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Friday, July 20, 2012

Romney will be the next president because Obama's support is not expanding

By Jack A. Dennis
National polls will continue to show a close Presidential race and many in the media will linger along allowing Barack Obama a free pass on his unreliable leadership. Despite this, Americans will elect Mitt Romney in November.
How can one be so bold to make this prediction with such certainty?
It’s not that difficult. The only significant group that still supports Obama during his presidency are partisan loyalists who are not about to change their minds.
Uncommitted Voters
The first big hint was in May. Not many reported this, but during the recent Democratic presidential primary elections, the “Uncommitted” votes were extremely high. For instance, in Kentucky Obama received 57.9 percent of the Democratic vote, while “Uncommitted” delivered a whopping 42.1 percent.
Romney, who at the time had Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich to deal with, brought in 66.85 percent of his party’s vote. Only 5.87 percent were “Uncommitted.”The story is the same in other state elections as well.So, what other major groups has Obama expanded? "Don't count on all gays voting for him..."
One of my best friends, openly gay, says "Don't count on all gays voting for him just because he is pandering to us. Being gay is not the only thing that matters to us. I will vote for anyone other than Obama."
"Who can truly say Obama has done such an outstanding job and that they feel better about their job, the economy and integrity in politics?" he added. "Not me."
Although most Unions will continue to support him, Obama’s record of giving millions of dollars’ worth of jobs to the Chinese to rebuild bridges and infrastructure (remember “shovel ready jobs for Americans?” has ticked off many individual voters.
At this point in time during the Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan election era, Reagan was 9 points behind Carter. Most polls show Romney currently running very close, if not even with Obama. Remember what the newspapers and polls were predicting? Reagan proved them wrong and won by a large margin.
McCain voters moving over to Obama's corner?
How many people who voted for McCain in 2008 have moved over to Obama’s corner? We can count on Romney retaining at least all of those voters.
How many people who voted for an unfamiliar Obama back then are now angry or not buying into to a second round of his lackluster hope hype? It could be in the millions.
We don’t even know who Romney’s Vice President pick is yet, but what we do know is Obama received 96% of the Black vote in 2008. How can he get more than 96% after so many of these voters have expressed their anger at so many of his failed policies and Solyndra type tactics? He has nowhere to go but down in this voting category.
Hispanic vote and Florida opportunity
The United States is seeing more rallies, the type usually associated with less conservative types, popping up against Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious debacle, Obamacare, Constitutional rights, Solyndra styled payoffs, and lack of jobs. The moderate and right minded are beginning to speak up more.
It will be interesting to see what happens with the Hispanic votes if Romney selects Marco Rubio as his running-mate. Some predict up to 15% of this group would vote against Obama. It would be nice for Romney to solidify Florida’s votes as well.
Although Obama won most of the Catholic vote back then, being sued by the Church because of his confrontation with their religious beliefs and contraception is not earning him more of these voters. It’s unlikely he can get over half of them to vote his way this time.
Military veterans votes swinging back to Romney
Romney is winning the military veteran votes by almost 25 percentage points. Compared to John McCain’s win by just 10 points last time around, it a sure thing that Romney is gaining ground here.
Obama has been pathetic on his support of Israel. Many of the 78% of Jewish voters who voted for his last time around may change their minds on Election Day.
With 17 percent of the youngest working age Americans unemployed, even college campuses have seen an upsurge in those disillusioned with Obama. It’s not likely he will garner the type of support he had 4 years ago.
How many small business owners are moving over to the Obama side of politics? Obama’s war on capitalism, attacks on business, and extreme favoritism to unions is not good news for the President in that arena.
John Cornyn on Obama: "Heading in the wrong direction."
Texas Senator John Cornyn said it best about Obama’s tax plan. It’s “heading in the wrong direction,” and added we “ought to be looking for ways to lighten that load.”
To think American business brands like Woolworth's, Chess King, Diners Club Card, Amiga are fading fast means something.
Whatever happened to TWA, Braniff and Pan Am? Even McCall’s magazine, after changing its name to Rosie because Rosie O’Donnell came aboard, is gone.
Moms are paying attention
Many mothers gave Obama a chance last time around. During his term, Obama has spent 41% more in his outlays than George W. Bush did. If he gets a second term it will average 51%.
Moms are paying more attention to this because they have to feed our children. More government spending isn’t helping their cause.
Their perception of blatant vices within Obama’s special interests circles is not good. When moms were hit with the uncertainty of Obamacare, unemployment, rising costs and worsening education trends, then all bets are off that he is gaining in this group.
By ticking off America’s mothers, even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid need to start worrying.
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