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Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's hope for Rain......

OK,  so here is what we know, on Feb. 28th's Michigan primary, both the PPP and the Rasmussen polls show that Mitt Romney has a 2% lead on Rick Santorum.
The PPP polls has Mitt Romney leading Rick Santorum  39% to 37%  and The Rasmussen polls has Romney ahead of Santorum’s 38% to 36%.  
As per the PPP polls 16% of Michigan voters have already voted with Romney leading that group with a 62% to 29%  margin. 
Also as per the PPP polls, Santorum leads Romney 39% to34% with those who are planning to vote on Tuesday.  Santorum is really going to need a heavy turnout for him to catch up to Romney's huge lead to win on election day. 
So here it is folks,  if it is a big turnout, Santorum has a chance,  if it is a light turnout, Mitt wins.... Pray for rain...............LOL   @

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's their problem with Romney?

From Human Events.........
by Ann Coulter

Ann CoulterAs governor of one of the most liberal states in the union, Mitt Romney did something even Ronald Reagan didn't do as governor of California: He balanced the budget without raising taxes. 

Romney became deeply pro-life as governor of the aforementioned liberal state and vetoed an embryonic stem cell bill. (Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich lobbied President George W. Bush to allow embryonic stem cell research.)

Romney's approach to illegal immigration in Massachusetts resembled what Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona is doing today, making her a right-wing heroine.

Romney pushed the conservative alternative to national health care that, had it been adopted in the 49 other states, would have killed Obamacare in the crib by solving the health insurance problem at the state level.

Unlike actual Establishment candidates, Romney has never worked in Washington, much less spent his entire life as a professional politician. He's had a Midas touch with every enterprise he has ever run, including Bain Capital, the Olympics and Massachusetts.

The chestnut about Mitt Romney being pushed on unsuspecting conservatives by "the Establishment" is the exact opposite of the truth. The Establishment, by any sensible definition, is virulently opposed to Romney -- and for completely contradictory reasons.

The entire NFM (non-Fox media) hate Romney because he is the only candidate who stands a chance of beating Obama.

Meanwhile, many of the pillars of the conservative establishment also implacably oppose Romney. Fox News is neutral, but its second-highest-rated host, Sean Hannity, is anti-Romney, as is prominent Fox News contributor Sarah Palin -- who has also offered herself up as a possible presidential nominee at a contested convention. (Wouldn't a former candidate for vice president on a major party's ticket be part of the Establishment?)

The No. 1 conservative talk-radio host in America, Rush Limbaugh, is critical of Romney, and another top conservative talk-radio host, Mark Levin, is adamantly against Romney -- though both Limbaugh and Levin supported Romney as the conservative alternative to John McCain in 2008, and Romney has only gotten better since then.

Read more..........................  http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=49702

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santorum in 95: 'I Was Basically Pro-Choice All My Life, Until I Ran For Congress'

By Jason Cherkis and Sam Stein (The Huffington Post)

 Prior to entering public office, former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum was a self-admitted pro-choice Republican unwilling to dabble in the cultural conservative politics that now defines his presidential campaign, a review of old campaign documents and interviews shows.
This past week, the Pennsylvania Republican-turned-GOP primary frontrunner made a number of eyebrow raising statements meant to demonstrate an uncompromising posture on social issues. He's questioned President Obama's theology, argued that prenatal testing is a form of eugenics, and stated his opposition for contraception funding.
His campaign has insisted that these are side issues, but when pressed during an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday morning, Santorum's top spokesman Hogan Gidley exulted in his boss' consistency on such topics.
"I mean, that's who he is," Gidley said. "He doesn't have to tack to the right on social issues like Mitt Romney because he actually firmly believes those things."
But Santorum didn't always have such conviction on social policy. In his first run for office in 1990, his campaign put out an issue statement on abortion that, by today's standards, would put him among the moderates of the GOP. Abortion, he wrote, requires "a sensitivity to the genuine concerns of both sides." While "government must be on the side of human life" he recognized that " it is very difficult to criminalize any activity once a large portion of society comes to see it as a 'right.'" 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


By Evelio Perez

The day that Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was to speak at CPAC, ABC's Johnathan Karl claimed he did not hear a lot of enthusiasm for Gov. Romney. “I am not a fan,” one man told him, adding that he’d never met a “true die hard Romney supporter.”
I almost fell out of of my chair when I read that statement from a so called unidentified bystander.

The "anybody but Romney" crowd and even the Main Stream Media are seemingly searching for Romney haters in a Pro-Romney audience to make anti-Romney statements. Are they really trying to tell the American public that they couldn't find a Romney supporter in the whole crowd that was there to hear the Governor? We are being played folks!

All of this is part of a smear anti-Romney campaign rant that keeps on making the rounds in the Main Stream Media--happily endorsed by the Democratic National Committee.

Many network analysts, party officials, conservative pundits, political enemies and a few Tea Party activists have made it a point to label Republican front-runner Mitt Romney as an uninspiring candidate. They keep on repeating unflattering, negative and damaging characterizations of the Governor such as saying that Romney is dull and plastic. They keep repeating the lies that he is a Massachusetts Liberal, or even a Moderate, going as far as saying that he is not a true Conservative.

The same political enemies will point out his supposed insensitivity, claiming that he is not worried about the poor and that he likes to fire people. While these people are distorting the truth and getting away with it, we are screaming at the top of our lungs that he is being taken out of context, only to be ignored. They will continue to repeat the lies until they become truthful in the eyes of the unsuspecting, undecided voters.

All of these manufactured attacks are being bombarded into many unsuspecting voter's minds, poisoning the name and character of the man I believe is the best example of a true conservative. Try as they might, they cannot point to any type of digressions or scandals in Governor Romney's past.

This is an aberration in the clearest form, the bias and treachery being orchestrated by the certain few in the media that don't want Romney to be our president is outrageous and not the way that the "supposedly unbiased" American Media should run the free airwaves if they want to keep any kind of credibility.

The Main Stream Media in it's clear and blatant attack on Mitt Romney"s ability to energize his followers, is actually attacking all of us that believe in what the Governor stands for. Do you really want to know why they keep doing this kind of garbage over and over and get away with it? Because we allow it to happen, that's why!

I always thought that to support a worthy candidate, you didn't have to be a rude bomb thrower, you didn't have to curse and you didn't have to feed red meat to an angry mob. I never believed that we (Romney supporters) had to act like raving maniacs to show our fervor and allegiance to our candidate. If that made us an unenthusiastic supporters, then we have been guilty all along-- not for being loyal followers of our candidate, but for acting like responsible and fair minded Americans.

Unfortunately, being responsible and fair minded is not good enough, we are being portrayed as mindless goose-stepping Zombies with no real desire to fight hard for our candidate, adding us to the already convoluted equation of made up story lines that Gov. Romney does not connect with the masses.

We have to start answering these charges with firm responses of rebuke each and every time that these ridiculous attacks come our way.

So, Governor Romney does not have true die hard supporters?
Just wait until Jan. 20, 2013, when Willard Mitt Romney is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, that will be the first day of America's salvation and the day that all of us enthusiastic Romney fanatics can finally yell out proudly who we really are,      DIE HARD MITT-HEADS !

Monday, February 13, 2012


By Evelio Perez

To Tea Party America, I need to get something off my chest so let me start by saying that I am a Mitt Romney supporter and a former member of the Tea Party. I am also a strong social, fiscal and foreign policy conservative and am not wishy-washy on any of these core principles.
I believe in a strong America with sovereign borders and the rule of law, I believe in the sanctity of marriage, and I believe in protecting innocent unborn life.

But why are we even talking about a tea party and what happened that we even needed to rebel against our own government?

We were BAMBOOZLED, that's why !  After a collapse of the banking system and a disastrous recession for many, the Democrats were swept into power, the were led by a charismatic and inexperienced Community Organizer named Barrack Hussein Obama, whose call for hope and change connected with the majority of the American people giving him a chance to really do something great and historic for this country.

Pres. Barack Obama
But this adoration for President Obama did not last long as he and the Democratic controlled House and Senate started their Socialist experiment on an unsuspecting American people who simply wanted things to get better. President Obama and the Democrats went on a spending spree like no other in the history of this country, starting with a budget busting and unwanted Obama Health Care mandate to the almost 800 billion stimulus package that did not work. He and the Democrats continued the insult by giving billions of dollars in loans to crony green companies while raising the national debt to critical status, forcing a downgrade of our Triple A Bond ratings while getting us closer to a bankrupted economy.

People all around America were losing their jobs, inflation was starting to hit the grocery shelves, their bank accounts cleaned out and many were losing their homes, all this while their President, ignorant of their plight kept on spending. While the country was burning President Obama was often found on the golf course and many times he would take his family around the world on lavish family vacations costing millions to the already suffering national debt. We were being abused and ignored!

Rick Santelli
 Then one obscure morning in one of his scheduled spots, CNBC analyst Rick Santelli goes hog wild with an on-air attack against President Obama's government bailouts of banks, car companies and in trouble debt mortgage holders using tax payer money, during his rant Santelli called for a modern-day Boston Tea Party, this not only got a unanimous applause from the trading floor, but gave the name and the mythical birth of the modern day Tea Party.

The thought of a Tea Party was growing and coming to fruition, it was going to represent a huge block of dissatisfied and very angry Americans who felt that they were being used and ignored.
We had folks from all walks of life, we had  http://evelio-perez.blogspot.com/  and people from all ages, races and religions, we finally have had enough and were ready to fight to get our country back.
The true beauty of this great idea was that it had no leaders, it was a true grassroots movement of desperate people calling for true representation in our government.

But something happened on the way to saving this country, some self-proclaimed leaders of the Tea Party have decided to purify the movement and start defining their own ideals of their perfect America.
The Tea Party movement as good as it was going, was slowly starting to be taken over by the new holier than thou pretenders.

One of these groups, Freedom Works decided that first victim of their cleansing would be the "Mormon" Mitt Romney, his religion was just so un-Christian and evil that he just didn't belong, so they promoted anti-Romney rallies, branded him a Liberal and a flip-flopper with the ultimate goal to destroy the good name of this good and decent man.
In their infinite wisdom to define their vision for their new Tea Party, they not only made the Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, Persona Non-Grata but managed to alienate, ostracize and insult almost half of the original and authentic Tea Partiers and Romney supporters, they have literally told them to go take a hike.

But for Pete's sakes, why aren't we going after the people that are hell bent on destroying our way of life, are they not our real enemy?
Why are some of you trying to destroy The Tea Party movement that we all believed in?

Some self described leaders of The Tea Party Organizations like Freedom WorksRed State,  Free Republic, along with leading conservative talk show hosts like Rush LimbaughGlenn Beck and Mark Levin have begun defining to their millions of listeners who should belong to this very elite group. One of these groups ( Red State ) have gone as far as to ban Mitt Romney supporters from giving their opinion on their web page!

So let me get this straight, according to these people,  Mitt Romney is a Flip-Flopper and a Liberal...... OK, then let's see who the leaders of the New Tea Party are promoting to be their CONSERVATIVE champion for the Presidency of The United States.

1) Herman Cain, an accused sexual harasser of women with absolutely no clue on foreign affairs........Really?

2) Rick Perry, former Democrat who helped run Al Gore's Texas Gore for President campaign and the darling of the anti- illegal immigration crowd. who defended and still defends college tuition for illegals,  Perry also tried to force vaccine innoculations on 12 year old girls........Really?

Newt and Nancy, Really?
Where's Waldo?
3) Newt Gingrich, former Nancy Pelosi partner in the Global Warming scamsupported Obama Care and a  Health Care mandate since 2005, he is the only Speaker of the House to have been disciplined for ethics violations Gingrich began an affair with House of Representatives staffer while he was married to wife number two.  ...............Really?

Ron Paul, Isolationist
4) Ron Paul, a 9/11 truther, and foreign affairs isolationist, anti- Semitewould allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.......... Really?

5) John Huntsman, was President Obama's Chinese ambassador, and was for a universal health care mandate before he was against it...... .... ( never mind )

6) Rick Santorum, endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter and later endorsed Mitt Romney for President back in 2007......... Really?

Bachmann hiding at gay rally
7) Michelle Bachmann was a conservative darling before she talked her way out of front-runner  status.... Really?

8) Tim Pawlenty, a strong fiscal and social conservative, once considered a front-runner now not only endorses Romney but is co-chairman of the Romney campaign.

9) Chris Christie, The Tea Party faithful were begging and screaming for the Governor to get in the race, but he decided against it and enthusiastically endorsed Mitt Romney..........Yes really! 

So let's sum it all up, the new Tea Party would rather back an inexperienced accused sexual harasser, a womanizer, an isolationist and an anti-Semite, a former Al Gore Democrat, a global warming and an Obama Care advocate,  all who have proven to be major flip-floppers throughout their political careers, over a true conservative Mormon of whom CNN"s Pierce Morgan called the cleanest politician in America?  Really?

I have been stunned and bewildered by the drastic actions of this once proud organization on one of its own, their backstabbing attacks on our preferred candidate has hit us hard, hit us fast and hit us under the belt........... bottom line, none of us deserved this.
As I write this I feel ashamed and betrayed and have come to the realization that the Tea Party no longer speaks for me. Some of you have become a scourge and an embarrassment to true conservatives who still believe in good moral and ethical values.
Instead of gaining status and respect with conservatives, you are losing the battle for the minds of the average American who can see bigotry when it's right in front of them.
This was never about what a few of you wanted, it was about what we all wanted and somewhere down that path, some of you lost your way.
So it's your party and you don't want us to come?  O.K. we won't,  but just don't expect us to come back when you need us........... Romney / 2012

See more of Evelio Perez here ........... http://evelio-perez.blogspot.com/

Friday, February 10, 2012

Modified Or Not, Barack Obama's Contraception Coverage Requirement is Still Wrong

By Jesse Merkel

Last week, members of the Catholic Church and other organizations began protesting a new mandate brought on by the Obama administration. This mandate states that all faith-based organizations must provide contraception coverage though the health care plans they offer their employees. These include the employees of catholic schools, hospitals and non-profit charities.
On Friday President Barack Obama attempted to calm the opposition by stating that the organizations would not have to pay for contraception coverage, but still would have to offer plans that provide it. The insurance companies will just have to give the contraceptive options away for free.
How it’s paid for was never the main issue. Institutions are still required to provide a service that they consider to be sinful. The result is the same. The implication that the government can now mandate that these organizations provide coverage that they believe to be immoral is extraordinary.
People are allowed to personally disagree with the teachings of the Catholic Church, or any other religious organization in America. However, the Constitution states that the federal government cannot force religious organizations to pay for things that that they believe to be wrong. Period.
Numerous Catholic bishops and priests, Army Chaplains, and elected officials are crying foul. Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan of New York has had nothing but harsh words for Obama, which he and many others believe are now attempting to legislate the affairs of the church. Obama’s change of heart on Friday has done little to pacify the opposition.

Mitt Romney's full CPAC 2012 speech (26:07)

Ann Coulter CPAC Speech

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The real story of Romney at Bain Capital

The delegates don’t add up for Newt

 is a great reference for all your delegate allocation questions.
After some brief consultation, I noticed that CA, NY, MD, DE, CT, MT, UT, PR, NJ,  and VA are all either strictly winner-take-all or winner-take-all if the winner gets a majority.
That’s 500 delegates in the bag for Mitt, right there.
He has about 100 delegates so far, and is projected to have about 250 by Super Tuesday. So just based on those numbers, Mitt already basically has 250 + 500 = 750 delegates in the bank for all intents and purposes. 1144 are needed. That means Mitt has a mere 400 delegates to find elsewhere to clinch the nomination. This is not going to be a problem.
Now, let’s look how it stacks up for Newt:
Not a single Newt-friendly state is winner-take-all except AL and MS. IN is a bit confusing as to how delegates are allocated, but my money’s on Mitt there regardless.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barack Obama's Job Approval Ratings Matter in the 2012 Election

By Jesse Merkel,
In the grand arena of presidential politics, public perception and approval is everything. The lower the approval rating, the less likely people will show up to vote for that candidate. No matter what the efforts or intentions may be of the incumbent president at the time, if the crowd is against you, nothing else may matter.
President Barack Obama is gearing up for this years’ general election. While attempting to downplay the rumors that his candidacy for reelection will be the first one with a budget of nearly a billion dollars, Obama will no doubt have an arsenal at his command that will give any would-be Republican challenger a few bloody noses before November. However, if Obama’s approval ratings remain under 50%, all the money in the world might not save him.
The strategy for conservatives seems clear: Keep his approval low. To do this, Republicans will not need to release false document in an attempt to smear Obama’s character, similar to what Dan Rather did in 2004 disputing George W. Bush’s military service. All they need to do is to again and again remind the public why the president has lost his popularity.

Read more.....................http://www.policymic.com/articles/3885/barack-obama-s-job-approval-ratings-matter-in-the-2012-election/latest_articles