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Friday, March 23, 2012

An Open Letter to Gov. Romney

Tim Shaw Sr.  
 Gov. Romney, I can't get your Illinois victory speech out of

my head, it was your best ever. I just loved the way you

continually used the word FREEDOM.

This campaign has caused me to once again study my copy of

the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, plus some

of the writings of the Founding Fathers. 

One of the best quotes I found was, "It is the duty of the

patriot to protect his country from its government." Thomas

Paine. I see that as your role in this election. This is your theme.


The founders used the word TYRANNY to describe a repressive government, Webster's

agrees; "An oppressive power exerted by government." We also often, in our modern

English, speak of the "TYRANNY of debt." Many of us have experienced the prison we feel

locked into when our debt becomes unmanageable and our choices in life become limited.

When you combine the enormity of our Federal Government, the oppressive taxation,

regulation, and more especially the multi-generational burden the national debt places on

our children and grand-children, it is not unreasonable to use the term TYRANNY.

What we all seek in your election Gov. Romney is FREEDOM, LIBERTY from the TYRANNY

of a Federal Government which has lost control. We want control of our own lives, as close

to our homes as possible. This is why I support your candidacy. On the night of your

Illinois victory, a man I greatly respect, as I'm sure you do, CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER,

said after your speech, "All the elements were there... except one. When he said he had

the vision, he never told us what it was." He may have been right in that instance, but I

have listened to you for years Governor, and I believe I just described your vision in what I

wrote above.

"A people blessed by their CREATOR, with a hard fought FREEDOM from the TYRANNY of

government, possessing the LIBERTY to choose the course their own lives in the PURSUIT


I believe that in every American's soul they will respond to these three words with great


These three words are the words spoken by patriots going into battle. They fought against

TYRANNY for FREEDOM and LIBERTY. These are the words that constitute your vision,as

I have heard you speak. Maybe by speaking of them in the way the early patriots did, you

will relight the flame of the patriot that still flickers in us all. Then I won't have to hear

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER say, I didn't hear his vision again.

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Anonymous said...

great job,Tim. You said it perfectly and I could not agree more. kp