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Monday, March 12, 2012

Now Is The TIme to Unite

By Judi Ruskin 
For over 42 years now I have actively followed the politics of this great country in which we live and I can honestly say, that in all that time I have witnessed a lot of things, some I like and some I didn’t like but for the most part it was just politics.
Having said that, I will now tell you that I have never in all my days seen the likes of what it happening in this country today and when this is all over, I pray that no other generation will see this again.

There are several things I want to point out. The first is that the GOP of the past would never have allowed for things happening today to go on. I was shocked that after an investigation of campaign illegal issues that nothing is to be done. Newt Gingrich has crossed the line time after time, and yet they allow him to continue without even a public reprimand,
or penalty. Santorum has been caught on camera (undeniable proof) and witnessed by millions to having his super-PAC not only in contact with him, but also on stage.
Again, nothing is done. This is disgraceful and really puts the GOP in a bad light.

Now I want to talk about the debates for a moment. From the very first debate up until the debate Wednesday night Mitt Romney has been under attack. That is not what debates are about. What I find most interesting is that the attacks are encouraged by the Media and the hosts that oversee the debates. Yet, Mitt, being the man that he is, has withstood all the attacks and in most cases come out the winner. Even so, no candidate should have to go through this type of campaigning. It also reflects poorly on America and the American people.
Four years ago, I witnessed an election that bewildered me for many reasons, but the greatest was that the American people were duped not only by the DNC but the media, as well. You would think after that, Americans would have learned something, but evidently not.

Now we are in a fight for America as we know it. Not a socialist society as many would push us to. Our Constitution that has been the backbone of the democracy we so cherish is being torn to shreds, courts are corrupt, there is no trust left for anyone in Washington. Our rights and liberties are being trampled behind closed doors and still we do nothing but worry about who’s right and who’s wrong in a statement they may of made years ago. Where are our priorities? How come we have let this country and the people of this country take us to this point!
We lose our focus when we debate whether money given to help the Olympics ( a national event that benefits all of America) is the same as an earmark that gives taxpayer monies to (one state) for something as trivial as a teapot museum or a bridge to no where that just duped the American people out of more funds.
I say enough is enough! We, the American people rally together when disaster strikes like the 9/11 tragedy. Well, the tragedy we face today is not from the outside but from forces within, and we had better start rallying to unite now. Or the price we pay will be far greater then anyone can imagine.

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