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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
THOUGHT: When You Have Heard Or Do Hear Someone Saying Everyone Will Be Effected By The Upcoming Tax Increases, Which Go Into Effect On January 01, 2013 And You Have Been Told Or You Think That They Are Speaking Of Everyone Except You, Then You Are Absolutely Mistaken.

First A Quick Fact: While You Are Being Told That It Is The “Evil” Republicans That Are Going To Raise Taxes Because They Are Unwilling To Raise Taxes On “Rich” People, You Should Know That It Is Absolutely Mr. Obama Alone That Will Be Raising Your Taxes, Not By A Unilateral Tax Increase, But Instead By Failing To Continue The Currently Imposed Tax Cuts, Which He Has Extended In The Past Because As He Said, It Would Be Detrimental To Our, Already Weak Economy.

However, His Refusal To Now Extend These Same Tax Cuts Again, Will Allow The Taxes To Increase To Their Original Levels Before Those Tax Cuts Were Originally Implemented. Thus, He Has The Power To Extend Those Cuts Or Let Them Expire And He Is Choosing To Let Them Expire. (In A Weak Economy) 

Why? So He Can Blame The Republicans For Not “Compromising“ With Him And Then He Will Blame Them Again For Keeping Your Tax Rates High, Because Of Their Refusal To Raise Rates Even Higher On The Job Creators, Also Known As Your Employers. When In Fact, It Is He Alone, Who Is Refusing To Prevent Your Taxes From Going Up And Help You, Right Now And Prevent Hurting You Then…

So Will This Effect You? For Whatever Reason That You Believe That You Will NOT Be Effected, Even If You Have No “Taxable Income” And Feel You Are Immune From Any Financial Repercussions From This Portion Of The Looming So Called “Fiscal Cliff”, Please Consider It Does Not Even Have To Directly Effect Your Income To Indirectly Effect You Financially. 

When This Same, Effects Others’ Income, Then They Will Be Forced To Adjust Their Pricing Of Those Same Products And Services That You Personally Purchase For Your Necessities And/Or Desires. Therefore, Even Your Untaxed Income Will Then Buy Less Than It Did Prior To Those Necessary Price Increases…

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Joey Yon said...

I have been telling this to the stupid free loaders (those receiving medicaid because they are single & pregnant; WIC, food stamps, housing assistance, free phone, etc) for months. They think that if tehy do not pay income tax they are immune. Stupid people could not add all the fingers in one hand if their lives depended on it.