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Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's hope for Rain......

OK,  so here is what we know, on Feb. 28th's Michigan primary, both the PPP and the Rasmussen polls show that Mitt Romney has a 2% lead on Rick Santorum.
The PPP polls has Mitt Romney leading Rick Santorum  39% to 37%  and The Rasmussen polls has Romney ahead of Santorum’s 38% to 36%.  
As per the PPP polls 16% of Michigan voters have already voted with Romney leading that group with a 62% to 29%  margin. 
Also as per the PPP polls, Santorum leads Romney 39% to34% with those who are planning to vote on Tuesday.  Santorum is really going to need a heavy turnout for him to catch up to Romney's huge lead to win on election day. 
So here it is folks,  if it is a big turnout, Santorum has a chance,  if it is a light turnout, Mitt wins.... Pray for rain...............LOL   @


Anonymous said...

Can't believe the Rick Santorum stooped to such lows as to ask democrats to vote against Romney. Talk about desparation. Reminds me of this video. Santorum the Enemy Within http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVc6j_t98eM&context=C3fcdc47ADOEgsToPDskJu21-gQGvizlEOJEPRfRj3

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