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Monday, July 30, 2012

"CONSIDER THIS" As We All Have Heard, Unless You Live Under A Rock

By Kenny Youngblood

CONSIDER THIS LOGIC: As We All Have Heard, Unless You Live Under A Rock Or Only Ever Watch The Main Steam News Channels, That The Country Of Canada Has A Huge Reserve Of Oil That It Generates From Literally Squeezing The Oil Out, Which Is Trapped In Oil / Tar Sands. 

While Working With Oil Production Companies, They Have Been Able To Develop This Extraction Process To Be As Efficient And Environmentally Considerate As Possible, To Even Meet The Guidelines And Environmental Criteria Set Forth By America’s Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) And Have Worked Hand In Hand With American Agencies To Plan The Most Efficient And Considerate Route To Transfer This Newly Produced Oil To The United States Refineries To Sell Their Product Solely To Their Nearest Neighbor And Ally In An Mutually Beneficial Agreement.

The Only Hold-Up To The Signing Of The Final Agreements And To Commence The Operation Of The Construction Of The Transfer Pipeline (Keystone XL Pipeline) To Begin Flowing The Black Blood Of Our Economy South Across The Canada / United States Border Down To The State Of Texas, Which No Doubt, Could And Would Have Certainly Reduced Our Nation’s Dependency On Middle East Oil And Allowed Some Negotiating Room In Bargaining With Those Controlling Oil-Lords, Was The Continuous Objections Being Put Forth By The Left Leaning Liberal Groups, Whose Proclaimed Main Concerns Were, “To Protect The Environment”.

Even After A Multi-Year Study And Approval Of A Plan For The Construction Of A Safe Pipeline And Route, Before The Contracts Could Be Signed, Again The Left Leaning Liberal, So Called “Green Groups” Filed More Objections And Even Purchased More Influential Mouthpieces In Our Own Government To Stand In Opposition To This Same Project, Again On Their Professed Concerns For “The Protection Of The Environment”.

Since Their Money And Influence Reached Even The Highest Political Office Among Many Others, Again The Project Was Put On Hold, At Least Until After Another Study, That Would Coincidentally Take Until After The Upcoming Presidential Election.

So With The Infinite Wisdom Of A Select Few, With Their Proclaimed Sole Concern For “The Protection Of The Environment“, The Rest Of This Whole Country, Stands To Miss Out On The Creation Of Badly Needed Jobs, But We Also Lose Out On Purchasing A Less Expensive Product To Boost Our Fuel Supply, From Our Own Neighbors, Which Would Therefore, Reduced The Risk Of Our Gas Prices Drastically Increasing On Every Single Threat Of Turmoil In The Middle East.

So Do You Think That These Same Infinitely Wise, Left Leaning Liberal, So Called Green Groups, Whose Proclaimed Main Concern Was “To Protect The Environment“, Believed That By Stopping The Progress And Benefits To America, They Would Also Stop The Canadian Production Of Those Resources Or The Construction Of A Pipeline To Sale Those Same?

I Hope They Did Not, Because In Fact, They Failed Miserably If That Was Their True Goal. They Only Made Things Much Worse For America And Ironically For Their Same Proclaimed Environmentalist‘s Cause.

The Canadians Will Now Simply Change The Direction Of Their Pipeline And Then Flow Those Precious And Valuable Resources Out To Their Coast Line To Be Placed On Shipping Vessels And Then Shipped Half Way Around The World To The Country Of China.

So To Those Green Group Protesters, Do You Mean That One Part Of The Environment Is Worth “Protecting” More Than Another ? Do You Feel More Comfortable Now That The Overseers Of That Same Environmental Protection, Are Those Not Answerable To America’s Environmental Protection Agency, Which Has Some Of The World’s Most Stringent Environmental Policies And Spectacular Oversight Of Those Same ?

Do You Feel That All Of That Oil Was A Greater Risk To The Environment Transferring Over A Couple Of Thousand Of Miles Of An American Standards And Quality Constructed And Maintained Pipeline, Than It Will Be Now, As It Travels Over A NON-American Standards And Quality Constructed And Maintained Pipeline And Worse Yet, Then Shipped Over Thousands Of Miles Of Some Of The Roughest And Most Dangerous Ocean Routes In The World ?

To All Of The Purchased More Influential Mouthpieces In Our Own Government Who Joined These Same In Opposition Of This Project, Did You Consider That You Are Allowing China To Have Better Bargaining Power With The Middle East Oil Companies, While American Will Remain At The Mercy Of Those Same Controllers Of The World’s Largest Oil Cartel ?

Now Consider Closely… With Our Massive Debt To China And Our Continuous Ignorance In Borrowing Money From One Hand Of China, In Some Cases Just To Foolishly Give Some To Their Other Hand, Has Anyone Considered That, Not Only Is America Not Getting That Less Expensive Neighborhood Oil, But We Are Also Undoubtedly Paying For China To Buy Their Exact Same Life Blood From Half Way Around The World From Them, While We Incomprehensibly Continue To Purchase Ours From Half Way Around The World From America.

I Wonder How Much Greater Is The Environmental Impact Of Those Trans World Shipping Methods, How Much More Pollution Is Produce And How Much More The Risk, Than Oil Flowing Along An American Quality Pipeline, Oh, But What Do I Know, They Are The More Intelligent Evolved Ones Who Are Proclaiming To “Protect The Environment“…...

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