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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unless You Have Been Under A Rock

By K.E. Youngblood
Unless You Have Been Under A Rock, You Have Heard The “New” Position That Mr. Obama Has Introduced In His Campaign, Of Course Many Of Us Already Knew How He Really Felt About Capitalism In America, But For Some, This Latest Comes As A Complete And Utter Surprise Unto Them, But Only Validates What We Have Been Trying To Warn Them About All Along…

Without Repeating His Words Verbatim, The Essence Of His Message, Was That No One, Ever In America’s History Or Even Now, Has Created A Business And Became Successful On Their Own, (i.e. Without Government Help Or Services Or Infrastructure).

He Uses This Belief To Justify His Idea, That When One Has Created A Business And Becomes Successful, They Should Be Obligated To Pay More In Taxes To The Government, Somewhat Like A Gratuity, Because They Are So Thankful For The Government’s Assistance Along The Way…

I Implore You To Seriously Consider His Logic Of, If It Was Not For The Government’s Assistance, No Business Would Be Possible And No Person Could Ever Be Successful, Therefore, The Government Gets Credit For All Business And Success In America And Should Be Remunerated Accordingly. 

Now Consider, By Using This Same Harvard Genius Logic, Wouldn’t The Government Then Also Be Responsible For Every Single Business That Was Attempted And Subsequently Failed, As Well As, Responsible For Every Unsuccessful Person Who Used Or Is Still Using Any Government Assistance? 

Is It Then Logical, That If One Must Pay More To The Government For Having More Success, Then The Government Should Pay More To Those People Who Tried And Failed To Be Successful? 

Is It Then Logical, That If The Government Is Directly Or Indirectly Responsible For All Good And Prosperity, Then They Must Also Be Responsible For All Of The Bad And Poverty? 

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