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Saturday, November 26, 2016


By Christina Perez 
 Through the years, Castro survived over 600 assassination attempts, outlasted 9 U.S. Presidents, and will go down in history as the longest serving dictator in the Western Hemisphere. He successfully overthrew a government with his big steaming turd of a revolution and brought socialism and communism to Cuba. He killed and jailed people, he took people's money, property, and businesses in the name of the garbage revolution. He had schoolchildren
Fidel gives orders
Minutes before execution
indoctrinated to believe that he, Fidel Castro, was their God, and that he and the government could give them everything they needed. He destroyed lives and he destroyed Cuba, always wearing his stupid green fatigues (or, in recent years, his tacky ass Adidas track suit) preaching on the evils of Capitalism and the U.S. and what was fair for the poor--all while he and his family lived in the lap of luxury. (Yay for the convenient hypocrisy of socialism, communism, etc.!) 
Fidel and Raul Castro
 I have always thought, "Wow, it is so unfair that this 'man' been able to get away with all of this for so long and has enjoyed such a long life." Nothing ever seemed to touch him, and as the old song goes, it seemed as if Fidel could say "I Did it My Way".
-BUT- while Fidel had 90 years on Earth of getting his way, he now faces an eternity of judgement for all he has done. It was a long time coming, but no one can escape justice, whether it be here on earth or in death. It's your turn, Fidel. 👋🏼

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