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Friday, October 5, 2012

A KEY Political Ponder

By Kenny Youngblood

 Did You Hear The Great News This Morning? The Unemployment Rate Has Dropped From 8.1 Percent To 7.8 Percent? So Mr. Obama’s Policies Are Really Working…

Oh, I Didn’t Mean His Job Creation Policies That Continue To Destroy The American Foundation, That He Admittedly Wants To Fundamentally Rebuild, I Meant His New Policy Of Counting The Employed.

Remember He Circumvented Congress In His Efforts To Undermine The “Work Requirements” Set Forth In The Welfare Reform Law, So Now Anyone Who Is Breathing Is Practically “Working” By The Revised Definitions Of His Tolerance?

Well, Those Same Are Now Being Counted In This Latest Report. So While The Work Force Hasn’t Really Increased In Number, The Unemployment Is Lessened Because People Are Being Counted As Employed, That Were Not Previously Counted, When They Were Doing During The Last Reporting Period And Every Month Before That, Exactly The Same Thing They Did During The Time Covered For This Report.

You Know, That Policy Of Smoke And Mirrors I Told You About, That Would Show False Positive Results Just Before Election Time?

Well, Voila…

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