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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Don Huber, my first personal Romney friendship story…

Hello everyone, the last and best if not the only hope for saving America ... here is my first personal Romney friendship story…

Don HuberMy fifty year friendship with George & Mitt Romney began on this day in January 1962 when my grad school professor Dr. Harold Norris took me to Lansing, MI to meet his Constitutional Convention colleague... a man he said debated, sounded, and thought like me... and vice... versa... my mentor and protégé relationship with Mitt's dad lasted for 33 years up to his passing in August 1995... my friendship with the next and 45th President has now lasted nearly 50 years... coincidentally Nov 6, 2012 as we watch the election returns will be the 50th anniversary to the day the hour and the minute when I sat with the Romney’s November 6, 1962 watching Geo become Michigan's new Governor! My wife believes there is a meaning behind these coincidences in life!!!

A message about a trusted friend, from a conservative leaning, 13th generation American patriot of life-long personal and ancestral Republican affiliations and allegiances dating to pre-colonial America, signers of the Declaration of Independence and the conclave of July 1854, under the Oaks on Morgan’s Forty in Jackson, MI where the GOP was founded.

Having Known the Romney's (Geo & Mitt) as personal friends for 33 and 50 years respectively I can speak to and attest to Mitt Romney being from among the most honorable, decent, moral, ethical, reputable, respectable, responsible, truthful and trustworthy in our entire population and of the highest degree of integrity one could ever hope to meet and know... He is well educated and has been a success and exemplary leader in all of his personal, social, family and civic dealings and has a proven successful track record in the world of business and especially in the turnaround arena... He cut jobs where necessary to save a core enterprise from bankruptcy avoiding more jobs being lost. He created jobs whenever possible by salvaging and growing a brighter future for the business.

The Honorable W. Mitt Romney is the last, best and ONLY hope for saving America, restoring the U.S. Constitution, rebuilding our nation’s reputation in the world and renewing a prosperous economy for our future. He can calm the public, private and political atmosphere returning civility to the public discourse in government circles, the political arena and in the public square on Main Street, USA! My friend Mitt Romney will steady the hand, speak the heart and revive the all important voice of We the People!


A former Michigander in my new adopted hometown of Boca Raton, FL

(Picture Below: © 2011 The Huber-Newcomer Trust)

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