GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann on Thursday endorsed Mitt Romney as the party’s presidential candidate.
"This November, Americans will be at the polls with a serious choice,” said Bachmann, a 2012 presidential candidate. “They can vote for more of Barack Obama's transformation of America, with more joblessness, higher energy prices, fewer opportunities for our children, more government controls, bailouts, and failed economic policies, or they can vote for a new vision of prosperity and liberty.”
Bachmann called Romney “a man who will preserve the American dream of prosperity and liberty.”
Romney is the likely GOP candidate to face Obama, who is seeking a second term. The former Massachusetts governor has essentially eliminated all of the GOP contenders, with Newt Gingrich suspending his campaign Wednesday. Texas GOP Rep. Ron Paul is the only other remaining candidate in the GOP field.
"We've had a hard fought battle already to choose a candidate,” Bachmann continued. “This is the last chance we have to keep America from going "forward", over the cliff, as Governor Romney said, and restore the values of prosperity and freedom.”