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Friday, December 7, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
 “Today Mr. Obama In His Nearly Daily Meeting With Some Kind Of Media Forum, Rather That With The Congress, Was Speaking His Same Old Tired Claims About The Looming “Fiscal Cliff“ When He Stated, “Nobody Wants To Get This Deal Done More Than Me”.

Now I Am Positive That I’ve Heard Something Similar Somewhere Else… Oh Yeah, When He Stated Repeatedly That, “Nobody Wants To Get To The Truth More Than Me”, About The Fast And Furious Government Gunrunning Program Which Furnished American Weapons Into The Hands Of Known Mexico Criminals, Even One Which Was Used The American Government Supplied Gun To Shoot And Kill A Federal Border Agent, As Well As Many Other Weapons Directly Into The Hands Of Many Other Known Criminals Who Murder Mexico Leaders And Citizens, Nearly Every Single Day. 

You Know What I Am Talking About, That Old, Old Case That The Mainstream Media Ignores And The Obama Administration Never Addresses, Perhaps In Their Hopes That It Will Just Fade Away And Disappear… So Where’s The Truth, He Wants So Bad?

Oh Wait, Maybe I Was Thinking About When He Stated Repeatedly That, “Nobody Wants To Get To The Truth More Than Me”, About The 9/11 Benghazi, Libya Consulate Attack, Where An American Ambassador And Three Heroic Attempted Rescuers Were All Murdered While Some In The Administration Sat There And Watched Them Die. 

You Remember, That Other Old Case That The Mainstream Media Ignores And The One The Obama Administration Continuously Misled The Public About, Prior To The Election, Even The Same One That Now, They Don’t Even Bother To Address Unless A Republican Inquires, Perhaps In The Hopes That It Too, Will Just Fade Away And Disappear… 

You Know, Kind Of Like Those Military Leaders Who Were Actually In Charge, At The Time Of The Attack, As Well As Like The Secretary Of State, When It Comes To Her Assistance In Participating In The Congressional Inquiry And Investigation…

Yeah, We Know What He Really Means, He Just Keeps Confusing The Term “Nobody” For “Everybody“…

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