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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thought To Consider: I Am Not Writing To Try To Persuade You To Vote One Way Or The Other.

By Kenny Youngblood
Quite Frankly, If Your Mind Isn’t Made Up By Now, You Are Either Uncaring Or Unconcerned With Whom Is Elected To Lead Our Country And If You Are Either, The Country Would Probably Be Better Served, If You Didn’t Vote Anyway. 

Instead, I Am Writing This To Ask You To Consider The Reality Of This Implication… 

IF The Public Media Of Which This Nation Has Depended On, To Truthfully And Fairly Inform Them For Many, Many Decades, Has Now Decided That They Know Better Than You, What You Want To See And Hear And They Decide That They Know Better Than You, Which Political Representative That You Want And/Or Need And Based On THEIR Opinions, They Agree To Report Only Positives On Their Selective Candidate, While They Simultaneously Bury And/Or Discredit Many True Reports That May Be Negative Towards Their Selected Candidate That They Have Chosen For You, THEN You Must Ask Yourself, Are You Uninformed Or Ill-Informed When Voting For Either Candidate?

I Know That Many Of You Are Convinced That This Is NOT Happening And You Are Convinced That You Know The Truth About Your Selected Candidate And You Think, Others Are Only Claiming Such “Media Bias” Nonsense, Because They Oppose Your Selected Candidate, Because You Know That Your Selection Is The Right Candidate For You. Let Me Ask These Same, These Questions. Are You Sure? Does It Matter? IF It Is True, Do You Care? 

Would It Matter Or Would You Care If The Shoe Was On The Other Foot And You Saw Your Candidate Being Shut Out By The Public Media And Something Approaching A Layer Of Protection, Covering Over Your Selected Candidate’s Political Opponent? 

Do You Care That The Public Media Has This Much Power? Do You Even Realize That This Is The Exact Same Scenario That We Americans Have Abhorred About Other Countries Around The World, Which Allow A Selected Political Party To Use The Media In Controlling The Information Delivered To The Public To Sway Them Towards A Particular, And/Or Away From Another Direction?

Unlike The Popular Belief, One Does Not Have To Be Hooked Up To Electrodes In A Cranial Cap To Be Brain Washed. The Same Can Be Achieved Through The Manipulation Of The Information Being Delivered To Those Same Brains.

So I’m Saying Consider This, No Matter Which Side Of The “Media Bias” Argument You Might Stand. Do You Believe This Election Is The Only Thing That The Public Media Has Covered In This Manner? It Does Not Matter What You Just Answered, But I’ll Ask Again, Are You Sure?

IF This Is Completely True And You Are Still Unconcerned Or Just Flat Out Disagree… You Should Know, That You Could Very Well Be On The Other Side Of The Public Media’s Opinion, As Well As This Same Argument The Next Time And I Bet The Chances Are, You WILL Be Concerned And Care Then…

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