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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mitt Romney Express - What's Next?

By Evelio Perez
I am at a loss of words and very fearful for our country tonight. It appears that our beloved Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has come short of achieving his goal of becoming our nation's 45th President.
To my amazement, President Barack Obama has been re-elected president of The United States. May God help us all...........

As for me, I will continue my fight through my blog Evelio Perez, In My Opinion against the people that want to reshape America into an immoral Socialist society.

I am very proud of my fellow Mitt Romney Express Co-Administrators Matt Yutsy and Nathan Rollins for which believe me, were a huge part of Mitt Romney Express and a major reason of why we never stopped giving you the latest Mitt news.

For personal reasons, I did not identify myself throughout the life of Mitt Romney Express, I felt that though my anonymous tag (@), that I was able to concentrate and do more on the task at hand at helping to get Gov. Romney's message out. 

This page will continue to run in honor of the great Gov. Mitt Romney. Hopefully Matt and Nathan will continue to honor us with their valued contribution to this page.

Finally, I want to extend my hand and heart to all of you (Mitt-Heads), that have touched my heart in more ways that you can imagine. 
May God bless Mitt and Ann Romney and may God bless The United States of America.................... @ 

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