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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: To Tax Or NOT To Tax, That Is The Question

By Kenny Youngblood 
CONSIDER THIS: Would Anyone In Their RIGHT Mind Even Consider Giving A Crack Whore More Crack Now, Because She Promises To Cut Down On Her Drug Abuse Later?

Well, Each Time Mr. Obama Claims He Has To Have Tax Rate Increases On The Wealthy, As An Absolute, Before He Will Even Consider A “Serious” Conversation About Negotiations On This So Called “Fiscal Cliff”, Reminds Me Of Exactly That Same Analogy.

There Are No Serious Negotiations On The Budget Issues Or Deficit Reduction Coming From The Left Side Of The Isle As Clearly Demonstrated Even Post Election, While They Repeatedly Attempt To Lessen The Importance Of The Lingering And Continuously Growing Balloon Of All Balloons. Either NOT Realizing Or NOT Caring, That When This Mighty Balloon Bursts, It Will Not Only Implode America’s Economy But It Will Have Dire Consequences On A World Wide Scale, Never Before Seen Or Felt.

In Fact, It Would NOT Be An Exaggeration To State That This Subject Could And Should Be Consider A Highly Volatile National Security Threat.

The Liberal Democrats’ Attitude, Partly Reminds Me Of Seeing A Child Covering Their Eyes, Thinking If They Can’t See, Then They Can’t Be Seen, So To Is Their Continued Ignorance Of These Issues, If They Ignore Them, Then Perhaps Everyone Else Will NOT Notice That They Really Exists.

The Obama Administration Has Already Proven That Their Word And Negotiations Are Meant To Be Untrustworthy, Even In So Much As Their Own Saying So, After Previous Agreements Were Made And They Then Laughed, When The Time Came To Hold Up Their End Of The Bargain.

Therefore, When The Weakened And Floundering Republican Party Representatives Submit And Agree To These Desired Increases, There Will Be NO Cuts In Spending, Either Now Or Promised In The Future That Will Actually Be Enforceable.

Moreover, IF The Decision Is Made To Allow All Of The Current Tax Rates To Increase Temporarily, In Order To Negotiate Tax Cuts For Certain Groups Of Tax Payers In The Future, You Can Rest Assured, That Your Representatives Have Not Only Violated Your Trust, But They Have Once Again Walked Into The Web Of Deceit.

In Reality, IF You Want To Help A Crack Whore, You Can’t Give Her More Drugs, You Have To Wean Her Gradually And Take Away Her Crack, While Helping Her Endure The Withdrawal Effects, Because IF Not… Well, The Alternative Is Forcing The American Taxpayers Into Becoming Her Enabling Dealer And Pimp….

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