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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why Mitt Romney Is The Right Choice For All Conservatives

By Jared Allebest 

Conservative Samizdat

As attorney and as a voter,  one of the most important issues to me is any issue related to the law. Our government, society and our communities is built on the foundation of laws. As as result, I believe that we must take great care in how we create our laws, enforce our laws and how our society responds to those laws. Our nation's success depends on how much care and attention we pay to legal issues because it affects us at every level of American life. 

All the issues that conservatives and Republican care about can be traced back our concern for the rule of law. If we fail to make the Constitution, our judicial system, criminal system, or our legislative system legal issues our top priority and concern as conservatives and Republicans, then we will not be able to be successful in fighting for life, economic liberty, national security, right to bear arms, health care, education or any other issue. As a result, this election is extremely important for conservatives of all stripes because who wins this election will have the chance to influence the make up of our Supreme Court for many years to come.
The real question isn't between having Obama or Mitt Romney as our next president. The choice is easy. However, the important question is how much effort are you willing to put into this election make that choice a reality so that the issues you care about receive the proper attention it receives in our judicial system?
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