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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CONSIDER The Absurdity Of The ABSURD

By Kenny Youngblood
 During The Presidential Debate On October 03, 2012 The Republican Presidential Candidate, Governor Mitt Romney Stated He Will Determine What Type Of Subsidies Could Be Cut From The Federal Budget To Reduce Wasteful Government Spending, By Simply Testing The Necessity Of Funding Of That Same, By Asking If This Particular Item / Program Is Worth Borrowing Money From One Source, To Give It Away To Support That Same Item / Program That Is Currently Being Funded.

Furthermore, As An Example Of Using This Testing Method, He Turned To The Debate Moderator Of The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Sponsored Debate, Mr. James “Jim” Lehrer And Stated, By This Standard Even Though I Love, Sesame Street, PBS, And Even You Mr. Lehrer, But “Big Bird” (A Main Character Of The PBS Channel’s Program, “Sesame Street“) Is A Perfect Example Of Something That Does Not Justify The Tax Payer’s Being Forced To Finance And Even Pay Interest On The Borrowed Money, To Subsidize This Same.

Now Since That Debate And Mr. Romney’s Remarks, The Democrat Coordinated Response With Mr. Obama Is, How Dare Mitt Romney Wanting To “Kill” Big Bird. Mr. Romney Of Course Said No Such Thing And This Is The Typical Scare Tactic Used With The Conclusion That Can Only Be Drawn On The Idea That Cutting A Federal Subsidy, Would Directly Lead To The Demise (Or Death) Of This Particular Program Because It Has To Be Government Dependent To Survive. 

However, These Same, Conveniently Leave Out These Facts… The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Which Is Headquartered In Arlington, Virginia Is A Proclaimed Non-Profit American Public Broadcasting Television Network, With 354 Member TV Stations Which Hold Collective Ownership (Such As Corporate/Private And State Ownership) And Is Combined With National Public Radio (NPR) And This Company Receives Nearly One Half Of One Billion Dollars From The Federal Government Each And Every Year.

They Failed To Mention That The Yearly Pay For PBS President Paula Kerger In 2011 Was $632,233 And That Would Make Her One Of Those Evil One Percent Corporate Types, According To Their Own Previous Declarations. 

Furthermore, They Failed To Mention That The PBS Funding For Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Indicates That They Received (508.8M)Five Hundred And Eight Million And Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars From The Federal Government Or That The PBS Non-Profit Company Generated Revenue From Other Sources Of (2.2B)Two Billion And Two Hundred Million Dollars, For A Combined Total Revenue Of (2.7B)Two Billion And Seven Hundred Million Dollars For That Year Alone. 

Now Consider That These Are Not Tax Breaks That Mr. Obama Always Intentionally Mischaracterizes As Subsidies When Talking About The Oil Companies. These Are Real Subsidies That Are Given To The PBS Channel And NPR. 

Thus, When They Joke About A Little Sesame Street / Big Bird, In Reality This Is A True Multi-Billion Dollar Industry, That Is Literally Handed Government Subsidy Checks Continuously From Borrowed Money Of Which We Tax Payers Must Pay Back With Interest.

Furthermore, Even Though This Was Used As An Example Of Government Wasteful Spending, The Democrat Party Has Continued To Turn This Very Serious Issue Into A Running Joke And Even Put Forth A Television Advertisement Stating That Mr. Romney Blames “Big Bird” For All Of The Wall Street Wasteful Spending. 

Consider These Words: “For All Of You Moms And Kids Out There, Don’t Worry, Somebody’s Finally Cracking Down On Big Bird.” “We Didn’t Know That Big Bird Is Driving The Federal Deficit.” “Thank Goodness That Somebody Is Finally Getting Tough On Big Bird, It‘s About Time.” All Spoken Directly For The Mouth Of Mr. Obama As He Stops On His Campaign Stops And Repeatedly He Gets His Audience To Laugh. 

I’m Sure That I Am Not The Only One, Who Is Not Laughing And To Those Who Are Laughing I Want To Ask You This. Is It Humorous That Mr. Obama Takes Issue With Cutting A Program Such As This But He Has No Qualms About Cutting Our Military Budget Down To Only A Fraction? 

How Low Will These Desperate Opportunists Go To Keep This Up Front As A Big Issue? Will Mr. Obama And His Liberal Democrats Supporters Attempt To Spin This As Usual By Playing The “Race Card” And Making Big Bird Into A Great Thing Of Desire And Then Reframing The Argument As, A Rich And Evil White Man, Trying To Take Away A Poor Brother’s Chicken?

---CONSIDER: This Was Provided As One Specific Example Of A Budget Cut Because The Liberal Democrat Party Has Been Crying That Mr. Romney Won’t Provide Any Specifics. Perhaps It Would Be More Accurately Characterized, Not That They Want More Specifics But Rather They Want More Bullets To Put In Their Political Gun To Kill Romney

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