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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Politically Correct or Morally Correct / What's More Important ?

By Tim Shaw Sr.
 In these Politically Correct (PC) minds any sexual activity is protected under civil rights legislation (Morals? don't you dare say that word in my presence again you hater! Yeah, those kind of civil rights). 

It's incredible to me that they would bring up Judas as the image of the traitor that violates their cause which stands for no morals. When it was Judas who betrayed Jesus who was the very embodiment of morality, his entire mission in life was to teach the moral way of living. Not only to care for and love your fellow man, regardless of his state of sin, but he set a moral standard of sexual behavior as well (As did his Apostles after Him). 

Remember the woman that was brought to him, being caught in the very act of adultery, and the crowd wanted to stone her. He forgave her of her sins, but then told her to go her way and to "SIN NO MORE." He did not condone the sexual immorality, He considered it a sin, but forgave her on the condition she would commit it no more. He still loved her in her sinful state enough to save her life and forgive her, and to teach her the truth.

But the PC thought police get this so confused. They think that if you believe in the standard of behavior Jesus set, it follows that you must hate the person who violates that standard, they believe you couldn't possibly love them. Thus, those that support traditional marriage (who teach the Lords standard) are continually labeled haters, because to the PC thought police the idea that these two thoughts, of setting a standard and loving all people, cannot exist in the same mind simultaneously. 

This is so untrue, and so contrary to the teachings of Christ. Christians believe everyone of us have violated the standards (commandments) the Lord has set in our lives often, and we depend on Our Lords love and our fellow Christian's consistent love to see us through these troubled periods while we get back on the road. We want to extend the same love to all people, but they reject it, believing we can only hate them. No matter what we do or say to convince them otherwise. And, if they choose to continue to live contrary Jesus standard of behavior is no reason to stop loving them. In fact the second greatest commandment is to "Love thy neighbor as thy self." Jesus left no escape hatches on that love, he didn't say "Unless they are gay," "unless they are a democrat or republican" "unless thy are Muslim" etc. The commandment is clear, everyone, for everyone is our neighbor. 

These foolish "Christian" "Pastors" that preach on TV about building barbed wired stockaids in the desert to heard gays into them so that they can starve to death sounds more like the teachings of Satan than Jesus. It sure doesn't sound like the way Jesus talked to the woman taken in adultery, or the way someone would talk who was keeping the second commandment. But the PC police, take that fools TV sermon, watch it and claim that is how all Christians are. What a disservice someone like that has done when he claims a false mantel of authority and gets a TV camera to talk into. The damage is incalculable for those of us who are trying to build bridges. So let us watch our words, be an example of the Savior's love, accepting of all men and women, but still teaching the standards the Lord has set. It is never a mistake to show kindness and love.

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