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Friday, February 10, 2012

Mitt Romney's full CPAC 2012 speech (26:07)

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Raymond W. King said...

Mr. Romine I believe you are God’s choice for President of these United States of America at this late our. I believe you do understand the dreadful calamity that liberalism has endowed us with .

We Americans must face these facts if the United States of America is to survive. I believe you can and will make a genuine effort to restore the Grand Republic of the United States of America back to its rightful position as the real world Leader, that the Grand Republic has always been, and should continue to be as a mater of Providence.

We are a nation of Laws, foundational Law speaks of the concept of a Reasonable Man, and what is expected of a Reasonable Man. Ladies this also applies to a Reasonable Woman and what is expected of a Reasonable Woman.

There is, and always has been, a time tested standard by witch thriving societies can determine what the acts of a reasonable Man or Woman should be. We all have moral agency to chouse right and or wrong. When we practice our moral agency in wholesome honest ways, Providence smiles most kindly, we and our fellow mankind enjoy happiness and prosperity.
When we fail to exercise our moral agency in a wholesome reasonable manner we find our selves separated by our choices from happiness and prosperity and there for unable to enjoying the blessings of God granted liberties.

With real and reasonable leadership in Washington, grate things are possible and should be expected of all Americans.

Thank you for your devotion and service Mr. Romine

Mr. Raymond W. King