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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why this Cuban-American supports Mitt Romney

By Evelio Perez  
 As some of you know, all aspiring presidential candidates that want the Cuban-American vote will simply go to the Versalles Restaurant in Miami, sip some delicious Cuban coffee, say that Fidel Castro is evil and that he must be overthrown, they will say a few Viva Cuba Libre's and leave, forgetting again about those precious promises always made by these politicians to a desperate people.
Cuban-Americans have learned their lesson and will know who is pandering and who is not, keep that in mind.

There are many reasons of why Cuban-Americans have always voted on the side of the more conservative Republican party. We are and have always been very conservative in nature, the thought process of many freedom loving Cubans that fled the repressive Communist "Island Gulag" to The United States has always been to vote for the least Socialist of the parties.

Why would we support a system that we ourselves have seen fail so miserably and why would we even consider it?  Wasn't that the reason that we left our beloved homeland?

For these reasons and Democratic President John F. Kennedy's treacherous betrayal in The Bay of Pig's failed invasion is our main reason for always supporting the more conservative Republican Party.

The main reason that I and an overwhelmingly large block of the Cuban-Americans here in The United States support the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president is simple, show me a man that lives his life with honor, respect and integrity and I'll show a true role model for the way of life that most of us Cuban-Americans conservatives crave for.

Gov. Mitt Romney
Cuban liberation from a repressive and destructive Communist system has always been in the forefront of the majority of the Cuban people and that will never change, but........... something happened on the way to the liberation of my homeland, I and many like myself fell in-love with the country that gave us refuge, I loved America and it's generous people so much that I was privileged and honored to become an American citizen, and with it came my moral duty as a new citizen of this great country to love and defend it from all enemies.

Mitt Romney did not come to us with a promise that we will all be in Cuba in a couple of years, he did however tell us about making the case for "freedom and free enterprise" in countering the Castro brothers and their Socialist allies in North and South America.
Governor Romney has the qualifications, the guts and the caliber that we need to fix what seems to be unfix-able. He is a gifted man of conviction and honor, and if there is a time that we need someone with those attributes, it is now.

He is the right man at the right place and at the right time in these troubled times, and history itself will show that Mitt Romney not only saved America, but led the way for the final victory against the Castro brothers and their murdering crew and finally give the Cuban people what they have so desperately craved for 53 long years, LIBERTAD! .................. Romney / 2012

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