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Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Won the Florida Republican Debate? Mitt Romney Surging, Rick Santorum Second, Newt Gingrich Falling

Jesse Merkel

This past Monday during the NBC Republican debate, Mitt Romney brought a gun to a knife fight. Tonight at the CNN debate, he brought a tank. Gone are the days of Romney being the ultimate relaxed and cool candidate. Many Romney enthusiasts (myself included) are saying one thing: Finally!

The debate began with an intense discussion on immigration. When Gingrich attempted to hit Romney hard about deporting "grandmas." Romney rightly shot back by saying that the problem is not "eleven million grandmas." Romney cited on how his father was born in Mexico and his wife's mother was both in Wales, and called Gingrich "repulsive" for calling Romney anti-immigrant.

When Gingrich attempted to take down Romney by saying that he held stock in Fannie and Freddie. Romney didn’t blink. He hit back about having his investments made in blind trust. A lot of people with Romney’s wealth rely on blind trusts, and Romney did so to avoid conflicts of interest.

Romney defended his wealth and diversified portfolio, much to the chagrin of those who lead the charge on class warfare. When it came to discussing reigning in expenses, Mitt took a diplomatic approach to spending, talking about wanting to increase the space program, while making sure not to promise too much. Talking about only helping NASA to a point is risky when in Florida, but he said it cordially.

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