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Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
 Ponder “This Catch 22” For The Obama Administration And Their Proclaimed Knowledge Of, Or Should We Say, Their Lack Of Knowledge Of, The Security Issues Prior To The Recent Benghazi, Libya Attacks And Now Their Current Stance And Claims Of Their Knowledge Of, Or Their Involvement With, This Same Since Immediately After This Latest Attack Occurred… 

Ask Yourself, Is This Truly A Complete Lack Of Knowledge Or At A Minimum, Lack Of Accurate Or Dependable Knowledge Or “Actionable Intelligence” Or Is This Simply Pure Incompetence?

Now Consider, These Are The Same People Who Without Public Knowledge Or Awareness, Can And Do Decide Who Lives And Who Dies On The Battlefield. 

Through Their Own Discretion And Through Their Unaccountable Knowledge Or Lack Thereof, They Can And Do Target Whomsoever They Shall So Determine Is An Enemy, Which Is Worthy Of Death And That Whomsoever May Be With Their Chosen Enemy, At The Chosen Time Of Assassination Through Bombing, They Can Decide These People Also Are Simply Inconveniently Located And For Their Proximity Or Association, They Can Be Killed Too And Then Simply Considered As Acceptable Collateral Damage, Based On Their Same Collection Of Knowledge….

So Which Is Scarier To You, Based On Either Their Demonstrated Level Of Incompetence Or Incomplete Knowledge Gathering And Sharing, That These Same Have Been Taking Lives Around The World Or That They Failed To Protect Lives, Based On Their Same Knowledge Gathering And Sharing Capabilities?

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