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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to “Self Deportation”

By Rafael Elias-Linero

Why am I even talking about this?
In the last week and a half I have explained to five (let me repeat: five) liberal media reporters the meaning of “self deportation”. Not surprisingly, none of them (let me repeat: none of them!) reported on my explanation.
It is not that they did not understand the concept once it was explained to them and it is not because they found the explanation irrelevant. The reason why they chose not to report it is simple: it does not fit their agenda, it is not consistent with the biased message they try so hard to convey. It takes away ammunition from them.
These people just abandon all ethics and journalistic professionalism and only follow the marching orders of Media Matters, David Axelrod and the White House; grab a concept or a statement, take it out of context, distort it, and blow it out of proportion as a way to attack Governor Romney and/or the Republican Party. Then, bring it up as often as you can and try to make it stick on the people’s minds.
These people are not interested in the truth or the facts nor do they care to present the public with the tools to allow them to form their own opinions. The objective of these people is to manipulate public opinion and to score points with the administration by making even the most innocuous comment the “flavor of the moment”.
So now that you understand the context, I will explain to you what “self deportation” means and you will see why this is a perfectly valuable and desirable position to take and how the media will distort anything just to maintain the audience distracted from President Obama’s dismal record and from the real problems that the country faces.

Immigration Reform: Obama vs. Romney.
By now it is clear to everybody that is really paying attention that President Obama governs in a bumper-sticker manner and in talking points. His style is one of many speeches and unfounded attacks but little substance. He thrives on discrediting the opponents in an effort to take the attention away from his failures.
Immigration Reform is a good example. It is a well-known fact that the President promised the Latino community to pass an immigration reform within the first year of his administration. When it did not happen, he did what he does best: blamed others for his inaction despite the fact that he had a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate during the first two years of his administration.
But putting that aside, the president considers immigration to be a one-issue proposition: what to do with the 10 million or so undocumented aliens living in the United States.
He forgets (or ignores) the fact that immigration is a much more complex issue that includes several other factors such as making sure that we retain the best and the brightest, finding a solution to match labor supply and demand, and realizing that even a “path to citizenship” has many moving parts that go well beyond a DREAM Act.
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Governor Romney understands the complexity of the immigration issue and is a big advocate for LEGAL immigration. And here is where the term “self deportation” comes into play.

A truly comprehensive immigration reform:
Governor Romney has talked about all the factors mentioned above and is proposing a comprehensive approach and solution to the problem.
He has talked about “stapling a green card” to the diplomas of those foreigners graduating from different sciences, engineering and other areas where their talents can be best used in our country. He has talked about making sure that these “best and brightest” don’t take the knowledge gained in US universities and apply take it back and apply it in their home countries when we can have a system in place that will make it attractive for them to stay and apply that knowledge here.
Governor Romney has also addressed the problem of the undocumented people living here. He has been paying particular attention to Senator Marco Rubio’s in-the-works version of the DREAM Act; one that will be fairer and better than the democrat plan and that will in all likelihood include some sort of guest worker program that will facilitate the regularization of those that are already here without the proper documents.
Governor Romney has talked about having a reliable and functional E-verify system that would be managed by private providers specialized in data management. This would promote certainty to employers and would make it easier to match their demand for specialized labor with the available supply.
Governor Romney has stated his intentions to make the visa process more efficient and more effective. This would not only facilitate legalimmigration but would also boost important economic sectors like tourism in the United States.
Governor Romney’s immigration proposal is comprehensive because it goes beyond President Obama’s single-issue approach and takes into account the voices of all those parties that are affected by the current system. Governor Romney’s plan facilitates legal immigration, strengthens the enforcement of the laws, secures our borders, and provides a legal framework that will be accessible to anybody that wants to come here the proper way.

Self Deportation:
So, think what would happen when you have such an Immigration Reform in place: people that want to come here to work will find a legalavenue to do so. Students that want to come here and expand their skills set will be able not only to realize their dreams but will also find a receptive nation that wants to keep their talents here and reward them for that. Those who are here without documents will be given the tools to regularize their situation and follow a process that can eventually lead to permanent residency.
What all of this means is that people will have a system by which they can be here legally:  working, studying, and living. They will find an immigration framework that will make that possible, that is sound, that was reached with the input and the consensus of all those affected, and that will not need to be redesigned and redrafted every election cycle.
Now, if despite having this structure in place some foreigner decides that he or she does not want to immerse in the process, that finds legalizing his or her status inconvenient, or that just refuses to meet the minimum conditions necessary to regularize his or her situation, that person will find it extremely difficult to find work or to operate in a country that has an accessible legal framework that, precisely because of its accessibility, is strongly enforced.
And then, in those circumstances, when a foreign person cannot or will not live under the law, there will be a need to leave because there will be no place in our nation for anybody that thinks he or she is above our rules.
That is “self deportation”.
I believe that any reasonable person would agree that if and when we have a functional immigration system in place, clear laws and effective enforcement, coupled with a structure that actually facilitates legal immigration but still somebody refuses to take advantage of this, that person has no place in our society, in our country of laws.
This should not be difficult to understand even for a complete idiot.
But of course, don’t hold your breath waiting for the liberal media to explain this or to stop distorting the facts and demonizing comments and statements that are really fundamentally rational and sound.
Instead, look at the facts. Refuse to fall in the trap of their bias. And pay attention to what the candidates actually say and not to what the media tell you that they are saying. 

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