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Monday, February 10, 2014

Sign the Petition to Mitt Romney · Convince Mitt Romney to run for US president in 2016


                  Petition to convince Mitt Romney to run for US president in 2016: 
written by Katrina Lantz
Whereas, the free market continues to be oppressed by onerous and growing federal regulations in every American industry, including and especially health care and education; and
Whereas, the federal government challenges states' rights through the Department of Justice and other stems of the executive branch by suing states on behalf of non-citizen populations or unions/special interest groups; and
Whereas, the abuses of the federal government through the IRS, among other bureaucracies, have oppressed voters and obstructed the workings of our democracy; and
Whereas, history has now taught us the cost of an inexperienced Commander in Chief both at home and abroad; and
Whereas, the failure to negotiate or lead on the part of President Barack Obama has led to gridlock and emergency situations in Washington; and
Whereas, C.E.O. Mitt Romney has proven his mettle as a free market champion who knows how and which government regulations are beneficial to society as a whole; and
Whereas, Governor Mitt Romney supports states' rights, believes the states to be the laboratories of democracy, and has brought divergent parties together to tackle issues such as health care and education at the local level; and
Whereas, Mitt Romney won 61 million votes in 2012 in spite of IRS voter suppression of conservative groups over the course of two years, and in spite of rampant voter fraud; and
Whereas, Mitt Romney continues to demonstrate his leadership by lending his understanding and expertise to the problems we as a nation face today; and
Whereas, Mitt Romney's political predictions have all come to fruition and/or light in recent months, showing an intellect, understanding, and leadership ability that must be wanted after the failures and scandals of President Barack Obama's tenure;
Now Therefore we the undersigned, call on Governor Mitt Romney to offer himself as a Republican candidate for President of the United States in the presidential election of 2016.
Jared Townsend
Millions of Americans knew how desperately this country needed Mitt Romney, the candidate with the perfect blend of experience, leadership, character, and record of success to turn this country from the dire straits it is currently in. But for a variety of reasons, it was not to be. The electorate was misled and lied to by this administration. Conservative grass roots efforts were targeted and suppressed in critical battleground states by a corrupt and undermining government agency. The media refused to remain objective and neutral in their portrayal of the candidates. Yet even with all of this stacked against him as well as a clear historical precedence (just once in the last century has a GOP challenger defeated a Democratic incumbent)... Romney was on a clear path to victory just days leading up to the election as indicated by the RCP average (the most reliable predictor of US presidential outcomes). It was not until hurricane Sandy reared its devastating effects on the nation that the momentum switched. True to form, natural disasters nearly always favor the incumbent.  In a time when his popularity was still favorable, it was all Obama needed to secure a second term.
For these reasons and more, 2012 was not Romney's time. However, there is a growing trend of support within the populace that 2016 can be Romney's time, that 2016 can be OUR time! It is up to us to have our voices heard if we are to convince this man to run again, to run not for himself, but for "Love of Country". If called upon, Mitt Romney will take up the mantle once more to champion those very principles which made this country great. Signing this petition shows a sign of solidarity to the rest of the country and Mitt Romney himself, solidarity based on the belief that this country is truly exceptional and as such requires exceptionalism, not mediocrity, in its leaders. Please take the time to sign this petition and share it with everyone you can. After you sign, be sure to visit our page and connect with us to stay informed and involved with our efforts.

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