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Friday, July 20, 2012

Christie is a smart choice as GOP keynote speaker

By Eric Braun
There is never enough room or time for pundits in an election year and the rumors and hypothetical scenarios are at their best. The latest one may not be too much of a stretch and that is that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be the keynote speaker for the Republican Convention in August.
First, let’ forget the notion that Christie is being considered as presumptive GOP Presidential Candidate Governor Mitt Romney’s running mate. That’s just not going to happen. No facts, no confirmations, just me being one of those pundits. Christie is a rising star in the GOP, but he brings little to the ticket in terms of ethnic or geographical stature.Christie is the front man for a band not a backup singer. Jersey’s lead singer would over shadow Romney and end up becoming more popular then the presumptive GOP nominee. Some would argue he already is.
NJ Governor Chris Christie is rumored to be the GOP's keynote speaker in the upcoming republican conventionAs the GOP keynote speaker though, Christie would be an excellent and smart choice. Christie has that reputation of “talking Jersey”, the “you tube moments”, which lately are starting to hurt him more than help him. However, on a world stage Christie knows how to act and stay on message. I have been in some of the town hall meetings he has done; I sat in the front row and watched him captivate an audience. He knows how to work the crowd, how to personalize and mix humor and sincerity.
Rest assured that if chosen Christie will be handled. His remarks will be vetted and he will stay on script. I have always sensed that in Jersey, you either love or hate the man. The unions and teachers blast him at every opportunity and they are vocal. Yet, there is that silent group that does not oppose those cuts to the unions and teachers but because they are friends with a union worker or a teacher they keep their opinions to themselves and what happens in the ballot box stays in the ballot box.
Christie would give the Democrats and President Obama a verbal beating and do it in a way that it will energize the republican base, and give the independents’ something to think about. If the GOP needs any one magical ingredient right now, its brimstone and fire Christie style.

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