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Sunday, October 21, 2012


By Kenny Youngblood

The Obama Administration Became Aware Of The Cairo, Egypt Uprising From The State Department, Because The State Department Was Definitely Aware And Already Claiming That This Was In Response To An Anti-Islamic Video And Tweeted Out Their Feelings Against That Video, “In An Attempt To Calm The Growing Level Of Violence” Of The Bold Attacks Initiated Against An American Embassy.

Therefore, If The State Department And Then The Obama Administration, Could Now Both Obviously See Those Escalations Of Those Uprisings And The Spreading Thereof, Why Did They All Have Enough Time To Condemn That Video (For Possibly Hurting Someone’s Feelings) But Yet, No One Thought To Alert Or Order An Emergency Evacuation Of The Benghazi, Libya Consulate?

The State Department And The Obama Administration Both Knew This Particular Facility Had Already On Numerous Occasions, Been A Target Of Choice And Both Knew About The Recent Escalations Of Violence And Attacks On That Particular Facility, As Well As About Its’ Severe Deficit Of Adequate Security Necessary To Defend That Facility, Even In The Event Of An Assault At The Level Of The Proclaimed “Riot Attacks”, Much Less A Direct An Armed Assault Or Anything Near What It Had Repeatedly Experienced Leading Up To And Just Prior To The Last Military Security Detail Being Pulled Out, Only A Few Weeks Earlier?

If You Say, Because Nothing Was Happening There, Then The Obama Administration Knowingly Lied, Because That Contradicts Their First Claim.

If You Say, Because They Were Not Concerned About That Area, Then You Support The Claim Of The Obama Administration’s And State Department’s Incompetence And Liability In Their Failure Of Duty Of Protecting Americans Assigned Abroad.

Now Consider This: If Mr. Obama Knew What The Reason For The Attacks Was, Why Did He Change The Reason Over And Over? How Could It Be The Incitation Of The Video IF Their Was No Evidence Of A Crowd, Much Less An Incited Armed Crowd Prepared For An Armed Assault Against The Benghazi Consulate?

If You Agree With The New Position That Mr. Obama Knew It Was Terrorism Or “An Act Of Terror” All Along, Then Why Did Mr. Obama Choose To Not Clearly State That Position But Instead Elected To Take The Position Of The Cairo, Egypt State Department‘s Anti-Islamic Video Tweeted Reasons, Rather Than That Of The Trained Experts Of The CIA And All Other Agencies Including The Libyan President Which Stated Immediately, This Was In Fact An Organized Act Of Terrorism By Islamist Extremists?

Mr. Obama Has Already Proven That He Gets His News And Facts From Printed Publications, Called News Papers Rather Than The American Intelligence Agencies And Now We Are Learning That He Accepts The Opinion Of, By Their Own Words “A Low Level State Department Worker” Over The Facts Provided By Those Trained American Intelligence Agencies…

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling Completely Safe With Mr. Obama Protecting My Family And Me For Another Four Years….

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