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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Slams Brian Williams In Interview

By Jared Allebest

Conservative Samizdat

Mitt Romney displayed his quick wit and humor in an interview with Brian Williams. Watch the entire interview below. The best part comes around the 9 minute mark of the interview: 

When Brian Williams asked Romney if he's looking for an“incredibly boring white guy” as his Vice President, I love Mitt's response: “You told me you were not available.” 
Brian Williams could only politely laugh at that smackdown. 
Overall, Mitt Romney did a great job with an incredibly boring 
white liberal interviewer. Way to go, Mitt!!

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Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney in his heart of hearts thinks that there are not enough gullible Americans to make him win in November. :-(

Anonymous said...

Fearless Quote: "Mitt Romney peers into the future and sees not a close contest but a devastating defeat [his] in November."