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Monday, October 15, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood
On The ABC Network’s Program, “The Chris Matthews Show” Of 10/13/12 During A Discussion Of What Mr. Obama Should Do During The Upcoming October 16, 2012 Second Presidential Debate, (Disclaimer, I Have To Read And Watch All Points Of View To Extrapolate The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth And Don‘t Worry, I Wear My Waders For This Program) A Guest Co-Host, Mr. Andrew Sullivan Who Writes For “The Daily Beast” And “Newsweek” Among Others Including; “The Dish, Biased & Balanced”, And Who Is Also The Same Author Who Penned The Side Splitting Story, “Obama Could Be The Next Ronald Reagan“, He Stated That Mr. Obama Needs To Get Angry And Stand Up And Defend His Record With Passion.

He Needs To Defend All Of His Wonderful Accomplishments, Such As “Ending The Second Great Depression“, “Passing The Universal Healthcare Law” And His Great Efforts “In Diffusing What Was A Growing Religious Global War”. 

He Needs To Defend, “His Decimation Of Al Qaeda“, “His Creation Of Five Million New Jobs“. “I Want Him To Defend Getting The Worse Situation Any President’s Been Handed And Handled It, With Zero Help From The Opposition, For Four Years.”

So Let’s Take A Look At Each One Of These Wonderful Accomplishments That Mr. Obama Should Be Defending And We Can Ask Ourselves, Why Is He NOT Doing Just That?

01. “Ending The Second Great Depression“: Mr. Obama Is Responsible For The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth In United States History, He Has Already And Will Continue To Take Money From One Hand To Give It To The Other Hand, Both Of The Same Body And He Has And Will Continue To Freely Borrow Money Under The Pretense That We Need Just A Little More Help And Then A Little Bit More. 

This Has Increased Our National Debt By Fifty Percent And If He Continues At This Rate For Another Four Years, He Will Have Doubled The National Debt From When He First Came Into Office And Will Be Responsible For Adding More National Debt, Than All Of The Previous United States Presidents Combined. 

Has Anything “Great Depression” Wise, Really Ended? You Know The Answer To That, Just Look At Your Utility Bills, Your Property Values, Your Food Expenses And Your Fuel Costs. 

The Problem With Making Something Appear Better Through Ignorance, Is When You Can No Longer Ignore The Reality, The Problem Is Exposed And Will Be Shockingly Far Greater Than Ever Before…

02. “Passing The Universal Healthcare Law”: When This Bill Was Being Forced Through By A Total Democrat Majority Controlled House, Senate And Administration, It Fractured Not Only Our Government, But Our Citizens. Therefore, It Has Become One Of The Most Unpopular And Divisive Laws In American History.

Even Though, Those Championing The Bill Into Law Said It Would Completely Pay For Itself, We Continue To Find Out More Each Day, Of How That Was And Is Not True And This Too Will Exact A Great Financial Toll On The Americans, Possibly Making “A Great Depression” Seem Like A Step Up Into The Promise Land.

03. “Diffusing What Was A Growing Religious Global War”: Really? Are We Not Seeing The Greatest Uprising Of Muslim / Islam Extremist, Attacking Americans Abroad, As Well As Invading Our Sovereign Properties To Strip Our Identity And Burn Our Flags, All While Chanting Death To America The Great Satan, Because They Were Told And Now Believe That An American, A Proclaimed Christian With The Support Of Jewish Investors, Made A Defamatory Movie, To Insult Their Religion And Prophet Of Islam? 

There Hasn’t Been This Much Global Religious Tension Since The Crusades, The Christian And Muslim Wars… 

04. “Decimation Of Al Qaeda“: As Mr. Obama Continues On His Political Campaign, He Repeatedly Touts That He Has Fulfilled His Promise And Has The Taliban Or Al Qaeda On Their Heels. Unfortunately, Those Who Are On The Ground In The Middle East Disagree. Because They Realize That You Do Not Kill A Person Or Persons And Kill Their Ideas Or Beliefs. Because There Are Many More Recruits Just Waiting To Fill Those Vacated Slots.

As Far As Their Decimation, Consider The First Year Mr. Obama Was In Office There Were 317 United States Military And 521 Coalition Military, For A Total Of 838 Total Military Casualties And This Year, If There Are As Many Casualties In This Last Quarter, As It Has Been In The First Three, There Will Be A Total Of 760 Military Casualties. That Is 78 Fewer Casualties Than 2009 So You Tell Me, Are They On Their Heels Or Much Less, Decimated ?

Consider That The Same Proclaimed “On Their Heels” Taliban Just This Past Tuesday (10/09/12) In Broad Daylight, In Public Walked Onto A Bus And Asked A Young 14 Year Old Girl Her Name And When They Confirmed Who She Was, They Shot Her In The Head Because She Had Been “Inviting Western Ways”. How Did She Do This? She Wanted The Right To Continue In Her School But The Taliban Does Not Allow Females To Obtain An Education, So They Shot Her To Shut Her Up. 

Do You Think They Didn’t Know That News Would Get Out And That The Whole World Might Become Aware That They Are Still Alive And Thriving? Do You Think They Care That Mr. Obama Continues To Say He Has Them “Back On Their Heels”? 

Sure They Did And Sure They Do, Only To The Extent That He Convinces Us, So They Have All The Time They Need To Continue To Reestablish And Flourish, In Peace…

05. “Creation Of Five Million New Jobs“: This “Fact“ Is So Ridiculously Distorted. Of Course Mr. Obama Created Some Jobs And Most Of Them Are In The Federal Government. The Truth Is, The Government Can Only, Influence The Private Sector Job Climate. During Every Administration Private Sector Jobs Are Created And Private Sector Jobs Are Lost And The Fact Is, Under This Administration’s Created Or Influenced Climate More Jobs Have Been Lost Than Created. 

Therefore You Get The Contradicting Stories About Job Creation, The Incumbent Touts The New Jobs Created And The Opposition Points Out The Jobs That Were Lost During That Same Time Span And Only When You Take Both Of These Numbers Into Account, Can You Determine If You Have A Net Job Gain Or Net Job Loss And Under Mr. Obama’s Term, It Equals A Net Job Loss Into The Hundreds Of Thousands… 

06. “Getting The Worse Situation Any President’s Been Handed And Handled It, With Zero Help From The Opposition, For Four Years.”: The Truth Is, Even Mr. Obama Says, “Since The First Depression” So Right Away, Mr. Sullivan Is Incorrect.

In Addition, The Fact Remains That When Mr. Obama Took Office His Democrat Party Held A Majority In The House And Senate. Therefore, He Had A Full Two Years To Do Whatsoever He And They, So Desired Without Worry Of Any “Opposition”. In Fact, Mr. Obama Is The One Who Told The Republican Party, Only Weeks After His Inauguration, That There Were Consequences To Elections And They Lost. 

However, As Soon As You State These Facts, Making The (4)Four Year “Opposition” Argument Invalid, The Democrats Will Immediately Proclaim, But It Was The Republicans That Stated They Wanted Mr. Obama Out Of Office And That They Made It Their Top Priority. 

However, The Truth To Where This Narrative Originated, Was During The Mid-Term Election Season And The New Tea Party Republicans Helped Take Back The House Into A Republican Majority Control In The Wake Of The Forced Passage Of “Obama Care“ And Two Stimulus Packages, When Senator Mitch McConnell Stated To Those Same Republican Freshmen, “The Single Most Important Thing We Want To Achieve Is For President Obama To Be A One-Term President” And Nearly Half Of The Country Agreed With That Statement Then And Hopefully More Than Half Will Agree Now… 

The Absolute Truth Is, No Matter If Mr. Obama Wins Reelection Or If Mr. Romney Is Elected, Either One Will Be Receiving The Worst Economic Crisis, This Country Has Ever Seen.

You Must Decide, Do You Have Hope That Mr. Obama Miraculously Change And Reverse His “Spend Without End” Course And Do Better Than His First Term Or Will Mr. Romney Be Allowed The Opportunity To Do, What He Not Only Has Already Done On A Smaller Scale, But What He Actually Specializes In, Which Is To Turn Failing Businesses, Which Are Deep In The Red, Around And Back, First Into Stability And Then Into The Black. 

So Thank You Mr. Sullivan, Let’s All Hope Mr. Obama Does Get Angry And Stands Up At The Next Debate To Defend His Record With Passion, We All Could Use, A Good Joe Biden Kind Of Laugh…

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