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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


By Catherine Volpe
Each day that I read my morning newspapers and turn on CNN, I am subjected to the admonishments … “Mitt Romney has a problem with (blank)” and then the blank is filled with “evangelicals” … “social conservatives” … “blue collar voters” … “the South” … and the list goes on.

The mainstream media and pundits would have us believe that Mitt Romney is a weak and problematic candidate who ‘cannot close the deal’ nor “connect” with voters.

The opposition, social conservative talk show hosts and Fox News tell us that Romney has a problem, because he cannot win over certain GOP voters.

It seems to me that Romney is not the one with “the problem”.

3,189,023 to voters to date have had no problem voting for Mitt Romney. He continues to win primaries and caucuses and has accumulated 430 delegates. No problem.

He has an organized ground game, strong war chest and a wealth of passionate supporters. No problem.

Romney has gained the endorsement of a former President and VP, Governors, Senators and Congress members because they believe he is the strongest candidate to go against President Obama in November. No problem.

So who has ‘the problem’?

The GOP has the problem, in my opinion.

Where would the Republican Party be without the strength of Mitt Romney and without the support of his loyal, passionate voters? What if both candidate and constituents decided to jump ship? It seems to me that the GOP leadership should encourage the base to unite behind their Mitt Romney lest they chance losing their strongest candidate and the millions of loyal supporters who stand lock solid behind him.

Now THAT would be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. The 2 bozos have failed Americans with petty class envy.

mgeorge said...

So agree with you. I am tired of being told my support of Mitt is not valued.

jonathanjp said...

This article tells it like it is. Mitt has earned over 1.2M more votes than his nearest competitor ... and he is the one with the problem?

Linda Gallagher said...

I am so tired of hearing that peopl vote for Santorum because of his high moral standards. What about Mitt's moral standards?

He lives his wife of over 42 years, he has the highest moral standards, does not in anyway condone abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. He does not endorse or support same sex marriage. He has never been unfaithful to his wife and has a strong relationship with his Savior Jesus Christ. He believes in teaching our children abstinence until they are married.

He is a charitable man and willing to serve where and when needed. He took no pay as Governor or when helping the Olympics. He only took a $1.00 a year salary when he worked to save Bain Capital.

Tell me what is wrong with his moral character?

Julie Metcalfe Pacini said...

I loved this article, THANK YOU, it is so true! This morning I watched Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe. I saw Joe and others as they laughed and talked about Mitt's weaknesses and then he talked about a brokered convention. I was so mad that I changed the channel and watched TODAY and before I knew it, there was Joe, again, talking about a brokered convention. He said Chris Christie or Jeb Bush or others should be told to get into the race, it's their civil duty. I ask: for what? To be vetted like he's vetting Mitt, to be made fun of with everything you say or do! Joe claims to be a Republican, but he and the others, as you have mentioned, are destroying our party! Let's boycott his show, I won't be watching Morning Joe anymore!!

Aaron said...

My sentiments exactly.