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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Liberal Crania(L)ogic Crapola

By Kenny Youngblood
Liberal Crania(L)ogic Crapola: So Let Me Get This Straight. Mr. Obama Says He And His Supporters Are Prepared To See Tax Rates Increase On Every Single Tax Paying American, IF The Republican Majority Controlled, House Of Congress Does NOT Agree To Increase The Tax Rates On All Of Those Making Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Or More Per Year… 

His Logic Is, That The Republican Majority Is Only Holding Out On Not Agreeing, Because They Are Protecting The “Rich” And He Is Betting That The Republican Majority Controlled House, Will Not Allow All Of Those Taxpayers Making Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year, To Be Crushed With His Threatened Tax Hikes, So They Will Stop Protecting The “Rich” And Agree To Raise Their Tax Rates, As He And His Supporters Desire. 

How Is It, That One Held In Such High Regard As A Brilliant Man, Can NOT See The Absurdity Of His Logic? Does He Simply NOT Comprehend That A Laid Off Tax Payer, Who Use To Make Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year, Is Crushed Even More Under His Tax The Rich Plan?

Just Look Around You And You Will See American Companies Laying Off Workers More And More Since The Election, Because Of The Confirmation Of The Pending Increase In Taxes Associated With Mr. Obama’s Last “Logical” Idea, That Will Soon Be Implemented. So What Positive Will Come When They Are Hit With Another Tax Increase, Even On Top Of The First One?

This Will Help Even The Simplest Minds Understand How Vital All Of Those Making Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Or More Per Year, Are To All Of Those Making Below Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars Per Year. 

All You Have To Do, Is Look Around You And Find Those In The “Higher Than” Category Working For Those In The “Lower Than” Category And Those Two Or Three Dozen, Are Called Lottery Winners Who Love Their Job. Now, Pay Attention To How Many In The “Lower Than” Category Are Working For Someone (Or A Company) In The “Higher Than” Category… You Will Absolutely See That It Is At Least 99.99%.

For Every Percentage Of Increase In Their Taxes, An Equal Percentage Is Decreased From Their Profits. Thus, They Must Cut Costs And Employees Are Costs, Especially With The Added “Obama Care” Tax Mandate Attached To Each One…

Only If Someone Would Just Tell Our Government, IF They Too Cut Costs From Their Wasteful Spending And Put Some Of Their Departments Back Into The Private Sector, They Also Would In Fact, Receive More Revenue From More Revenue Producers… 

Oh Wait, That Is What The Conservative Republicans Have Been Saying, Isn’t It?

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RugeR said...

Your argument is extremely logical. It's unfortunate that the big boys would rather keep there 3 and 4 summer homes and there 40 foot yachts then to part ways with a little "profit" to keep a American Family working. They would rather layoffs 30 employees instead of cutting a little 300,000 out of their millions a year. And I'm not talking about small business owners that make about 250,000 to 350,000 a year (there tax hikes will not be so substantial either), I'm talking about the millionaires there are a lot of them in this country. But you're right if the rich are taxed more, they will take it out on the working class!