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Sunday, July 8, 2012



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KWM said...

I like Mitt.

AndreaStrauss said...

Mitt Romney is the best candidate for President in DECADES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is the best candidate for President of our country!!

J said...

I would love to syndicate my blog articles at Conservative Samizdat on your blog.

Let me know if you'd like me to do that.

Mitt Romney Tea Party Supporters said...

Obamacare is Not the Most Fundamental Issue of this Election

Despite what Senator Santorum and his supporters would have you believe, Obamacare is not the most fundamental issue of this election. I would argue there are more fundamental areas where the Republican candidate needs to draw sharp contrasts with Obama.

Leadership & Executive Management Experience - Even after four years of playing President, Obama still has far less executive management experience than Mitt Romney and most Americans realize Obama is a failed leader, even if they like him personally. Please ask yourself if we can afford to give this issue away to Obama by nominating someone who has never managed anything but political campaigns.

Jobs, the Economy & the Deficit - Mitt Romney is a turnaround specialist and naturally instills confidence that he is the best person to ignite a true economic recovery and reverse this trend of increasing deficits. Any objective review of Senator Santorum's record will show his love of earmarks and that Republicans engaged in deficit spending and government expansion while he was part of senate leadership.

Government Control - the Republican party would completely undercut all their legitimate complaints against government control these past four years by nominating Senator Santorum. How do we justify that we all of a sudden want government control when it comes to things like porn and gay marriage? That level of hypocrisy is a huge turn off for many, including those conservatives who are Libertarian on social issues.

Whining, Finger Pointing & Excuse Making - we need a candidate that can look the American people in the eye and tell them he will be accountable for his administration and that he will not spend his presidency blaming his predecessor. The style of campaign run by Senator Santorum leaves him without the credibility to convey this message convincingly.

If you support Mitt Romney and enjoy political insight and humor, then please like our page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mitt-Romney-TEA-Party-Supporters/174401882635203?ref=tn_tnmn

Chris Gadbois
Mitt Romney Tea Party Supporters

Mitt Romney Express said...

Jared, Big Time Yes!!!!!!!!

CSMason26/Christopher Mason said...

You've all ready got my go ahead. Anything I post via my Twitter, my Facebook or my blog at PolitcalNonsenseandcrap.blogspot.com is yours to take. It's our time to take America back and we're going to do it with class by electing Romney and sending him and Rubio directly to the white house and all them Democrats packing back to their home districts where they can hold their heads in shame for ruining this country!!!

Mitt Romney Express said...

Thanks Chris, you are a credit to our cause, bring them on!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was honored to travel from Texas to the Ladies Birthday Party for Ann Romney in the Trump NYC penthouse. Paid, uniformed Broadway type actors were outside demonstrating in baseball outfits with a big Mitt and a big hoop labeled tax loopholes. Mitt pays what many retired people do on their investments, as was legally set up to encourage free enterprise. Disgusting how the Dems made investing and success dirty words. They yelled at us, "sell your pearls and feed the poor". Yes, tell that to Mrs Obama and her over the top expensive play clothes! And then Huff Pist said the attendees were all talking birth certificate. It was the Post that kept bringing it up despite attendees changing the subject. So dishonest.

Joseph Molnar said...

Yes please!