adopt a child if given the opportunity. A stable, loving home is the best thing to encourage a child’s development. There are millions of children that would love just to have a home to call their own. The more willing parents there are, the better. Marriage can reduce child poverty dramatically and increase the likelihood of a child wanting to go to college.

Many social and religious conservatives may vote against the subject of gay marriage because of their own religious beliefs. No matter what kind of personal beliefs conservative individuals and families may have, it’s important to remember that when personal liberty thrives, the entire nation thrives. A gay couple getting married down the street will not lead to the closing of churches across town.

And the GOP will have allies. Libertarians are all on board with gay marriage, and there are many moderates who see the issue as no big deal. There are several prominent Republicans that are leading the charge that everyone should have the right to get married.

Former GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman, who came out after his term as chairman had ended, has formed a new group called Project Right Side. This group is targeted at expanding support for gay marriage with Republicans and other conservatives. Believing (correctly, I might add) that conservatives succeed when they attract new supporters to timeless ideas, Mehlman believes that marriage equality could be a tremendous winner for the Republican Party.

I had an opportunity to speak with Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder and executive director of GOProud, the nations leading gay conservative political action group. I asked him for his views on this subject last week during a brief discussion over the phone:

“I personally am a pro-life social conservative, and I always think that we should always apply conservative values and principles to the issues of the day, and that’s why I support same-sex marriage, because I know that marriage and monogamous relationships are better for people. The whole stereotype of the gay community is being promiscuous, and reckless. That is something that as a social conservative I don’t want for gay people. I want gay people to settle down. I think too often times conservatives fail to take principles and apply to issues of the day. They’re too caught up in sticking to a policy position, even when it doesn’t jive with their principles.”

LaSalvia also thought it was interesting to note that he is regularly invited to speak at universities across the country by college Republican groups, but never by college gay groups.

Conservatives like LaSalvia and Brian Carroll (a.k.a: the GayPatriot) who work with GOProud believe that the issue should be fought for by the states. As a tenth amendment champion, it makes sense. The Defense of Marriage Act is not only a non-starter, but it’s also an example of the federal government overstepping its bounds that we as conservatives are supposed to be opposed to.

Fighting yesterday’s battles and banging ones head against the walls will not do anyone any good when the only result will be a bloody nose. It makes even less sense when fighting them makes little sense to conservatism.

Other conservatives, such as former Solicitor General Ted Olson have stated that championing gay marriage is the right and conservative thing to do. Even former Vice President Dick Cheney has come out in support of gay marriage. One can support an individuals’ right to drink, smoke, and own guns. Why not marriage?

We as conservatives showed a great amount of outrage when President Obama and his cabinet attempted to force Catholic institutions to provide contraception coverage even though it was against their wishes. We as conservatives should not try to force our beliefs on anyone else, especially when the actions we are trying to prevent will not cause us or the country any harm.

Of course, the left will accuse the Republicans of being bandwagon jumpers, and there will be some on the right who will cry foul. However, the Republican Party can be on the right side of history again, as it has been more often than it has not. We must not let a gloating left, a condescending media and a few stalwarts hold us back from reclaiming our mantle.

Republicans should support gay marriage because we support the individual. If we support same-sex unions, it will only further reinforce the notion that we do not need to break people off into groups and marginalize them, the way the left has done for three decades.

Drunk driving harms people. Criminals harm people. The federal government overstepping it’s boundaries harms people too. We as conservatives want to allow our fellow citizens as much freedom as humanly possible. To ask anything less of ourselves is to turn in our conservative decoder rings and membership cards.

“I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being ... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant.”

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: Even An Idiot Can Be Accurate Every Once In A While…

By Kenny Youngblood
The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: Even An Idiot Can Be Accurate Every Once In A While…

The Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada Stated That There Basically Is Nothing To Talk About, Concerning Democrats Agreeing To Make Budget Cuts Or Entitlement Reforms, A Part Of The Looming “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations, Because Americans Have Already Given Them (Mr. Obama And The Senate Democrats) The Mandate To Raise Taxes.

QUOTE: “President Obama And Senate Democrats Ran On A Promise To End The Bush Tax Breaks For The Wealthy… Americans, When They Voted, Raised Their Voices And Supported OUR PLEDGE, Congress MUST Act In Accordance With The Will Of The American People” -- Harry Reid (D-NV) (Stated 11/27/12 On The Senate Floor)

This Of Course Is Completely Contradictory Unto Their Promises Of Bi-Partisan Negotiations And All Options On The Table, To Reach A Mutual Agreement As Was Endlessly Repeated In Their Campaigns. 

In Addition, What Pledge Of The Democrat Candidates? Many Of Those Same Ran Away From Mr. Obama During Their Own Campaign, To Not Be Associated With His Failed Record.

However, When Mr. Reid Stated, “Congress MUST Act In Accordance With The Will Of The American People”, He Finally Let Slip Through His Lips, An Actual Truth. 

However, What His Politically Degraded Mind Doesn’t Comprehend Is… That The “Will” Of Only Half Of The Voters, Is The “Will” That He Is Trying To Impose On The Other Half Of The Voters, As Well As ALL Other Americans, For Whatever Reason Had No Voice.

When Boldly Proclaiming In His Perceived Intellectual Brilliance, To Appear As A Representative Of ALL Americans, Perhaps He Has Failed To Realize That IF “Congress MUST Act In Accordance With The Will Of The American People”, Then The Elected Congress MUST Act In Accordance With Their Own Constituents, NOT His Or Any Others‘, Just Because They May Have Won The Most Recent Election.

Therefore, All Representatives Who Have Been Elected Or Directed By The “Will” Of Their Own Constituents, To NOT Raise Taxes And Continue Feeding The Bottomless Pit, But Instead To Cut Out Wasteful Spending And Grow More Responsibility, Rather Than More Government, Then Surely Those Same Elected Or Directed Representatives, Also MUST Act In Accordance With That “Will”.

Our Representatives Should Represent Us, We The People And NOT Just Other Representatives Of Their Own Party….

They ALL Are Elected As One Voice For Many, NOT To Represent A Single Club, Party Or Gang And Become Many Voices For That One… K.E.Y...

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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: To Tax Or NOT To Tax, That Is The Question

By Kenny Youngblood 
CONSIDER THIS: Would Anyone In Their RIGHT Mind Even Consider Giving A Crack Whore More Crack Now, Because She Promises To Cut Down On Her Drug Abuse Later?

Well, Each Time Mr. Obama Claims He Has To Have Tax Rate Increases On The Wealthy, As An Absolute, Before He Will Even Consider A “Serious” Conversation About Negotiations On This So Called “Fiscal Cliff”, Reminds Me Of Exactly That Same Analogy.

There Are No Serious Negotiations On The Budget Issues Or Deficit Reduction Coming From The Left Side Of The Isle As Clearly Demonstrated Even Post Election, While They Repeatedly Attempt To Lessen The Importance Of The Lingering And Continuously Growing Balloon Of All Balloons. Either NOT Realizing Or NOT Caring, That When This Mighty Balloon Bursts, It Will Not Only Implode America’s Economy But It Will Have Dire Consequences On A World Wide Scale, Never Before Seen Or Felt.

In Fact, It Would NOT Be An Exaggeration To State That This Subject Could And Should Be Consider A Highly Volatile National Security Threat.

The Liberal Democrats’ Attitude, Partly Reminds Me Of Seeing A Child Covering Their Eyes, Thinking If They Can’t See, Then They Can’t Be Seen, So To Is Their Continued Ignorance Of These Issues, If They Ignore Them, Then Perhaps Everyone Else Will NOT Notice That They Really Exists.

The Obama Administration Has Already Proven That Their Word And Negotiations Are Meant To Be Untrustworthy, Even In So Much As Their Own Saying So, After Previous Agreements Were Made And They Then Laughed, When The Time Came To Hold Up Their End Of The Bargain.

Therefore, When The Weakened And Floundering Republican Party Representatives Submit And Agree To These Desired Increases, There Will Be NO Cuts In Spending, Either Now Or Promised In The Future That Will Actually Be Enforceable.

Moreover, IF The Decision Is Made To Allow All Of The Current Tax Rates To Increase Temporarily, In Order To Negotiate Tax Cuts For Certain Groups Of Tax Payers In The Future, You Can Rest Assured, That Your Representatives Have Not Only Violated Your Trust, But They Have Once Again Walked Into The Web Of Deceit.

In Reality, IF You Want To Help A Crack Whore, You Can’t Give Her More Drugs, You Have To Wean Her Gradually And Take Away Her Crack, While Helping Her Endure The Withdrawal Effects, Because IF Not… Well, The Alternative Is Forcing The American Taxpayers Into Becoming Her Enabling Dealer And Pimp….

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    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    My Open Letter To The GOP: Don't Forget The Disabled

    By By Jared Allebest

    Conservative Samizdat

    Even though the election ended a few weeks ago, the Republican party is still feeling the sting of losing the election and are reviewing the reasons why the election did not turn out the way we predicted. I've sat read many articles that attempted to explain our party's loss and identify the problems of the GOP. It seems to me that there is a general consensus that the GOP party and Mitt Romney's campaign failed seriously take the current and future demographic make up of our country. Our country's make up has rapidly changed and will do so in the foreseeable future. As a result of these huge demographic change, their will be a change in how people view the government and its responsibility to the citizens.

    The pundits, columnists, political advisers seem to all agree that our party needs reach out to important voting groups such as womenAsian Americans, Latinos, African-Americans or young people. However, there is one demographic that the GOP doesn't even make an attempt to reach out to that Democrats consistently do and they win by large margins.
    Its people with disabilities.
    According to some estimates, there are approximately 54 million Americans with some kind of disability. What's so important about this group is that it can be found in every demographic group in America. This group is found across every level of society and affects people of every age, race, occupation, education or economic situation.  This means that approximately 1 in 5 U.S. residents or 19 percent of America fall into this group. The democrats are very aware of this demographic and that's why they overwhelmingly win this voting demographic at the ballot box.
    But the size of this group isn't limited to just those who have some form of disability. If you include the individuals, single parents, families, educators, law enforcement, the judicial system and businesses who deal with disabilities on a personal and daily basis, you have a large voting bloc since they also join in on the concerns and issues that this demographic group is concerned about. Think about it. We all know someone has some form of a disability whether it be severe or mild and we know the challenges they face. They are deeply concerned about promoting their interests and protecting their rights.
    If the Republican party can reach out to this group and articulate how conservative principles will improve the lives of people with disability, it will dramatically change how people, especially minorities, view the Republican party. People will be more receptive to the conservative message and view the GOP in a more positive light if they could see the tangible impact on the lives of the disabled because they will know if it works for them, it will work others as well.  
    In volunteering or working for various political candidates, I have suggested that we reach out to Deaf people as well as people with other disabilities. Nobody takes my suggestion seriously. But then again, the Republican Party and Conservatives don't fully understand why they need to. 
    Conservatism is a universal yet unique message. Our principles and values apply to everyone regardless of who they are or what groups they belong to because our policies allow the greatest number of people to be successful in society. That is made possible because we believe that paths to success are as infinite and unique as the people who dare to dream to do what they aspire to do. 
    Conservatism is a liberating, empowering and powerful message because the individual, can expand or push beyond the limitations that their bodies, circumstances, or background places upon them. It is a free thinking and open minded belief that encourages people to be their best selves and to constantly reach for new vistas of excellence. It allows people to reach their fullest potential by using their intellect and creative powers to solve problems that benefit themselves and others, to create products and services and to make beautiful paintings, art, books, film and clothing.
    However, in the conservative world view, the individual isn't an island unto himself. There are times when the individuals rely on other individuals who freely and voluntarily pool their talents, resources and finances to individuals in need. Families, churches as well as educational and medical organizations are the best venues to help disabled people reach their full potential.
    The final point to the conservative message is that we do believe in a limited government. This concept is is a message that needs to be better articulated to the public because non-conservatives understand this idea in theory but not in practice. What this means is that government is given specific duties as well as limited responsibilities and powers. In practice, that means that government can be the solution to some problems that are too large for individuals to fix and that provide fairness and equality to everyone.
    This is why we need to better explain this message to the various groups because one of the major and common concerns of these voting groups such as women, Asian Americans, African Americans, Latinos and other minority groups is their concern about widespread discrimination both in the past, present and future as well as the inability to integrate into American society.
    However, Republicans were once fully aware of these concerns and addressed it. After all, Republicans were the ones who got the post civil war Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution passed. It was the Republicans who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Reconstruction Act of 1867 and other civil rights laws in 1875, 1890, 1922, 1935, 1938 as well as the anti-poll tax bills in 1942, 1944, and 1946. The Republican party also passed Civil Rights laws of 1957, 1964 and 1965.
    When it comes to helping people with disabilities, it was a Republican President named Abraham Lincoln who established the Galludet University which is a college for Deaf people.
    It was a Republican President, George H. W. Bush,  who signed the Americans With Disability Act (ADA). The law is not perfect but as a conservative lawyer who engages in disability discrimination litigation in a deeply Republican state populated by a majority of people who share my faith, I can tell you that this law and other anti-discrimination laws that help people with disabilities is the kind of limited government solutions to big problems that real conservatives endorse.
    If the GOP wants to be successful in upcoming elections, they have to clearly articulate and demonstrate that our policies and agendas are ones where the greatest number of people benefit in a country that is very diverse with different ethnic, racial, social, religious, economic and physical backgrounds. We believe that the free market is the best way for all walks of life to become successful and we also believe that the government can help those who sincerely need it. We do not believe that government should be helping everyone regardless if they need it or not.  
    When conservatives talk about limited government, conservatives can demonstrate what they mean by that phrase. The disability community relies on government for assistance, legislation and public funded programs and they are justified in doing so. They don't seek a government handout. These programs help people who truly need it to in order to be independent, to obtain medical assistance they cannot afford, or to become active participants in society.  
    Conservatives should tread very carefully when talking about people who receive government assistance because their are certainly those who abuse the system and there are those who truly need it. Libertarians and Conservatives have been careless and not very articulate when talking about Americans who receive public assistance of some kind.  There are those, such as John Stossel, who have openly opposed anti discrimination laws such as the ADA. They fail to realize that they're alienating people rather than attracting people to their political views when they make stupid comments about individuals with disabilities.
    I don't oppose people criticizing the ADA since there are valid objections to be made. However, what these critics fail to realize that for people with disabilities, life in the absence of these laws was not that great. Thanks to these laws, it helps to combat discrimination, allow disabled people to be employed with businesses supplying reasonable accommodations for them and having the technology to become more integrated into our society. Disabled people didn't have these kinds of protections back then.
    As a result, the Republican party and conservatives need to do better at making their case to the American people when it come to the discussion of the entitlement society and the people who rely on some form of government assistance. We need to make the distinction clear to the American people that we oppose those who who abuse the system and support government support for those who truly need it.We need to set up policies that understands this distinction and addresses these problems. 
    I know that reaching out to people with disabilities is a winning message. I've seen it. When Sarah Palin talked about her commitment to help people with disabilities and to make it a priority as Vice President in her 2008 GOP convention speech, she got conservatives Moms and Dads excited and teary eyed. But if Sarah Palin and others want to reach out to the Disability community, they're going to have to mean it since many the GOP rarely follow through with talk of including them in our party or government policies. 
    The conservative philosophy for individuals with disability works. I know because I am an example of it. I have worked hard to overcome discrimination and other obstacles to become one of the handful of Deaf attorneys in the United States. I have received assistance from the government not as a hand out but as a stepping stone to achieving my dreams of becoming an attorney. 
    If the GOP wants to become successful, they need stop playing safe in promoting our message but go out and share that message in places we normally don't share it:   
    What I am talking about is taking the conservative message, a message that stands to benefit everyone in society, to places the GOP often ignores--local African-American and Hispanic church groups, feminist centers, and left-leaning college campuses, to name a few.   
    Will your message face resistance? Yes, and that's okay. It gives you a chance to correct false, media-driven stereotypes about conservatives and conservatism. Will you convert the majority in one afternoon? Of course not; these stereotypes have been inculcated over decades. Opening hearts and minds is a process, not a lunch appointment. 
    If the GOP is serious in winning elections in the future, they're going have to get serious about promoting that message. We don't need to change our core values, principles or beliefs. We already have a wining message. We just need to do better in reaching out to those people and helping them understand that conservatives believe that government needs to get out of the way of those who don't need government and to get involved with those who do need it.

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    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Why we fight, or, I will not shrug

    By Cris Pace
    “Mr. Rearden,” said Francisco, his voice solemnly calm, “if you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders-what would you tell him to do?”
    “I . . . don’t know. What . . . could he do? What would you tell him?”
    To keep doing what he knew in his heart to be right, no matter the cost, no matter the struggle.
    So in amongst all the stupid idiots claiming that Romney didn’t win because he wasn’t conservative enough (yes, because his economics were more conservative than Reagan’s, his foreign policy was as conservative as Reagan’s and like Reagan he seemed to have a certain libertarian streak for social issues at the federal level…no, not conservative at all) and all the bickering over “demographics are destiny” (possibly the stupidest line I’ve ever heard), I heard a very bleak assessment by Dennis Miler:
    I like a country where people bust their tuckus, and I think this country’s gone a long way towards becoming more of a European model. And I would say, once again, read the book, Amity Shlaes’ book, The Forgotten Man. If you are out there now making $45,000 a year, busting your hump, being away from your family because it’s in your hard drive to do the ‘right thing’– the ‘right thing’ changed in this country yesterday. You can get close to that from the government. And I’m telling you, when Nancy Pelosi said ‘kids take some time off, read a book, learn an instrument’ well listen it’s not always about kids, sometimes it’s about these hard working guys out there who I feel sorry for. And I would tell them, get in the hand out line, don’t get in the hand down line anymore—it doesn’t make sense.
    I understand where Miller is coming from…all too well. That’s what is so disheartening about this election is that 62 million people voted to ensure that the 300 million in this nation will continue to suffer, continue to struggle, continue to lose what they have made and continue to work for what must seem to no avail. And damn them and their shortsighted grasping evil ways. They voted in a tyrant that will hurt the people of this nation and the world. And it just hurts to see that there is nothing we can do about it right now.
    But Miller is wrong; the right thing did not change on Election Day.
    The right thing before the election and after is to do what is right. And it will never be right to take something that has been stolen from another person. It will never be right not do everything in your power to make your life, your family’s life and the world around you better through whatever means you have.
    I understand what Miller is saying, and I understand why he feels that way. But I cannot give up. It is just not in my nature. I was pretty depressed on Tuesday night and I even briefly took a longer than usual look at all those emails I get with offers to teach overseas (they were still not tempting enough). But what got me through were two things. The first was my faith in the universe that everything happens for a reason and that eventually everything will work out as it should—even if there are periods of extreme pain and suffering.
    The second were two quotes.
    The first was from one of my preferred British politicians, Tony Blair:
    That’s what we’re fighting for. And it’s a battle worth fighting.
    And I know it’s hard on America, and in some small corner of this vast country, out in Nevada or Idaho or these places I’ve never been to, but always wanted to go…
    I know out there there’s a guy getting on with his life, perfectly happily, minding his own business, saying to you, the political leaders of this country, “Why me? And why us? And why America?”
    And the only answer is, “Because destiny put you in this place in history, in this moment in time, and the task is yours to do.”
    The quote may have originally been about the war in Iraq, but the sentiment is still true. There is right and there is wrong. There are policies that promote liberty and there are those that promote tyranny. It doesn’t matter if you want the fight or not, if the fight is there and you recognize right from wrong then “destiny put you in this place in history, in this moment in time, and the task is yours to do.”
    But what if I just let some else do it?
    And that’s where the second quote comes in, from one of the greatest movies ever made: Casablanca.
    When asked why we fight, the character of Victor Laszlo gives the perfect answer.
    There is right and there is wrong. Good and evil. And every step Obama has made has been in the absolute wrong direction, and I have no faith he’s going to change course. (If he did, hell I’d support him—but I’m not so stupid as to think for one second he will). And thus whatever limited power I have through this blog, through my interactions with others; I have to use to push against this man and the ideology he represents.
    Capitalism.  Liberty.  The Individual.  What is Right, and Good, and True, and Just.  America.  These are things worth fighting for, regardless of whether we win or not.  The fight holds its own virtue and is never in vain, for even if we don’t win this battle, or the next, or the next we provide the groundwork for the next person to pick up where we left off.
    I’m not terribly convinced I’m going to win this fight in the short run. A miracle could always happen, but only a fool bets on them. But we do what is right because it is right, not because we are assured of winning. Yes there are times to make tactical retreats (which I think everyone forgets Atlas Shrugged was supposed to be, but Rand in her ever inefficient way hammered the let them have what they want point and forgot to hammer harder the point of we need to do this to have a chance to actually win in the long run) but that does not mean give up. So despite the taunting of some trolls, and despite Miller’s depressed statement. I will still be my workaholic self, because to be anything less would not be true to myself and for me would be unethical. And I will continue to use this blog and any other means I can find to advocate for what I believe to be true. Now I’m also going to divert a lot of the energy I’ve put into the blog for the last year into other projects I have neglected…
    …but I will not shrug. And I hope I am not the only one.

    See more of Cris Pace at The Conservative New Ager here.............. http://conservativenewager.wordpress.com/

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Ann Coulter Silenced: Speaking Invitation Revoked By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious Victory For Political Correctness

    By Jesse Merkel
    It's really sad that in 2012, one of the few places in the country that is supposed to be a bastion of open thinking and the exchange of ideas has become the exact opposite. This past week, the Fordham University College Republicans extended an invite to conservative columnist Ann Coulter to come speak at their university. Coulter, while always controversial, is a multiple-time bestselling author and a regular on the college speaking circuit.
    It took only a matter of hours for the Fordham University administration and other student organizations to convince the college Republicans to back down and cancel their invite. University President Joseph M. McShane released a statement saying that while he could not force the student body to cancel their invitation, saying that he was severely disappointed would be a "tremendous understatement." 
    That statement also says how student groups are allowed and even encouraged to invite speakers who will showcase diverse and even unpopular points of view. Yeah, right.
    ann, coulter, silenced, speaking, invitation, revoked, by, cowardly, college, republicans, in, dubious, victory, for, political, correctness,
    Ann Coulter Silenced Speaking Invitation Revoked
    By Cowardly College Republicans in Dubious
     Victory For Political Correctness
    The fact that the College Republicans folded like a cheap lawn chair so quickly is utterly pathetic. Now, many conservatives going to college know what it's like to be outnumbered 30 to 1. It's not fun. Liberals constantly roll their eyes whenever young Republicans complain about the bias on college campuses, because of course they do not see it. Hard to see forest when you're one of the trees. 
    The mafia should take note. Apparently there is no need to strong-arm anyone anymore. All it takes is a Facebook page and a petition at change.org.
    What's the whole point of this free speech thing if we're not going to use it? Newsflash, people: Freedom of speech was guaranteed not just to protect speech that is popular or fun. There is no point in protecting speech that no one will ever have a problem with. If no one ever said anything that never caused a stir, there wouldn't be much point.
    A few decades ago, a generation of free-spirited liberals descended upon college campuses, raising ideas, starting protests and giving speeches against things that were considered the norm. A few things have happened over the past few decades. Those liberals have grown up. Many of them stayed on the campus. Now that they are the super majority, they seem to have forgotten the importance of saying something that may not be popular, but nevertheless is important.
    However, as fun as it is, I'm not here to beat up a bunch of politically correct college liberals. I'm here to beat up on the cowardly College Republicans, who caved in faster than Michael Moore on a diet.
    The College Republicans at Fordham, instead of backpedaling to pressure from other groups, should have maybe taken a moment to remind their fellow students and administrators that colleges are supposed to be welcoming to all schools of thought.
    Perhaps they could have reminded them that while people like Ann Coulter sometimes say things that other people find offensive, it is protected speech. When said on radio or television, it is protected speech not only by the First Amendment to the Constitution, but by the FCC as well. 
    According to the TheFreeDictionary.com, the definition of "liberal" is someone who is "Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry." Well, thank god that's still true at college campuses like Fordham. You can say whatever you want to say and invite anyone to speak that you wish .... as long as it doesn't conflict with anyone else's views.
    These sniveling little poltroons may want to remind people that while Coulter has said things that are critical of other religions, ideologies and cultures, she has never once gone up to a microphone and bellowed out a call to arms. She has never said "Let's start a race war!" That would be hateful, and incendiary. However, she's never done that.
    The Fordham University College Republicans should have reminded those who had a problem with Coulter's appearance about some of the other speakers that have been allowed on college campuses to speak before. Dr. Norman FinkelsteinMichael MooreMumia Abu-JamalCindy Sheehan, and Kamau Kambon have all spoken at colleges before, often saying some very harsh things. (Kambon in particular had a little gem about the reasons to kill all white people.) They could also have discussed the fact that several universities have employed people far more inflammatory than Coulter.  
    Coulter may be brash and inflammatory, but she is also a brilliant attorney, a syndicated columnist and the author of multiple New York Times bestsellers. Coulter is a self-described polemicist, and is quite good at it. She knows exactly how to get a reaction out of people to highlight her point, much like the aforementioned Mr. Moore.
    After that, the sniveling College Republicans might have mustered up enough courage to realize that they were within the right. Even if Coulter was not their first choice (The ever-safe and boring George Will was), they should have realized that they were not breaking any rules. Perhaps they didn't like the idea of facing several hundred protesting students. Maybe they wanted to keep getting invited to all of the really cool parties on campus. 
    Finally, the College Republicans should have taken a moment to tell people that they do not have a right to not be offended. No one is so blessed in this life that they will never have to worry about hearing something they do not like. It does not matter if they are man or a woman. It does not matter if they are an ethnic minority. You are going to hear things in life you don't like. At the end of the day, if people do not like what is being said on radio or television, they can turn the dial. If they do not like something someone might say in a speech, they can stay in their dorms. 
    These cowardly lions could have asked for those outraged at their decision to take up a full page ad in the college newspaper admitting once and for all that they want the liberal champions to be able to say what the conservative ones cannot. Why not? Just ask them to admit they want a double standard! Naw, that'd take some guts.
    If these students are not willing to take a little heat and stick up for what they supposedly believe in, then they should disband their group. While they're at it, they might as well apply duct tape to their mouths and join the opposition. If you're going to go with the path of least resistance, why not go the whole nine yards?
    The Founding Fathers knew that freedom of speech was perhaps the most precious and valuable freedom that one can ever possess. If a group of college kids aren't going to have the gonads to stand up for it, then what is the point of it? Those at Fordham University, including the college president, should be ashamed of themselves. However, it's not something totally unexpected. The College Republicans at Fordham however, should feel even worse. 
    There is no point in anyone joining their group or supporting them ever again if they are not going to have the courage to stand up for the basic rights that we are all supposed to enjoy. You can't cave in every time some special interest group gets pissed off. You will never stop capitulating. Ever.
    Coulter would have given her speech to those who supported her as well as those that had the courage to hear someone with a differing viewpoint. There would have been some protests the day of, but by the next week, no one would have cared. 
    "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln 
    Picture Credit: Image Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    See more of Jesse Merkel at Policymic here............. http://jessemerkel.policymic.com/


    By Kenny Youngblood
    THOUGHT: When You Have Heard Or Do Hear Someone Saying Everyone Will Be Effected By The Upcoming Tax Increases, Which Go Into Effect On January 01, 2013 And You Have Been Told Or You Think That They Are Speaking Of Everyone Except You, Then You Are Absolutely Mistaken.

    First A Quick Fact: While You Are Being Told That It Is The “Evil” Republicans That Are Going To Raise Taxes Because They Are Unwilling To Raise Taxes On “Rich” People, You Should Know That It Is Absolutely Mr. Obama Alone That Will Be Raising Your Taxes, Not By A Unilateral Tax Increase, But Instead By Failing To Continue The Currently Imposed Tax Cuts, Which He Has Extended In The Past Because As He Said, It Would Be Detrimental To Our, Already Weak Economy.

    However, His Refusal To Now Extend These Same Tax Cuts Again, Will Allow The Taxes To Increase To Their Original Levels Before Those Tax Cuts Were Originally Implemented. Thus, He Has The Power To Extend Those Cuts Or Let Them Expire And He Is Choosing To Let Them Expire. (In A Weak Economy) 

    Why? So He Can Blame The Republicans For Not “Compromising“ With Him And Then He Will Blame Them Again For Keeping Your Tax Rates High, Because Of Their Refusal To Raise Rates Even Higher On The Job Creators, Also Known As Your Employers. When In Fact, It Is He Alone, Who Is Refusing To Prevent Your Taxes From Going Up And Help You, Right Now And Prevent Hurting You Then…

    So Will This Effect You? For Whatever Reason That You Believe That You Will NOT Be Effected, Even If You Have No “Taxable Income” And Feel You Are Immune From Any Financial Repercussions From This Portion Of The Looming So Called “Fiscal Cliff”, Please Consider It Does Not Even Have To Directly Effect Your Income To Indirectly Effect You Financially. 

    When This Same, Effects Others’ Income, Then They Will Be Forced To Adjust Their Pricing Of Those Same Products And Services That You Personally Purchase For Your Necessities And/Or Desires. Therefore, Even Your Untaxed Income Will Then Buy Less Than It Did Prior To Those Necessary Price Increases…

    See more of Kenny Youngblood here....... http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY 

    Monday, November 12, 2012


    By Evelio Perez

    Yes, Folks it appears that it's true, Mitt Romney will not be the next President of the United States. We fought the dirtiest, most divisive and corrupt Chicago Political machine in the history of modern politics and took a brutal beating!

    This was the moment that most of us Mitt- Heads had been painfully waiting for, we have been at the edge of our seats for five long years for this historic moment to occur in our lives. It was supposed to be our day, our time, our victory, and yes, this was is our Super Bowl. But.......They cheated, they took something very precious away from us, our right to have a free and fair election. 

    We have seen the theft of the Democratic Process all over the world, just recently in Venezuela. The people were discouraged to protest obvious voter fraud on Election Day with TANKS, yes TANKS!
     Have we become like Venezuela where from now on, we are assured of the same outcome? 

    For so long, the Obama campaign was out to "Kill Mitt", well guess what folks? They were also out to kill us.......
    We got challenged, ridiculed, patronized, insulted, vandalized, threatened, and some of us even got spat on.
    We have been called Nazis, Fascists, Extremists, The Evil Rich, Women Haters, Dirty Mormons, Wife Killers, Evil Job Killers and even Racists.

    It seems that they (The Left) will continue to feel tingles up their legs (Ala Chris Mathews), as they continue to demean and call us dirty names. They will continue to make it really hard for us to live a decent conservative lifestyle simply because we have the nerve to think different. 

    Well, not with this Cuban-American, not now, not ever!

    We cannot stand by and allow this miss-carriage of justice to stand, we just can't. The Free World is watching what we do, the hope and credibility of our process is in deep scrutiny.
    We must not give up on Mitt Romney just yet, not now. 

     Call your State's Attorney General and demand justice. We must demand an investigation on.......
    1) Voting machine fraud
    2) We must Crosscheck voting rolls
    3) Make sure that all who were eligible to vote, voted
    4) Investigate complaints by Poll Watchers
    5) Allow ALL of our Military votes to count
    6) When all of this is done, then demand a RECOUNT 

     Finally, we must give mandatory jail time for voter fraud, if we don't...this farce will continue....... 

    It is our duty as Sworn Citizens of this great land to fight for what is right, regardless of the cost. Too many people died to give us this right and I'll be dammed if I don't do everything I can to honor the great men and women who fought and gave all they had. It is our moral duty to fix what is broken and make things right.
     Folks, the obvious theft of our most precious right to vote has been ripped out of our grasp....... now go and get it back!

    Secretary of State Offices

    (614) 466-2655
    (877) SOS-Ohio (767-6446)
    TTY: (614) 466-0562
    TTY Toll-free: (877) 644-6889
    E-mail the Agency
    180 East Broad Street, 16th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    30 W. Mifflin, 10th Floor
    Madison, WI
    (608) 266-8888

    302 N Office Building 
    Harrisburg, PA 17120
    (717) 787-6458

    Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
    1111 East Broad Street, 4th Floor
    Richmond, Virginia 23219
    (804) 786-2441
    Fax: (804) 371-0017

    Director's Office (for Elections)
    Main Line: (850) 245-6200
    Fax Numbers: (850) 245-6217 or (850) 245-6218
    Email: DivElections@dos.state.fl.us
    Mailing Address: 
    Department of State 
    Division of Elections 
    Director's Office 
    Room 316, R. A. Gray Building 
    500 South Bronough Street 
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250

    From Safari Woman............... http://teamnetworks.net/~teamnetw/index.php?do=%2Fblog%2F226%2Furgent-election-fraud-volunteers-needed-in-wi-oh-pa-va-fl%2F 

    See more of Evelio Perez here........................................ http://evelio-perez.blogspot.com/

    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    Liberal Crania(L)ogic Crapola

    By Kenny Youngblood
    Liberal Crania(L)ogic Crapola: So Let Me Get This Straight. Mr. Obama Says He And His Supporters Are Prepared To See Tax Rates Increase On Every Single Tax Paying American, IF The Republican Majority Controlled, House Of Congress Does NOT Agree To Increase The Tax Rates On All Of Those Making Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Or More Per Year… 

    His Logic Is, That The Republican Majority Is Only Holding Out On Not Agreeing, Because They Are Protecting The “Rich” And He Is Betting That The Republican Majority Controlled House, Will Not Allow All Of Those Taxpayers Making Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year, To Be Crushed With His Threatened Tax Hikes, So They Will Stop Protecting The “Rich” And Agree To Raise Their Tax Rates, As He And His Supporters Desire. 

    How Is It, That One Held In Such High Regard As A Brilliant Man, Can NOT See The Absurdity Of His Logic? Does He Simply NOT Comprehend That A Laid Off Tax Payer, Who Use To Make Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year, Is Crushed Even More Under His Tax The Rich Plan?

    Just Look Around You And You Will See American Companies Laying Off Workers More And More Since The Election, Because Of The Confirmation Of The Pending Increase In Taxes Associated With Mr. Obama’s Last “Logical” Idea, That Will Soon Be Implemented. So What Positive Will Come When They Are Hit With Another Tax Increase, Even On Top Of The First One?

    This Will Help Even The Simplest Minds Understand How Vital All Of Those Making Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Or More Per Year, Are To All Of Those Making Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year. 

    All You Have To Do, Is Look Around You And Find Those In The “Higher Than” Category Working For Those In The “Lower Than” Category And Those Two Or Three Dozen, Are Called Lottery Winners Who Love Their Job. Now, Pay Attention To How Many In The “Lower Than” Category Are Working For Someone (Or A Company) In The “Higher Than” Category… You Will Absolutely See That It Is At Least 99.99%.

    For Every Percentage Of Increase In Their Taxes, An Equal Percentage Is Decreased From Their Profits. Thus, They Must Cut Costs And Employees Are Costs, Especially With The Added “Obama Care” Tax Mandate Attached To Each One…

    Only If Someone Would Just Tell Our Government, IF They Too Cut Costs From Their Wasteful Spending And Put Some Of Their Departments Back Into The Private Sector, They Also Would In Fact, Receive More Revenue From More Revenue Producers… 

    Oh Wait, That Is What The Conservative Republicans Have Been Saying, Isn’t It?

    See more of Kenny Youngblood here..................... http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY