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Thursday, January 17, 2013


By Evelio Perez   
 Socialism is crawling it's way into our country, our way of life is being threatened and every day our voices are being slowly silenced, our constitution is being attacked and our moral beliefs are being tossed aside for the new ways of the new society. Some may ask, what makes this guy such an expert on Socialism?

 I was born in Habana, Cuba in 1952.  We lived in a two bedroom apartment alongside my twin brother, Mother and father in Old Habana just a couple of blocks from "El Malecon" (The famous sea wall along the outskirts of the city). We were considered a middle class family with modest means. We were a very close family unit with lots of good friends and good times, everything was great........Until a very charismatic and impressive young man appeared on the scene, this Messiah, THE ONE, this person who offered Hope and Change, he who appeared to have all the answers to every question ever asked, started to make trouble, there was this violent revolution that stunned the country and on Jan.1,1959, Fidel Castro and his liberators paraded into the streets of Habana with promises of Hope and Change that some of the people were clamoring for.

 That was a very bloody year, the kangaroo courts were continuous, brutal and without any mercy, they were also on television where every day you could see person after person appear in this farce also called a court of law.  

I still remember as the condemned were dragged into the court, the crowds drooling with hate, were in complete delirious harmony chanting "PAREDON, PAREDON, PAREDON" (firing squad) and of course many of them were guilty and shot minutes later.
Castro then proceeded to take all of the people's weapons in the pretense that he would take care of all of us, that only bad people had arms of death, yes he took all of our fire-arms and left us defenseless     (You ever wonder why Castro has lasted so long?)

 Within a year in power he took our freedoms away as he started this Socialist experiment by nationalizing all industries in Cuba, the state owned everything including your home and your children, every neighborhood had a committee that would inform on their neighbors if they even suspected that you were against Fidel. 

 I remember the talks our parents had with us about not talking to ANYONE for we could innocently tell of our parents disgust with the Revolution, the fear of being dragged in those trials was enough of a torture for a 8 year old little boy. 

Eventually we were pulled out of school because the communist indoctrinations started where they taught and demanded that your love and loyalty always began with Fidel, El Che and the Revolution.

Pan American Freedom Flight
 Our families were split apart by ideologies, some were with the Revolution and the rest of us were not. So in September 3, 1961 our Mother told my twin brother and I (to our surprise) that on that same day we were going to America to see our beloved father,  who left a few months before to get a job and an apartment for us when we got there.
I remember getting on that old Pan Am twin engine propeller plane and leaving the land of my birth and half of my beloved family forever. 
We got to the United states soon after and remember when my feet hit the grounds my mother telling us crying "Son, we don't have to be scared anymore, now you can say anything you want because we are free".

 I'll never forget those words as long as I live, and it is for that reason that I will continue to fight against this Socialist onslaught that is dooming our society today.
It is up to us who came from Socialist dictatorships to lead the revolt against the evil that is contaminating America before it is too late, we know who these people are and how they are trying to achieve their goals. 

 All immigrants from Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, and of course Cuba that have experienced the horrors of this system, have to re-double and lead the effort against this Socialist tidal wave that is destroying life as we know it. 

 We must be loud, we must be heard and we must be clear, we must un-mask these pretenders and expose them for what they really are, Radical Socialists who are dead set on changing America to their idealistic Socialist utopia.

Folks, we are in a desperate crossroad in this country's history and We the People are the last line of defense, we must not fail to stop this blatant overthrow of our Constitutional freedoms and our precious way of life because the alternative is simply more of the same Cuban nightmare, how do I know?  I was there.............

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