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Monday, November 5, 2012

CONSIDER THIS: “Oh, The Hypocrisy Of The Protectors Of Mr. Obama“

By Kenny Youngblood 

After Watching Two Hours Worth Of News On A Cable News Network Channel, It Was Astounding To See The Level Of Reporting Being Bestowed Upon Its’ Viewership. 

If One Didn’t Know What Was Really Going On Around The Country, They Certainly Still Would Not Know Anything More, After Wasting Two Hours Of Their Lives Watching This Same.

The Reason To Justify The Suffering Of Such A Waste, Was To Be Fair In The Assessment Of Reports That Some Mainstream Media Companies Were NOT Showing The True Level Of Devastation And Suffering Going On In The Northeast, In The Aftermath Of The Hurricane / Nor’easter Sandy.

Here Are The Findings As Witnessed With My Own Two Eyes… During This Two Hour Segment Viewers Were In Graced With The Jesse Jackson’s Proclaimed “Fact” That, If Mr. Romney Is Elected, He Will Undo The Last 150 Years Of Civil Rights Advances, Even Taking The United States Back To 1865.

Keep In Mind, He Is The Same, Who Sought To Become The Democrat Presidential Candidate And Believes That Having The Same Values, Means Having The Same Desires For What One Seeks To Acquire In Their Life…

In Addition, Within This Same News Segment They Broadcasted Five Different Segments Of Other People Acting The Part Of Political Officials And Animations And Comedians Discussing Politics As True Political Ideas And Points Of View, Including One Segment Which Was A Skit Taken From The NBC Program, “Saturday Night Live” Portraying As Hysterics, The Immediate Post Hurricane Press Conferences Of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie And Mr. Obama, With Actors Demonstrating The Consolation Between The Two.

To Which The News Personality Actually Said, “We Could Show You The Real Pictures But This Is Just So Much More Fun“… Somehow, I Think There Are Several Thousand Hungry And Homeless People Who Would Fail To See The Humor.

However, Their News Broadcast Did Manage To Show Mr. Obama And Governor Christie In Real Footage As The News Personality Stated, “Since Mitt Romney Has JUST Started Saying How He Can Work Across The Isle…” And “As Much As The Republicans Have Been Saying That The President Was Not Willing To Work Across The Isle, You Can See From This Picture That, This Doesn’t Appear To Be True, Because He Is Being Bipartisan Here.”

I’m Sorry, I Can’t Even Comment Anything, Other Than “You Can’t Fix Stupid”.

Well Finally, Nearing The End Of The Two Hour Segment, When I Had Just Self Administered The Smelling Salts (Not Really) The Channel Did Finally Mention New Jersey And Their Dealing With The Storm Aftermath But NOT In The Way One Might Expect. Their Reporter Was Walking On The Beach With No Damage In The Shot, While Asking The Mayor About Implementing “Internet Voting” To Ensure Anyone Without Electricity Could Still Vote.

Then They Did Show A Scene In New Jersey, Again Not Of Any Damage Or Of Any Of Those Suffering As They Are Crying Out For Help But Of People Standing In Line With Gas Cans.

It Was Then When The Same News Personality Stated, “These People Are In Line To Get Gas But The Long Lines Are Not For Any Gas Shortages, They Are Because They Are Still Waiting On Electricity To Be Restored“ And For Some Reason, This Person Was Sure To Repeat That Portion Twice Again, “Not Because Of Any Gas Shortages, Because There isn’t A Gas Shortage But Because They Are Still Waiting On The Electricity.”

Well, There You Have It. You Were Lied To, By Addition And Omission, As Well As Just Flat Out Misleading.

They Completely Forgot To Mention That Gas Rationing Had Been Implemented By The Same Governor Christie Who Since His Meeting With Mr. Obama Last Week, Has NOT Returned To Campaign Events But Instead, Has Repeatedly Visited With His Constituents And Fellow Citizens Of New Jersey And Has Been Trying To Deal With The States Enormous Needs, Since The Storm Occurred.

However, The Further Tragedy Is, This Is Only One Of Several News Outlets That Refuse To Show Or Chooses To Filter And Sanitize Their Coverage, In Their Consorted Effort To Prevent Anyone From Seeing Just How Mr. Obama Really Prioritizes His Concerns And Actions

The Whole Of America Suffers From Their Veil Over Reality But None More Than All Of The States Affected In The North East.

Consider If America Is Lied To, Then Americans Have No Clue How Bad Their Northern Neighbors Are Truly Suffering, Because We Are Being Led To Believe, Mr. Obama’s Got Our Back…

Open Your Eyes America To The True Level Of Devastation And Suffering Going On In In The Aftermath Of The Hurricane / Nor’easter Sandy, Because The Northeast Is Very Much Suffering.

But Of Course, You Would Know This Already, If All The Mainstream News Channels Weren’t So Busy Covering Mr. Obama’s Back…

See more of Kenny Youngblood here......................... http://www.facebook.com/KEYCDY


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