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Saturday, November 3, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
Consider This: Literally Dozens Upon Dozens Of Communications Were Sent From The Benghazi, Libya Consulate Up The Government Security Chain To Various Entities, Primarily The State Department, Which Were Warning Of The Deterioration Of Social Conditions With The Known Notable Increase Of Terrorist Organizations Moving In And In Their Local Activities. Including, Their Boldness In Their Making Of Continuous Threats About, As Well As Actual Attacks On The United States’ Benghazi, Consulate. 

These Communications, In Addition To Documenting The Escalating Violence Against Our Consulate, Also Discussed That Other Western Entities Were Attacked As Well, Which Were Ultimately Evacuated And Abandoned For Security And Safety Concerns For Their Respective Representatives Serving In That Increasingly Volatile Area. Also Discussed, Was The Availability Of Such Evacuation - Contingency Plans That Should Be Considered For Americans At Our Consulate As Well.

SO If This Much Was Communicated And Therefore Known By Those In Charge And Who Were Responsible For The Safety And Security Of Not Only That Piece Of Sovereign Soil, But For The Americans And American Allies, That Were Assigned And Stationed Or Visiting There…

AND Those Same In Charge And Responsible For Their Safety And Security, Even After Receiving Such Warnings And Documented Threats And Physical Evidence, Chose To Take No Action Or Response, That Tragically Subsequently Allowed Those Who Communicated Their Concerns, To Be Killed By Exactly Those Same Terrorists, They Were Concerned And Communicated About…

THEN Those Same, In Charge And Responsible For Their Safety And Security Of Those Who Were Murdered, Tell The American Public, That “There Was No Actionable Intelligence” And Then They Even Attempt To Lead Us And The Whole World Away From The Truth Through Mass Deception...

HOW Can ISRAEL Possibly Place Their Whole Country Into These Same Hands?

Haven’t They Too, Been Warned Or Threatened With Destruction And Annihilation?
Haven’t They Too, Already Been Systematically Attacked?
Haven’t They Too, Been Surrounded By Those Who Hate Them And Publicly Proclaim That They Want To See Israelis Dead And Gone Forever?
Haven’t They Too, Been Communicating With Those In Charge And Asking For A Declaration In Public? Did You Ever Even Wonder Why They Wanted A Public Declaration?

WHY Would Israel, The Israelis As Well As Jews And Supportive Christians Around The World Alike, Believe It Would Even Be A Prudent Thing To Do?

WHEN It Has Been Shown To The World That Not Only Is It Accepted That Some Of Those In Charge And Responsible For Lives Are Beyond Reproach. It Has Even Been Demonstrated That The Same Is Shielded From All Accountability By Those Who Absolutely Condone The Same By Their Not Condemning The Same, While At The Same Time They Condemn All Others, Who Even Inquire?

WHAT Do You Think Their Response Will Be The Day After ISRAEL Is Gone?

Perhaps It Will Be, “But There Was No Actionable Intelligence”…

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