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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"CONSIDER THIS" The Absurdity Of The “Chick- Fil-A” Controversy

By Kenny Youngblood
"CONSIDER THIS: Okay, The Absurdity Of The “Chick- Fil-A” Controversy And A Note To The Ignorant (To The Fatuous That Simply Means Those Who Choose To Ignore The Facts) Who Take The Time To Comment In Outrageous And Sometimes Even Hateful Responses Without Even Taking The Time To Read What Was Actually Said In The First Place, Do Something That Shows You Have At Least Some Sense Of Your Own And Not Follow Every Whining Hypocrite, Who Has Their Feelings Hurt And Then Just Quote What They Say Was Said, But Rather Confirm And Become Knowledgeable About The Subject Before Your Lips Dribble With Misinformation. 

The Truth: The President And Chief Operating / Operations Officer (COO) Of Chick-Fil-A, Mr. Dan Cathy Originally Stated In A “Christian Based Magazine” Interview, That He Believes In The Biblical Definition Of The Family Unit (I.e. Marriage). When He Was Afterwards Asked On The “Ken Coleman Show” Over The Radio About That Comment, Mr. Cathy Then Stated The Following, “I Think We Are Inviting GOD’S Judgment On Our Nation When We Shake Out Fist At HIM And Say “We Know Better Than YOU As To What Constitutes A Marriage’ And I Pray GOD‘S Mercy On Our Generation That Has Such A Prideful, Arrogant Attitude To Think That We Have The Audacity To Define What Marriage Is About.“  

Now, From This Man’s Statement Which Is In Alignment With The Holy Scripture, Which Is Considered By Billions To Be The WORD OF GOD, He Has Since, In Ignorance And Stupidity, Been Labeled, Hateful, A Bigot, Anti-Gay And Even A Racists… 

Mr. Cathy Is Being Persecuted For Doing What Millions Of Others Do, But Usually From Their Hidden Closets Deep Within Their Illusion Of Security, In Their Own Homes.

Many People Jump On The Fight The “Anti-Gay” Bandwagon Because It Is The Politically Correct Thing To Do And They Have Been Deceived Into Believing That All Of Their Favorite Actors, Musicians And Elected Politicians Believe And Feel That Same Way And That Somehow Their New Wealth Or Position Has Made Them More Intelligent Or “Evolved” Than Everyone Else.

Why Do You Not Understand That The Morals Of Public Personalities Are Not Always Those Formed From Their Hearts? Most Of Them Had Different Morals Prior To Becoming Public Personalities And Then Their Newly Perceived Morals Are Dictated By Money And Their Fans And Their Voters.

Now, This Idea That Someone Disagrees With You, Somehow Makes That Person A Hater Of You Or Anti You, Is Simply Not Realistic And People Throw Around Labels So Much That They Are Used As A Weapon Anymore, Where Once Upon A Time They Were Realistic Identifiers.

So To All Who Read This Whom Proclaim They Are Followers Of Judaism Or Christianity Who Have Jumped On The Persecute Chick Fil-A Bandwagon, Remember This Man Made No Proclamation That GOD Hasn’t Already Said And/Or Done, In Reference To This Same Issue, So If You Have Issue With Mr. Cathy, Perhaps You Have Issue With GOD As Well…

Furthermore, To All Who Read This Whom Do Not Proclaim They Are A Follower Of Or Believer In GOD Or The Bible, What Do You Care Anyway If Mr. Cathy Said This? By Your Own Admission There Is No Biblical Definition Of Marriage And His Prayer And GOD’S Retribution Is Not Real To You Anyway…

Finally, To All Who Still Jump On The Persecute Chick Fil-A Bandwagon, Perhaps You Should Start By Boycotting Those States That Still Believe In The Biblical Definition Of The Family Unit And All Of The Churches As Well, But Most Of All… Please Start With The Muslim Mosques And Those Muslim Countries Who Are The Real Outspoken Anti-Gay Marriage Believers…

I’m Sorry, Who Was The Hypocrite Again ???

QUOTE: “Being Forced To Tolerate Something Contrary To Your Religious Beliefs Under The Guise Of Political Correctness Is Already Abhorrent, But For One To Be Forced To Forsake Their GODLY Values To Accept And Agree With Man’s Values, Simply Is NOT Tolerable“ -- K.E.Youngblood… " on Liberals are Hypocrites's timeline.

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