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Monday, March 19, 2012


By, Tim Shaw Sr.
Well, here we are again, at another "game changing state, Illinois," but we know, given the history of this primary, that when Gov. Romney wins, it changes nothing (no matter the size of the win). The media, right and left will act as if he lost it (Puerto Rico will be ignored) and it will be said "Romney just can't close the deal," and it all moves on as if Santorum won. (He did much better than expected given Romney's spending advantage... it will not be mentioned that the sign of a good candidate is the ability to have a well built organization and the ability to raise money. In Romney's case this advantage is seen as playing unfair, poor Ricky). No one will mention that Romney will have added to his substantial delegate lead and the enormous 1.2 million popular vote lead over Santorum. No one will mention that polls show that if Gingrich dropped out of the race, Santorum will only get a little over half of Newt's support and the rest will go to Romney. People like Gretchen Carlson on Fox will say incomprehensible things like, "the delegate count really doesn't matter, it's all about perception, isn't it?" (which she said the morning after TN & AL, not even mentioning HI, which I think is a state).

And we will continue to hear Santorum's delusional statements, which I'm sure started as campaign propaganda, but which he now actually believes, that there is no difference between Obama and Romney. And Santorum will continue to ignore that there is an absolute differences between Federal and State's Constitutional rights while attacking Gov. Romney's Health Reform, and accuse Romney of supporting everything the Mass Supreme Court ordered upon the State, against Romney's will... And the list goes on. Santorum will fail to remember he believed Gov. Romney to be the "True Conservative" in 2008, after his term of Governor was over. None of this will change. And, no one in the press will report it, or question him about any of it.

Yesterday, Brit Hume said it best, on the After Show Panel for Fox News Sunday, "It has become politically incorrect to say that Romney is winning, and doing a pretty good job of it." Usually, in the Republican party we don't play this Politically Correct game, We usually laugh at the liberals while they tie themselves into rhetorical knots playing it. WHY ARE THE REPUBLICANS PLAYING IT NOW? That's the question. The overwhelming majority of the rank and file members of the party are choosing Romney, WHY CAN'T THIS BE SAID? The "establishment" that controls the dissemination of news is preventing the story to be told in it's entirety. We only hear,"Romney can't close the deal." Well, the game is different this time. This time around we are playing by the proportional distribution of delegates, a new system to allow more states to have a say, to lengthen out the process. Well it has done that. This primary system was designed for no one to "close the deal" too early. But, who explains this, NO ONE. Gov. Romney, given the new rules, and with 4 candidates is doing an exceptional job!

Back to Brit Hume's observation. Why would Republicans play this despised PC game which the left plays constantly, WHY? AND, BY WHOM? Is the left planting the stories, I am sure that the MSM is, we know they support Obama and want to diminish Gov. Romney's stature. But why are the facts being distorted, or not told, in the conservative media? Romney governed as a consistent conservative as Governor. "Who's who" in conservatism supported Gov. Romney in 2008, even Santorum, what has changed since? I just don't understand. To be Politically Correct (PC) means to offer only a set of facts which supports the orthodox or accepted narrative, to expose facts which support an alternative narrative causes one to be shunned by the established powers and to be labeled an outcast of accepted society (in this case the Conservative Republican Party). Why would we allow this sort of thing into our party? Is it the personnel ego's of Santorum and Gingrich that are bring this PC insanity into the party? Anti-PC is just a matter of presenting the facts as they are, not siding with a certain candidate. But, bias has entered the picture. This is the story, this is the question. Why? and by Who? Who is going to going to write that story?


Carl said...

You just did, thanks!

GrandpaTim said...

This is the author of the article, Tim Shaw Sr. I must correct one glaring omission. Ann Coulter is a very bright exception to the rule. She is not afraid to express the full truth about Gov. Romney. I can never imagine Ann playing with PC... can you?

Anonymous said...

It was Bret Hume who made the statement re PC. Brit Baer was the host. BRET HUME is an excellent political reporter and journalist & he's pro Romney. Brit Baer is a Fox announcer/commentator who is pro - anyone but Romney.

Just to clarify the names.

Robert St.Jacques said...

Romney is winning, some candidates are in deep denial, reminds me of the Monty Python skit "flesh wound" as the knight Santorum loses more states.

James said...

Sorry anonymous, Tim was correct, it is Brit Hume and Bret Bair.....