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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


By Tim Shaw Sr.
It would be absolute folly for Governor Romney to follow the demands of “Chicago Machine” and release more documents to them. They act as if this "will settle the question"- that is a total lie. Dealing with these people is like dealing with a great villain in a Marvel Comics saga. While Gov. Romney has tried his best to keep the topic of the campaign on the economy, what he would do to recover economic vitality to the county, and Obama’s failures in managing it, he has never attacked Obama personally. Obama’s machine has a very different agenda.

Obama’s campaign team announced early on their campaign goal was to “Kill Romney.” Not physically of course, but destroy his reputation, his integrity. Has anyone ever heard of destroying another human being’s reputation as a righteous virtue? The opposite of righteous is evil. It follows that the Chicago Machine is evil to the core; they proved this to be true themselves when they pulled their felon stunt. These people will literally do anything to complete their stated campaign goal to “Kill Romney.” Only a fool would think that all they want is to have a few more returns, then rainbows and unicorns will appear, and they will campaign like gentlemen. Their purpose is to get their hands on those tax returns and have teams of tax lawyers and
CPA's that work for the Chicago mob, studying them 24/7 under microscopes, as if they were dissecting a cadaver. They would take whatever innocent bits of information they could glean from them - twist them, manipulate them, re-frame them, make-up whole stories about them - until they look nothing like the original information and make them the basis for new felonious assaults. They would create a multitude of new TV commercials based on their creative work. 

We have to always remember we are dealing with evil, they have self-identified as such in their latest venture into lala-land, when the entire world was telling them that truth was NOT on their side, and they were telling lies about Bain (even Obama supporters and his donors who now run Bain, released a statement supporting Romney’s version of the truth). But even still, Obama took the attitude, "TRUTH BE DAMMED! FULL SPEED AHEAD!!" Anyone, that has an absolute disregard for the known truth and pursues the attack for no other purpose but the absolute destruction of the integrity of a man (which has taken a life time of hard work, making right choices, and selfless service to create) in my book has nothing but evil in his heart. Who is the father of lies?

So, why would anyone advocate handing the evil opponent ammunition to fire against you? To do so would be suicidal. If there is anything we learned in Sunday School, it is to understand the tactics of the ultimate enemy of good. Republicans calling for Gov. Romney to release further documents are not wise, for they have forgotten their Sunday School lessons.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Trump that Mitt should only release on condition that Obama releases all of his records for which millions have been spent to seal, such as fast and furious documents, Rezco house deal, college transcripts, foreign aid scholarship applications, visa documents, etc., etc.