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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thought To Consider: Here Is A “Catch 22” For The Obama Administration

By Kenny Youngblood
The Absurdity Of The ABSURD: “When Someone Tells You That Today’s Jobs Report Issued By The Labor Department Showed A Job Loss Of Only 363,000 (I.e. 363k Americans Filed For New Jobless ’Unemployment’ Benefits This Past Week) And That Is Good, Consider These Facts And Figures.

When Financial Analysts Confirm That The Average Weekly Job Loss For This Year Is Actually Conservatively Estimated At 365,000 Jobs Per Week x (4)Four Weeks = 1,460,000 Jobs Lost In (1)One Month. 

Now You Start To See Just How Grim These Numbers Actually Are, But Wait… Try 365,000 Jobs Per Week x (52)Fifty Two Weeks = 18,980,000 Or Right At (19)Nineteen Million Jobs Lost For This Past Year Alone.

Therefore, For Some Idiot To Stand Before You And Declare That America’s Economy Is Improving Because Jobs Are Being Created For “Out Of Work” Americans, You Should Ask Them How Many Jobs Were Created? Because IF There Wasn’t 18,980,001 Jobs Created In The Past Year, Then NO Jobs Were Created For Those Already Out Of Work Americans Or Anyone Else, Entering The Work Force For The First Time.

The Premise Is Simple And I Have Explained It Before. Only When You Create More Than You Destroy Can You Have Net Growth And When You Destroy More Than You Create, Then You Have Net Loss Or Shrinkage.

To Put This In A Perspective You Might Not Have Considered. In Coordinated Calculating With This Year’s Conservative Estimate Of 18,980,000 Jobs Lost, A Job Is Lost Roughly Every One And A Half Seconds Or 36 Jobs Are Lost In (1)One Minute Or Roughly 2,167 Jobs Are Lost In (1)One Hour, Totaling 52,000 Jobs Lost A Day, Each And Every Day.

Think About That… If It Took (10)Ten Minutes To Write This, In Those Ten Minutes (360)Three Hundred And Sixty People Just Lost Their Livelihood And They Are Now Realizing That They Don’t Even Know How They Are Going To Pay Their Mortgage Which Is Due In A Couple Of Weeks Or Their Vehicle Note Or Any Of Their Utilities And Think About This… In The Minute That You Just Took To Read This, Another (36)Thirty Six Jobs Were Lost, So Another Thirty Six People Just Joined Those Three Hundred And Sixty. Get The Picture?

It Is No Wonder That The Current Administration Doesn’t Understand This Premise Or The Solution And I Thought That Every Great Physician Knew, One Must First Stop The Bleeding, Before One Can Even Have A Chance To Save The Life, But They Still Believe They Can Spend Their Way Out Of Debt…

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