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Monday, March 12, 2012

Here Stands A Man

By Judi Ruskin
 Here stands a Man
Mitt Romney is his name
He wants to help America
  ....... “Fix It” is his game.

Our votes greatly matter,
it’s a nomination that Mitt really needs,
It’s our voices to share in the telling,
Of all his past Successes and Deeds.

Mitt stands for America,
He wants the best for You and for Me.
He wants Our Constitution preserved,
And a Prosperous Land from sea to shining sea.

He has knowledge and experience,
Leadership abilities we desire,
To make this Country great again,
And to light the Patriots Fire.

When he talks of his visions,
Passion shines thru his eyes,
His ethics and values are in the right place,
To make him Our President would be valiant and wise.

Of Mitt’s glorious virtues,
I could go on all night.
Let me share what he stands for,
As we go forward to fight.

If we send Mitt to Washington,
Here’s what he’ll do:
Cap Spending, create Jobs, Repeal ObamaCare,
And balance the budget too!

Those things alone are a gigantic feat
Now if that’s not enough to grab your attention,
He’s going to make government smaller,
And increase trade that’s been in suspension.

A stronger and up-to-date Military,
Is something else Mitt can see,
Tighter restraints on illegal immigration,
a reduction in taxes for both you and for me.

Now Mitt is only One Man
As you can plainly see,
And he’s going to need a lot of help and support,
That can only come from you and me.

This is Our Country,
America Tis of Thee,
And we need to get behind Mitt
If Americans are to remain Free.

JL Rustin
Feb. 2012

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