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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now Consider This

By K.E. Youngblood
Consider Now About This Solar Panel Company Solyndra Scandal That Received 500 Plus Million Of Our Tax Dollars As A Guaranteed Loan Which Was Promoted And Approved By The Obama Administration. You Know This Money Will Never Be Repaid And Has Already Been Considered A Complete Loss.

Here Is The Kicker For You To Ponder. Think About All Of Your Friends And All Of Your Family And Consider How Much In Taxes You And They Have Paid In To The Federal Government Over This Last Tax Period. Go Another Step And Consider How Much You And All Of Your Friends And All Of Your Family Have Paid In Taxes To The Federal Government Over Their Entire Lifetimes. 

Now Consider This As Mr. Obama Stated, Well It Was Just A Bad Bet, These Things Happen In Business. Therefore, All The Combined Paid Taxes Of You, Your Friends And Your Family Over Your Whole Lifetimes Are Possibly Only A Small Portion Of This Administration’s Bad Bet.

Now Consider All Of Our Children And All Of Their Children… Get The Point….

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