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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Key Political Ponder - Follow up

By Kenny Youngblood

EMPLOYMENT FACTS: Okay, Since Some People Are A Little Too Dense To See That I Was Speaking Sarcastically When I Stated The First Line In The Earlier Posting, Concerning The Unemployment Rate Dropping From 8.1 Percent To 7.8 Percent In The Month Of September Was Due To Obama‘s Policy, I Will Give Those Same A Few Facts To Show Them Why The Figure Is Completely Fabricated…

If 800,000 Plus People Entered Into The Workforce (i.e. Became Eligible, Willing And/Or Available To Work, Via Age Of Majority, Graduation, Immigration Or Release Of Incarceration, etc.) And If Only 114,000 Jobs Were Added In All Of America In The Month Of September, Then That Leaves 686,000 Plus People Who Entered Into The Workforce (By Definition) Who Had No Jobs Added For Them, So They Are Not Employed.

In Addition, If You Consider This, For Week One (Ending On 09/08/12) 374,000 Revised Down To 365,000 And For Week Two (Ending On 09/15/12) 330,454 Revised Up To 385,000 And For Week Three (Ending On 09/22/12) 303,685 Revised Up To 363,000 All Added To Week Four (Ending On 09/29/12) 298,743 Revised Up To 367,000 These Same, Mean That Either 1,306,882 Unrevised Or 1,480,000 Revised Numbers, Are Of The Number Of Americans Who Lost Their Jobs And Signed Up For Unemployment Benefits For The First Time, At The Very Same Time As Those Other Were Entering The Workforce.

So At Best, Either 1,192,882 Or Are At Worst 1,366,000 Of Those Same Are Still Drawing Unemployment But Still Considered In The Workforce And Available For Work But Without Employment, Leaving An Estimated Total Of (2M)Two Million People Without Work For The Month Of September, While At The Same Time They Are Boasting About Putting 114,000 People To Work, As A Step In The Right Direction.

So There Is Clearly No Possible Way That Unemployment Rate Could Go Down In September, Except If Only Many, Many More People Were Now Considered And Counted “As Working” Who Were Not Previously Considered And Counted “As Working” And This Was Accomplished Through The Method I Eluded To In My Earlier Post And Even Told About This Coming In My Previous Posts, Where I Had Laid Out, How It Was Being Accomplished And When You Would See The False Results…

So While I Appreciate A Good Challenge, I Despise Pure Ignorance, But I Knew People Who Were More Interested In Facts Could See The Sarcasm And Perhaps Would Even Read, If They Had Not Already Read, My Articles Published On The Mitt Romney Express Blog Explaining How This Whole Fraudulent Report Was Coming About In The First Place, And When It Will Show Up.

Some People Are So Eager To Correct Others And Show Themselves As More Intelligent, That They Forget To Listen Or Read Completely What Is Really Being Said. Just Ask Obama, He Is A Master At Doing It That Way…

Remember, Only The Foolish Treat Another As An Adversary Without Even First Knowing Who Or What The Other Is…

If You Want To Know Who I Am, I Would Ask You, To Open Your Eyes And Look Into Your Mirror And If You See One Who Stands Against Unrighteousness And Evil, While Standing Up For The Righteous And The Good, Without Regard To That Reflection, Then You Have Seen Me And Hopefully You Can See Your Own Self, As Well…

Good Day….

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