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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


By Bobby Thomas
Bobby thomasMany believe team Obama exploited the occupy wall street movement and possibly created it to attack Mitt Romney's successful business credentials. OWS did not work and fell apart, except when GOP hopefuls used it to attack Bain Capital and turned around a 10 point Romney lead into a loss by ten in SC. 

Not long ago the White House created another distraction to attack GOP front-runner Romney's perceived weakness on social issues, and Rick Santorum was the perfect delivery system. At that point, Santorum was consistently polling below Ron Paul and clearly had no money! Most thought he would be out by the South Carolina primary until receiving a miracle recount that found forty votes and a super-PAC fund from one very rich man Foster Friess
Back to my point, Remember the debate question by George Stefanopolous on contraceptives?  It was an orchestrated set up as systematically we saw the headlines shift out of the blue from the economy to contraception, Cardinal Dolan, a little girl at Georgetown and Rush Limbaugh. Rick took the bait along with a conservative media and all the talk shows. Suddenly our core colors are waving and all conservatives rallied to the first amendment, as religion is being attacked by Obama! Hmm,  i smell a rat! At this point we must stop and ask why, why would the Obama Administration tackle a losing issue in an election year that would fire up everyone including independent Christians. Simple, this is a topic that only needs the President to stop, pledge support for the church and that topic goes away immediately. More significant is Santorum can wave his conservative abortion credentials square at Romney to rally a base! Colorado robocalls proved helpful to Santorum as he claimed to be the only "TRUE" Christian in the race! From that point forward Santorum has been on "message Obama" to rally anti-Mormon support and ignoring the economy! 

Finally a third time in which the Obama administration has manipulated the republican nomination process was reported in Florida.  A million dollars spent on attack ads aimed at Romney and funded by team Obama. Union calls from team Obama and liberal union members in Michigan, Ohio and VA was spread to take out Romney. I read that over fifty thousand liberal democratic union members crossed over and was told to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan and another fifty thousand in Ohio. Exit polling confirms these numbers! Mitt should have won by a 10% margin without union mischief! The word in Virginia was show your anger and punish the process, vote against the front-runner! The puppet master in DC has knocked us off message three times (it's the economy stupid) It is thing to lose to a fellow republican let's just make certain who is pulling our strings!


Unknown said...

It was reported even by the mainstream media that Democrats were "encouraged" to vote for Santorum in Michigan's open primary. One thing seems apparent. If the Dems are trying to influence the GOP primary in a way that anyone but Mitt Romney is picked the GOP nominee, we know who they're afraid of!

zoso said...

you're delusional if you think OWS was created or even influenced by obama. if you listened at all to what they have to say, they are as anti obama as anyone. he is seen as easy on the big banks, has broken promises for regulations, and has put former goldman sachs board members all over his administration. it's hard to imagine someone so sneaky and double-sided... until romney came about that is...